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I once read in a book for class that Native American women are the least represented demographic in US media. I don’t want this to be true in the sapphic community as well.

Here’s to Native wlw who aren’t recognized or acknowledged at all in the media or the community.

Here’s to the Native wlw who are rejected for their dark skin, fierce features, and anything else that should be revered for their defining traits that unify a nation of people.

Here’s to the mixed Native wlw who are rejected for being white passing, too black, too anything and “not enough” Native. Your identity is real and valid.

Native wlw are glorious and important and deserve love in a community meant to uplift those who are forgotten by the rest of the world.

this is real nitpicky but something that kind of bugs me about telling peeps your ethnicity on standardized tests/government forms/school things there’s always all these different categories and then a single one marked “asian” and like, idk whenever i see it im like “thats a whole fuckin’ continent my guys, east asia, south asia, etc are all very different places and immigrants or whatever from these places have very different demographics and to lump them all together is real stupid” 

Day 439 - GO VOTE! Tomorrow the people of the Netherlands get a say in who runs this country, and if I have ANY Dutch followers that somehow haven’t made up their minds, let me use my platform today to yell something important for a change: GO VOTE. 💪

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I was in Italy last year and none of the people was really white. They had darker skin.


okay, fine.

hello, my name is Lavinia, I’m Italian as in I don’t have ancestry from any other nations that I know of at least for a good two centuries. I mean, I don’t know if before then I had any ancestors from outside Italy but at this point it doesn’t matter, two centuries should be good enough. My mom is Sicilian. My dad was born in Naples, my grandfather on his side was from somewhere near Viterbo (central Italy), my grandmother on his side was half Calabrian and half from Puglia, as in, all my ancestry is somehow from Southern Italy, the part of the land where People Are Tanned And The Sun Shines All The Time And The Sea Is Beautiful And Which The Arabs Colonized In The Middle Ages. K?

*drum rolls*

*takes picture*

woooow LOOK AT HOW NOT REALLY WHITE I AM, anon. for extra info, my cousin aka my mom’s brother’s son is three shades darker than I am (I’d post a picture but I don’t like to put people’s faces on the internet without their authorization so) and he’s still white. my mom is three shades darker than I am, she’s still white. idk let’s compare me with someone that we can definitely accept as white according to tumblr and US standards. dunno, CHRIS EVANS:

wow, I’m such a zombie I look even whiter than he does. Or, compare me with someone who definitely has the same skin tone as I do except that he tans and I don’t:

I’m such a person of color in comparison, am I not? now:

this lady over there is former minister Cecile Kyenge - she was born in Congo but she has Italian citizenship and is in the left party. She is what in this country is a person of color. As in, if I asked her direction on the street and didn’t know who she was I’d say ‘I asked direction to the nice lady of color over there’. 


is Italian tv presenter Carlo Conti, born in Florence from a very Italian family, after getting a tan in summer. this is Italian presenter Carlo Conti when he doesn’t have a tan:

This woman here is Belen Rodriguez and she’s a model from Argentina who has been living and working in Italy for a decade or more and is the erotic dream of a bunch of Italian men:

In the US, she’d be a person of color since she’s from Argentina. Spoilers: when not tanned, she has a skin color closer to mine than to Carlo Conti’s. We would not call her a person of color. And we would not call Carlo a person of color. Because he’s not. He’s still white according to our standard.

Now, sorry for the shitty quality of the picture but I can’t find another with all three people with high resolution. This is naturalized Italian former athlete Fiona May (she originally was British) on the left, on the right there’s her former husband and also former athlete Gianni Iapichino, also born in Florence and 100% ethnically Italian or how you’d say it, and there’s their daughter in the middle:

Fiona and her daughter would be considered persons of color, Gianni would not, because he’s not.

Again, if it wasn’t clear enough: person of color is in Italy the way you refer to black people if you want to be polite. the neutral term is black, but saying persona di colore is just more accepted as the polite form of it. It doesn’t mean you’re institutionally oppressed, it means you have black skin. the end.

If you didn’t see *white* people it’s because people tend to have olive skin/be tanned around here and if according to you it’s not white then whatever, but here all those variations of skin tone still fall under the white umbrella. People of color the way it’s meant in the US is a concept that doesn’t fucking exist, because as I said way too many times, in the US the concept of white privilege is tied to a specific background which means that in order to access to it you have to be or pass as a white anglo saxon protestant, because even if you were a white anglosaxon catholic up until a certain point you got shit for it and if you were a white southern European catholic you definitely didn’t have access to white privilege, never mind the Irish. And you have to be wasp and live in the motherfucking US. people in Italy are white, not anglosaxon and certainly not protestant for the most part anyway, and the protestants are a minority because the majority is catholic so they don’t have privilege whatsoever.

We. Are. Not. Poc. And we are white according to the definition of white in Europe, not the definition of wasp in the US, and saying that we are poc as if it was the same as in the US is completely misunderstanding the point. And if you came on vacation in summer when everyone is tanned and visited for what, two weeks, doesn’t mean that suddenly we’re all poc. It’s as if I go on vacation to the US for two weeks and spend all of my time in a small town in idk Nebraska where according to this census here 89,6% of the population is white/wasp, which means that if I go in a small town statistically I’d have more chances of not running into a not white person than the contrary. Then I go back to Italy and tell my friends ‘guys I’ve been to the US and what’s even the whole melting pot myth, everyone there is white idek’. Would that be accurate? Not really, because I’ve been to one small city in one central state in the US where the demographics are not the same as idek Miami. Let’s not take out the ‘I’ve been to X country and saw Y thing so I know better than people who live there’ card for the love of everything, k?

Why I don’t fuck with The Gays, Reason 3,271: Breadquanda

A friend added me to a gay FB group and I check in pretty frequently because it has a lot of members and people post links to queer news stories that I’ve often missed.  The moderator changed the group header to this about half an hour ago:

And this is the comment I just posted as soon as I saw it.

We’ll see if it sparks some intelligent conversation or (more likely) there’ll be some internet eye-rolling and gays trying to out-sass each other over who’s being too sensitive.  But in case you’re not familiar with Keisha Fabo, here’s a link to video (embedding is disabled) so you can catch the gist of the situation.

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I can’t help it if I make a scene
my criticism that you’re all just calling mean
Who of us is the demographic?

When I post they’re screaming
When I joke, attack
We’ve got a pair of eyes,
yet you’re getting lost in
My analyses and my way of talking
Got ‘em frazzled for my extended vision

When I point they look
and when I talk they listen, but

Everyone fights me in the end
I faced off with you and you and you
so many I can’t even name them
can you blame me?
I’m infamous

Haven’t you noticed I’m made of love
I go out of view as the world is learning
Haven’t you noticed passion can be rough?
But now you all can see it burning…
Now everyone can see it burning…
Now everyone can see me burning…

So this “24 y/o agender demiromantic ace” reblogged this post of mine and then immediately blocked me so I couldn’t respond. But of course I will anyway.

First of all, good to see some of the tumbl bumbls actually admitting the “”queer”” community has nothing to do with the gay community. But sure, running around calling yourself a slur for gay people and telling us we should be grateful totally isn’t a sign of hostility toward gays. 

What is “the entire queer community”, @facelessagain? Especially 40, 30, even 20 years ago? What did it encompass besides lesbian, gay and bisexual people?

Edith Windsor would not have won that court battle 50 years ago

Yeah. Because same-sex marriage wasn’t legal in any state. The only reason she had a case was because her marriage was recognized at the state level but not the federal level. And it exposed the arbitrary lack of equality under the law to a particular demographic of US citizens, thus rendering DOMA unconstitutional. 

And you don’t think same-sex marriage equality even just at the state level was something gay people fought long and hard for? ‘

But WE would be FARTHER without you. You’ve ACTIVELY ERASED AND INHIBITED our rights and progress at every turn. 

What “rights” are teen and 20-something straight people who are afraid of sex and desperate to be special missing? You can be “agender demiromantic ace” all you want but if your partner is the opposite sex as you then guess what? You already had equal rights under the law.

It’s astonishing so much of the youth seem to genuinely believe that gays just fight for our rights to be special or get attention or something, when in reality we’re still oppressed the world over for just being what we are. But you say we’ve somehow earned that hate by not treating people like you as if you’re just as persecuted because you gave yourself ill-defined labels and suffer a fear of intimacy. 

I mean you might as well be saying “Yeah, well, straight people gave you your rights” the same way idiots say “Yeah, well, men gave women equal rights” or “Yeah, well, white people gave black people equal rights.” 

now that I’ve driven home and had a few minutes to cool off and collect my thoughts, I feel I should explain myself to the people who have been following me and know who i am so I don’t damage my relationship or reputation more than I probably already have.

there was a post that an autistic person I follow made, where he vented about bigotry against autistic people, and ended with a passive aggressive “…janice”. there was another post that a nonbinary person I follow made where they vented about bigotry against gender nonconforming people, and ended with a passive aggressive “…denise”. I’m not 100% sure which was which but I DEFINITELY remember the posts, as well as the profile pictures of the people who posted them. I don’t remember the urls though, and even if I did remember them I wouldn’t list them in case the people who are now harassing and spamming me in my inbox and activity feeds decided to also hop on their [proverbial] dicks as well as mine because they apparently culturally appropriated those post templates, of ending extended rants about various bigots and ending them with names befitting of middle aged suburban soccermoms, karen.

now, when listing people of this demographic, I used to include white among those adjectives. however, there are black middle aged suburban soccermoms, hispanic middle aged suburban soccermoms, and asian middle aged suburban soccermoms, and pretty much people of every race who have the potential to be this type of person the practice strawmans. obviously not every single middle aged suburban parent of children who participate heavily in after school activities is going to be the type of person to scream at retail workers or starbucks baristas or people who cut off their minivans when they’re driving 15 under the speed limit in the left lane. not every single middle aged suburban person is an undeducated bible thumping bigot with their head shoved up their ass. not every one of them is a problematic piece of shit that stands by the #alllivesmatter crew or trump or whatever the republicans are rallying around this week. not even all of the white ones, and there are some people who fit the trope who are not white. I’ve dealt with many of them during my days at target, but I always stood by including white. until recently.

when I learned it made black people uncomfortable when white people made white jokes, I was of course initially hesitant. “that’s fucking stupid!” I though. “I’m not assuaging white guilt by doing this, I’m just finding it in me to laugh at myself”. and then I read a bit more about the subject and figured it isn’t worth the potential heartache if I fought it because in all honesty it kind of makes sense. my mom’s boyfriend’s son is black (and hispanic), and I had once made a white girl joke to my sister in front of him and mom told me later that both he and her boyfriend were uncomfortable with me saying that. after seeing the post that talked about it, and my… slight breakdown where I may have dramatically overreacted… I decided to try and stop with the white people jokes because I want to unlearn all of the racist shit that my dad, stepmom, aunts, uncles, grandparents, former friends, former acquaintances, and society in general that I possibly could, because racism as a concept digs into my skin and fucks me up.

it used to make me absolutely seethe with rage, and I still get a little steamed by it. in fact I once got in a LOT of trouble with my high school sociology student teacher because I got really shitty with her when she- an anthropology student no less- kept calling one kid in our class by his initial because apparently kudsai is just Too Hard™ to pronounce. one day, an off day where I forgot to take my medicine, she called him that and I yelled at her “he has a name, so use it”. granted I didn’t like the kid. I thought he was annoying; loud, obnoxious, constantly making sex jokes while we were studying freud (and even the fucking holocaust), in the choir and the football team… basically like any other cishet teenage boy. but being annoying is no excuse for a teacher to not take five fucking seconds of her day to learn how to say his name right just because it wasn’t franklin or gregory, two of the other black kids who I went to school with. anyone following me as far back as when annie got remade with quvenzhane wallis as the titular role might have read my thoughts on the matter of pronouncing people’s names right. i’m not saying this to pat myself on the back for not being racist, because WOW was I a rough mess of things back then, but I was never like my dad’s side of the family about race. back when michael brown’s death and ferguson were still talked about, I found myself agreeing with rush limbaugh about some of the things he said, so clearly I haven’t been a perfect angel my whole life.

anyway, back to white people jokes making black people feel uncomfortable. I’ve been trying to make myself agree with that, which as anyone who has the syndrome formerly known as aspergers can probably attest to, is hard as shit to do. possible but hard. like, I’m even now still unlearning some acephobia, transphobia, queerphobia, islamophobia, and even though I know the occasional fleeting thoughts that I think are wrong and bad, they still happen very frequently. same goes with various forms of racism and xenophobia. my dad (and former stepdad’s) influences are probably so deep because of various issues with abandonment and abuse that I’m not gonna discuss here, and they’re both absolutely reeking with white supremacist microaggressions. so I’m definitely trying my hardest.

part of that is why I reacted so negatively when people misinterpreted what I said, put words in my mouth, and straight up told me to kill myself in all of these messages that are still flooding in. another part is because I truly do stand by the things that I meant to say, rather than the things that it appears I’ve said. I really do think that it’s unreasonable to say that it’s racist for people who aren’t black to make posts where we vent about various injustices we face from people who are misinformed and ignorant and straight up smarmy condescending assholes and then end it with a passive aggressive name of some baby boomer fuckwit, peggy. because these baby boomer fuckwits come in many colors (black people are still capable of being racist [against hispanic/asian/etc people, not whites, I need to make that abundantly clear], classist, misogynist, queerphobic, ableist, otherwise bigoted prejudiced assholes), and these names that are heralded as “typically white”, like henry or franklin or gregory or harold or penelope or alice or etc, are not exclusively white names. I’ve seen or met black people with names like this and while it’s definitely not the majority (not even close), and it’s definitely partially due to cultural erasure perpetuated by gentrification, it still exists. so it doesn’t make sense to me why the person who wrote the post that started me on this whole sequence of posts about this topic insisted that it was a ‘white people names’ thing. especially when white people names are more like khaeylieghhe or miakkaylia or annedeeye or some other ridiculous bastardisation of english language in order to make your child feel special and unique and end up growing to be a cookie cutter member of the conservative party that tries to take down affirmative action because they feel like it’s reverse discriminatory or some shit. if it was something like that, making fun of those names that are actually like making jokes at the expense of white people [I think I should apologize in advance because technically this counts as a white people joke even if it’s just an example] would make perfect sense. however I have not only seen posts in this template of ending with baby boomer names being used as tools to express their distaste in queerphobia, ableism, classism, xenophobia, and intolerance of other sorts, but I’ve made them before, and it has had not a god damn bit of racial connotation to it at all unless it’s been specifically a black millennial on tumblr venting specifically about a white people-ism, and to make a post that shits on everybody who uses this template to cope if they’re not black, and causes those kids who use it to cope to ask why not, and then get immediately shit on by assholes who treat them just like people are treating me, who tell them that it doesn’t matter if they’re neurodivergent or gay or trans or whatever because they’re being Big Bad Evil Racists™ by ending their rant posts with names like becky, allison.

I don’t care if you’re black. if you treat queer or disabled kids like shit and call them racist when they’re not being racist, no matter what color your skin is, you’re an asshole. and to act like fucking salem massachusetts when confronted with legitimate criticism of your ill-informed unbridled assault of an angry mama bear to queer and disabled kids, is just DISGUSTING. WEAK. and PATHETIC. and only serves to strengthen my points.

so you know what, go ahead. keep sending me your hate anons. keep sending me the smarmy condescension. I can take it. just stop being fucking assholes to my family. your race isn’t something I have any authority over but I won’t let you use it as a weapon to beat people over the head with just because you get high off of the power you get from the veil of anonymity. false accusations of being a tier 6 skinhead is more palatable than telling us to kill ourselves.

(in response to this post)

i’m being completely serious when i say that i can’t even go for a week without seeing something of this nature on my dashboard, despite my attempts at monitoring the people i follow to make sure none of them are openly hateful or disparaging towards ace people. there is quite literally no getting away from it. i’m not even going to bother blurring out names here, because quite frankly i’m sick to my back teeth of having my sexuality (or lack thereof) treated as unimportant or even as an active threat to the lgbt community. i don’t want to get into the many ways my asexuality has stopped me from being able to live my life as i want to live it, or conduct “normal” relationships with other people, but let’s just take it as said. 

to people who post comments like this: what is wrong with you? why do you feel the need to spew this kind of hateful bullshit? i’m used to receiving vitriol from those who aren’t part of the lgbt community, but when it comes from within, it’s somehow even more hurtful - because the very people who tell me over and over again that my gender is valid, or that my queerness is valid, are just as eager to tear me down over the one thing that i’m most insecure about. and the end result is that it makes their support seem shallow, or transparent, because they can turn it on and off whenever they like. “oh, but it’s all right! i mean, you’re ace, and we don’t really like ace people, but you also date people of all genders! of course you’re allowed into the community!” guess what? i don’t fucking care. you either accept all of me, or none of me. you can’t pick and choose which parts of my identity are acceptable to you. 

and sure, there are some ace people out there who suck! of course there are! however, that is not an excuse for you to stereotype that entire demographic, or use them as a scapegoat for everything that’s wrong with the lgbt community. i know making this post won’t ultimately change anything, but i felt like it needed to be said.

seriously, stop doing this. it’s helping nobody, and it’s actively harming people who are already vulnerable and in need of support. just stop.

Football RPF Survey - Demographics

This is the first part of the Football RPF survey report. It’s the part that mainly covers the demographics of the responders. The form had a total of 202 responders, with certain sections getting more or less responses (except for the section start, none of the questions were mandatory).

What is your age?

Of the 202 participants:

  • 105 (52 %) are between the ages of 18 and 24
  • 48 (23,8%) are between the ages of 25 and 34
  • 42 (20,8%) are younger than 17
  • 6 (3%) are between 35 and 44
  • One person abstained from answering.

More under the cut

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There are two great wizarding schools within the United States. The older of the two resides in the deserts of Nevada and is known as the Crystal Springs Academy for Magic. Expertly hidden beneath the guise of an abandoned ghost town, Crystal Springs flourishes in an eden of underground spring systems which supplied water and magical source to native tribes for centuries.

Long established before the arrival of European settlers, Crystal Springs was founded by members of four major tribes of the American Southwest, though dozens of tribes elected representatives to assist in the foundation of the school. From the Apache came Dahteste the Seer, known for her mastery of divination. From the Navajo came Haseya Strong Wing, legendary shapeshifter. From the Hopi came Choviohoya, known among his people as the One Who Walks in Moonlight. From the Zuni came Lonann, unmatched in his skills of herbology.

The students of Crystal Springs have long been considered free spirited among the wizarding community, though none doubt their excellence in magical mastery. Students excel in the fields of divination, transfiguration, and herbology, and the school has produced some of the finest potions masters in the last six centuries. Additionally, graduates of Crystal Springs have contributed to the development of several widely used charms.

Demographically, Crystal Springs is far more diverse than its east coast counterpart, the Salem Witches’ Institute, having been coeducational since its founding, in addition to welcoming students of all ethnicities, nationalities, and orientations.

On a lighter note, recent graduates of Crystal Springs often participate in a traditional senior prank graduation celebration involving the conjuring of a flying saucer, which has inadvertently given rise to muggle belief in the rumored existence of Area 51.

NPC Generator

I thought over my idea of regulating minorities in Pathfinder so someone can’t have too many or too few, which kind of ruins immersion in either direction (though personally I think too few ruins it waaay more).  Here’s the table we came up with based on various surveys around the world.

1-5 homosexual
6-15 bisexual
16-18 asexual
19-100 heterosexual

1-6 transgendered
6 agender
7-17 gender queer/fluid
18-100 cisgender

1-50 female
51 intersex (genitals of both)
52-100 male

Minority (racial/ethnic)
1-30 ethnic/racial minority
31-100 not a racial/ethnic minority

Minority (Religious)
1-30 religious minority
OR (if racial minority)
1-50 religious minority
31/51-100 Not religious minority

1-20 younger than usual
21-75 adult
76-100 elder

1-15 underweight 
16-60 average weight
61-90 overweight 
91-100 very overweight

Note: For the purpose of simplicity, I combined pan and bisexuality as a thing because it’s difficult to differentiate the demographics of each in the large surveys I looked at.  I’d argue that’s a player choice, as it’s very much a form of personal identification at that point.

Depending on your world, you probably want to tweak these numbers.  A poor city wouldn’t have such a high chance of being overweight (I used western world demographics to map this, so), and as someone suggested, there’s not the same chance that every race has the same likelihood to be born gay or cisgendered.

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You: replies without giving any facts what's so ever Your red neck hentai followers: wow this bitch is woke

I’m actually giving facts.

  1. Beatrice was white, ergo Domino was white.
  2. Roland was explicitly white in the books
  3. The statistics in Hollywood demographics are correct
  4. The statistics of the US demographics are correct

You’re the lot depending entirely on feelings.