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‘Making Shuichi watch the Emoji Movie!’

Shuichi with an s/o that made him watch the Emoji Movie with them?

Anything for you anon! Also, I actually really liked the Emoji Movie, I mean it wasn’t good but it was fun to rag on with my friends while I watched it.

-Mod Korekiyo

  • Oh god
  • Shuichi took in a deep breath as the intro played and he was checking is watch by the 3 minute mark
  • “Is it over yet?”
  • “It just started sweetie.”
  • “Fuck”
  • The plot was weak and he just kept pointing out that it was like watchign a giant ad.
  • A little while later you both were laughing together.
  • Not at the movie.
  • At one another 
  • “What teenage boy has ‘Just Dance on his phone?” Shuichi laughed, leaning against you holding his stomach
  • “The same boy who apparently uses the Flamenco dancer emoji more than the skull and crossbones”
  • “This is awful”
  • “Totally.”
  • You both continued to rip on the movie and eventually you ended up in his lap.
  • As the credits rolled you both talked about what could have been done to make that movie better.

-Mod Korekiyo

Since @annathetrickster put up a creditable version of the “Fire Emblem Heroes” template that’s gone around, I decided to fill it out (following the max HM merit rule for picking the top units.)

To answer questions:

  • I do a lot of grinding and group shuffling. I’m only consistent about using dancers, so that’s why so many show up in top spots.
  • Ninian would be in the dragon spot if she ever decided to show up.
  • I’ve done a crapton of customization to Lucius, so I’m not rolling with the standard Martyr strategy intended for him.
  • My luck has been terrible with rolling red tome users (until very recently.)
  • Of those above, three are maxed out with HM (the standard Olivia, Azura, and Lucius).

For this tour there’s a little bit more choreography because we have eight dancers. We had to do some choreography, me Liz and Caitlin. And Liz, Caitlin and I are not dancers. So us learning the choreography was hilarious and painstaking, I’m sure for our choreographer Kristen. But it ended up being really kinda cute.

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anonymous asked:

Lance seams to like pole dance: how react koli?

First of all, lovely Nonnie: What Lance was doing wasn’t pole dancing. It’s more along the lines of rope dancing -it’s breathtaking to see in person, I truly recommend it- I’ve seen a lot of people mix this up, so I don’t fault you for that :3

Second of all: Kolivan takes one look at the video from the base and nearly dies because holy hell Lance that’s impressive! Rope dancing takes an extreme amount of strength that I can’t even begin to comprehend or totally respect, and Kolivan is in the same boat. To be able to support one’s body while in mid air with nothing but a rope and, at times, a single limb is terrifyingly beautiful.

Kolivan takes to rewatching the video because Lance looks so… in his element. He’s in the spotlight, he’s thriving, he’s putting on a show, and it is a show; a very impressive show. It’s not only an act of coordination but of strength and presentation, and Lance does all of that perfectly.

Kolivan makes sure to tell Lance this the next time they see each other, and the awe in Kolivan’s words is kind of… startling? Lance is used to people sexualizing his skill and taking away from the pain he’s gone through to acquire the skill -seriously, lots of bruises and rubbed raw skin and just, not pleasant- so to have Kolivan praising him for all these things is shocking to say the least.

Bottom line: Lance’s skill in rope dancing is beautiful, stunning, dramatic, awe inspiring, and that is exactly what Lance is to Kolivan. The skill is a representation of who Lance is, and Kolivan adores it.

-Mod Mizu 💙💜💙


BTS choreographer song Sung Deuk shared on his Instagram HERE a photo of BTS practice room after they were practicing for this coming come back. 

I asked then my friend, an amazing dancer, and choreographer if we could have an idea about what kind of dance we can expect from the boys this time. Kitty said after looking at the photo:

“Judging from the sweeps, I’ll say it’s probably a fairly ground heavy dance. Either extreme Hip Hop, think breakdance, or a more contemporary dance. Can any of them do splits? If so, I see that being a thing. One of the things that leave marks on the floor for me is when I plant a foot and go into splits. Wait! Jumps, there’s gonna be a lot of jumps and lots of formation changes, that’s for sure”.

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

My friend texted me later after that and said they could even use chairs or a wheelchair. She even texted another dancer who used it before: 

Disclaimer: She told me that she can’t be 100% sure because their style is nowhere close to hers and she hasn’t danced on that kind of floor. By the way, I haven’t told my friend any information about BTS, so she didn’t know that some of them can do splits, that Jimin did contemporary and Jungkook used to breakdance nor that their dances have lots of formation changes and jumping.  

By @mimibtsghost