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so my girlfriend and i are gonna be homeless if we can’t find a place to rent out in ventura county by March 3rd and today is February 28th :-) if you have an extra room or anything honestly like even a garage that we might be able to stay in just until we find a permanent place to stay?? im emailing literally every property within our budget but NOTHING is working out!!!! i’ll take literally anything at this point i swear to god.. if u can’t help maybe u could reblog this post? that would rly help? also if you wanna help us out, you could maybe send us some money? my paypal is broken though so the only thing i have is snapcash lol but literally ANYTHING helps at this point!!!! please signal boost!!!!!!!


I visited the Horry County museum today, and they had a new exhibit about Black American soldiers. It’s focused on the history of the area, with a lot of focus on war history, though there’s also a neat quilting exhibit. Also shown, my favorite part of the museum: a barrel of resin fell into the river and eventually the wood rotted away and the resin hardened and it just looks a ginormous blob of earwax.
They also have a tank full of local freshwater fish, and in the tank is another tank with salt water fish. If you’re in Myrtle Beach area and like museums, would suggest.

what she says: im fine

what she means: When will they release a selfie with Melissa Marie Benoist (Born in October 4th, 1988 in Harris County, Texas, US), an american actress and singer, known for her portrayal of the title character in the CBS/CW superhero drama series Supergirl and Katherine “Katie” Elizabeth McGrath (Born in God Knows When, in County Wicklow, Ireland), an Irish actress and model, best known for portraying Morgana on the BBC One show Merlin and now Lena Luthor in Supergirl? I’m waiting

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hey can u give me and other confused anons/followers (new of old) a lil run-down/summary/explanation of this.. milk fic stuff?


so basically, in 2011, this girl named danielle (known online as druscilla or dru, her current url on here is infinity-on-dru) published a panic! at the disco fanfiction called milk. it’s readable online if you google “milk fic,” and imo its not really gross at all, but a lot of people are grossed out by it. tl;dr of the fanfic: brendon urie gives ryan ross a bdsm milk enema. that pretty much sums it up and it’s not well-written or anything so you don’t need to read it, unless you’re into that i guess.

the fic became sorta a smash hit as a “shockfic,” meaning it was used as a sort of rite of passage into the fandom / grossing out your friends, and people dubbed it the milk fic. at one point she took it down then republished it in 2013. 

she’s really weirdly protective of the fic and maintains that it’s, like, deeply emotional and artistic, and she no longer likes panic! because brendon urie went on an “ableist and abusive rant” (lol) about the fanfiction she wrote….about…..him….where he gives his irl ex-friend an enema……. 

fast-forward a few years, it somehow comes to light that she had a sexual relationship with a minor in 2010. she was 22 at the time, and if i remember correctly the minor was 14 or 15. i’m recalling this story from memory so it may be off, and afaik the exact details aren’t confirmed, but i believe the minor was disabled and dru was hired by the girl’s mom to live at their house and help care for the girl, which would add further vileness to the story. however, this was never confirmed until recently, and iirc dru vehemently denied everything.

fast-forward to the present, a tumblr user found danielle/dru’s mugshots and criminal history:

summary of the link: she was charged with two counts of sexual assault of a child and one count of online solicitation of a minor, and she was jailed for two months for these charges. despite all this, she still calls herself a “tumblr mom” and proudly talks to mostly minors online, also her current boyfriend is 18 and she’s 29.


The Southernmost House by PelicanPete
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in the continental United States ~ Key West, Florida U.S.A. 


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Adams County, Washington