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  • select legislators in various states: we're going to make it illegal to be on snap benefits [food stamps] for longer than three months, if you're not on disability, working, or have dependents
  • me: so like what about disabled people waiting to get on disability... a process that can take years...
  • me: a process where they are exactly the same amount of disabled the entire fucking time....
  • select legislators in various states: aNYWAY we think this is really fair because what POSSIBLE REASON could anyone have for not working when they don't fall under the listed categories

what she says: im fine

what she means: When will they release a selfie with Melissa Marie Benoist (Born in October 4th, 1988 in Harris County, Texas, US), an american actress and singer, known for her portrayal of the title character in the CBS/CW superhero drama series Supergirl and Katherine “Katie” Elizabeth McGrath (Born in God Knows When, in County Wicklow, Ireland), an Irish actress and model, best known for portraying Morgana on the BBC One show Merlin and now Lena Luthor in Supergirl? I’m waiting

Rubber bullets are touted to be non-lethal ammunition, however they are really just less-lethal.

They can take an eye out

They could cause permanent spinal injury.

They can cause intracranial bleeding.

They can break hands and kneecaps.

They can cause internal injuries and bleeding

They can break hearts.  They can damage everything you once believed in. They can make you band together and fight harder no matter what is shot at you.  They can be found on the ground after Morton County denies using them.

Researchers allege suspicious Election Day numbers in 3 swing states, urge Clinton to fight

  • A group of “prominent computer scientists and election lawyers” are urging Clinton to call for a recount of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
  • They’re citing unusual discrepancies between counties that used electronic ballots versus other methods.
  • The thinly veiled implication is that something abnormal and perhaps sinister occurred with the state’s electronic ballot machine
  • But both Nate Silver and The NY Times have cast doubt on the statistical methods

The Southernmost House by PelicanPete
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in the continental United States ~ Key West, Florida U.S.A. 


Hawkeye, Iowa
Population: 449

“This is the only religious body having a church building in the township, but the nearby towns of Sumner, on the west, Hawkeye, on the northeast, and Randalia, to the eastward, accommodate the people without serious inconvenience. These are also the market towns most conveniently accessible, though Westgate, in Fremont, and Maynard, in Harlan, draw considerable trade from Banks township. As may be inferred from the above recital, this is distinctively an agricultural township, and does not at present have a post-office or “crossroads store” within its boundaries.

About 1876 the speculators’ lands began to be absorbed by actual settlers, largely of the German nationality, many of whom own large tracts of this fine prairie land, and have improved it almost to the point of perfection. An unfenced piece of land in Banks township is now a rare exception, and school houses and beautiful homes dot the prairie everywhere.“
A City Near Ferguson Is Still Caging Humans In A 'Grotesque' Debtors' Prison
Lawsuit alleges the city of Florissant was running a "modern debtors' prison scheme" and locking the poor in jail over minor municipal code violations.

“Once locked in the Florissant jail, impoverished people who cannot afford to pay the City endure grotesque treatment. They are kept in overcrowded cells; they are denied toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap; they are subjected to the constant stench of excrement and refuse in their congested cells; they are kept in the same clothes for days and weeks without access to laundry or shoes or underwear; they step on top of other inmates, whose bodies cover nearly the entire uncleaned cell floor, in order to access a single shared toilet that the City does not clean; illnesses and even infected wounds go untreated and uncovered; they endure days and weeks without being allowed to use the moldy shower; they are housed in short-sleeve jump suits; shoes and flip-flops are not permitted, so those who are not arrested in socks go barefoot on the dirty cement floor; they huddle in cells kept intentionally cold in order to quiet detainees, forced to retreat under a single thin blanket as they beg guards for warmer coverings; they are not given adequate hygiene products for menstruation; they are routinely denied vital medical care and prescription medication, even when their families beg to be allowed to bring medication to the jail; they are provided food so insufficient and lacking in nutrition that inmates lose significant amounts of weight; they suffer from dehydration out of fear of drinking foul smelling water dispensed from an apparatus covered in blood and mucus on top of the toilet, without sufficient pressure to drink from without pressing their lips to the contaminated apparatus; and they must listen to the screams of other inmates languishing from unattended medical issues as they sit in their cells without access to books, or legal materials. Perhaps worst of all, they do not know when they will be allowed to leave their disorienting and timeless cage, deprived of windows and perpetually flooded in florescent light.

Jail guards routinely taunt impoverished people when they are unable to pay for their release,” the suit claims. The lawsuit says that the plaintiffs were “held in jail indefinitely without either the legal representation of the inquiry into their ability to pay guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Instead, they were threatened, abused, and left to languish in confinement until their frightened family members produced enough cash to buy their freedom or until City jail officials decided, days or weeks later, to release them free of charge ― after it had become clear the City would not be able to extract any money from them.  

so i’m doing a little digging into my local history - the kind most locals have forgotten about - and i just discovered that in the sound around the beach where i used to walk my dog as a kid, there was apparently a battle between the viking/norwegian ruling class in the twelfth century, for control of the islands ??