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[translations] 2017.03.25 NCT DREAM fansign at Daegu fan accounts

1. OP asked if Jeno has other wishes, Jeno says he hopes to win number 1 on Music Bank [JENOLEE423]

2. OP wanted to say many things to Haechan but she was flustered and forgot everything. OP told Haechan she would be going overseas for some time, so she won’t see him and will miss him a lot, please cheer for me. And he said,”Do your best alone!!” [livluve]

3. Chenle has mentioned that Mark and Jisung are both cute, so OP asked whom Chenle thinks is cuter, Chenle said it’s Mark hyung. [NCT_YOON5959]

4. OP asked Haechan what kind of scent do they use in his and Mark’s room recently. Haechan (shyly): Rose, rose scent. OP didn’t get to ask for the brand they are using T_T  [99markleemh]

5. OP: You once said if there was a middle school rapper you would like to appear in it right?
Jisung: …. yeah haha
OP: Who would you want as your mentor if that really happened? (OP thought Jisung would choose a non-idol rapper)
Jisung: Mark hyung!!  [hixiu0326]

6. Jeno mentioned when DREAM went to the filming site for High School rapper he was more nervous than Mark.. Donghyuck was about to faint, Mark didn’t even cry but Donghyuck almost cried  [DongMark_HAE]
-i’m fainting too-

7. OP asked Mark who in Gangseo team is he closest to. Mark,”Uh… No matter who it’s Yoonho?” [dearmymark0802]

8. OP: Jeno what are the merits/demerits of having Renjun as the roommate? 
Jeno: He’s quiet
OP: Is that a merit??
Jeno: ^^
OP: What snacks do you like?
Jeno: Gummies.

9. OP: Jisung aren’t you the tallest in NCT Dream. *Jisung smiled* Any secrets to your tall built?
Jisung: You just need to reborn [JENOLEE423]

10. OP asked Mark if there’s any rapper he would like to produce songs with, Mark answered Gaeko [nct_sidoo]

11. Jeno said that he looks old/mature. Because OP was too nervous all she did was stare at Jeno. After Jeno signed the album, she realized Jeno wrote “XX-Noona”. OP,”But I’m the same age as you..” So Jeno erased the Noona and wrote XX-ah~  [yellowmark802]

12. OP: Mark says you cook well
Haechan: (Shrunk a little and laughed)
OP: What are you the most confident in cooking?
Haechan: I make really delicious ramyeon! (suddenly became confident and sat upright hahaha) The secret to a delicious ramyeon is bean sprouts.. [nnaximin]

13. OP: Song you been listening to recently? 
Jisung: (BTS’s) Spring Day 
*Jisung wrote noona on the post it note when he was supposed to write it on his photo*
OP: Ah! Don’t write it there (post it)!
Jisung: Ah! Gosh (ERASES IT)
OP: ???? [HAECHANO6O6]

14. OP: What if the younger members aren’t listening?
Renjun: (looks at Chenle and did a thumbsup) They are obedient! [saltXcaramel]

15. OP: If Jisung is going to sell Bungeo-ppang in the future, would you sell cream puffs too?
Jisung: Nope~
OP: Just red beans?
Jisung: Yeah, everything else are just so-so (shakes head)
OP: How about pizza?
Jisung: Not my style either [saltXcaramel

16. OP: If you had to give a Korean name to a cat or a dog, what name would you give it?
Chenle: Uh………………………. Jisung!! (and he laughed) [nnaximin]

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so like also a group chat between Chloe Adrien and the prince

I’ll do you one sadder.

Adrien: Hey Chlo, you got a gift basket.
Chloe: *curled up in bed, skinny and bald* From who?
Adrien: Prince Ali. It’s mostly chocolate.
Chloe: *tired smile* That’s nice of him… I’ll eat it later, okay?
Adrien: Sure. *squeezes her hand*

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"We're going home to Shouka Sonjuku."
Takasugi, ep 328
"We're going home to Shouka Sonjuku."

“Let’s go. This isn’t his resting place. I don’t know if it will be next to his master or next to us students. But we’re going home…to Shouka Sonjuku.”


Hyosung Ryder; reckon specialist; pathfinder; biotic; one minute older twin.

im up because i wanted to see vinny’s reaction to my art… and it was the first thing he showed on stream. he really liked it and it honestly put the biggest smile on my face.

i love vinny with all my heart, his stream and he himself has helped me through some really bad times.. he’s pretty much a celebrity to me

i love from the stars, its easily one of my favorite song right now and im just so happy

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In cryptid AU, is the fish world relatively similar to human world? Do summer or Morty ever wish they were human Cuz it seems fun and have a Little Mermaid-esque adventure?

Culturally the cryptids and humans share some basic similarities but are pretty different from each other. The kids hang out on land plenty in their breathing helmets with their human side of the family. Although prior to meeting the Pines, their only real interaction with humans was the occasional trip to the Citadel. As for wishing they were human? Nah, not really. They think their human family should grow some gills and come visit Atlantis though.

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All that proves is that there is indeed a real baby though and that Brett had a falling out with his family. Which we already kinda knew-- Tammi and Brett haven't mentioned them since. I remember there being a comment from Ruth about them being attention seekers ages ago.

For sure, but the question still is who he belongs to and why did the family took a step back? Hm…..

me up at 3 am thinking about about Kallias 

Something I’ve realised working in retail is that………..ppl just don’t fucking read……