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When you first drive into Hope, Alaska you almost miss it. Town consists of only a few buildings, one being the famous Cafe. We skipped town the first day and headed straight up the mountain to a spot we remember from last year with the #chasingbears14 squad. We camped at the primitive campground and planned to explore the road beyond in the morning. Before settling in for the night we made an interesting friend, a local named Paul. Paul mines goal in the area, Caleb spent hours chatting with him about gold in the area and the mining process. We planned to meet Paul again in the morning for him to show us where the wild blueberries were. Paul knew the area well and we were off the trial and had us bush waking our way up the knolls to find the blueberries. We spent a good time in the blueberry patches chatting and getting our fill until Paul left us and we continued our climb to the top. The trail eventually lead us to an alpine lake where Caleb and I took a quick and freezing swim in the clear blue water. On they way down we spotted the most inviting pool of aqua water nestled in the rolling hills. We made plans to bring everyone back with the following day for a swim. Back down in town we met up with the Mali-Mish and Bodswell crews again. Hope is a small town with a lot of character. The bar is lively and crowded on the weekends but the week days offered us some good fishing and beautiful sunsets!

Simple, Basic Cheese Sauce

Techniques are important to upping your cooking arsenal, and one of the most useful to me is a basic stovetop cheese sauce. I used this to make mac and cheese, cheesy chicken pasta, scalloped potatoes, etc. 

You will need:

  • 3.5 tbps butter
  • 1.5 cups milk/half and half (I prefer to use milk, but it’s up to you) 
  • 3 tbps flour
  • two cloves minced/diced garlic
  • cheese (1-2 cups, shredded or cut into very small strips)
  • Seasoning stuff: This is largely up to your tastes, but I use Alpine, pepper, powdered mustard, smoked paprika, and green onion. 

Take a large saucepan and melt your butter in it on LOW. The name of the game for this sauce is patience–make it while you cut up veggies or something. Once your butter is melted, toss in your flour and garlic. 

We’re going to make a toasted roux, which is a standard sauce base made of butter and flour, and to do this we’re going to keep it on low and stir occasionally until our roux turns to a light golden color. This adds to the depth of flavor. 

Then we’re going to slowly pour in our milk and seasonings–I’d urge you not to go nuts with the salt until you add your cheese, cheese can be very salty. 

You’re going to KEEP IT ON LOW, and slowly let it come to a boil. This will thicken your sauce and also keep it from breaking, which will turn it into a clumpy mess. Don’t rush! When it’s at a low boil, slowly add your cheese. I’m using sharp cheddar because that’s what I had, but I frequently make this using up end bits of cheese into one gorgeous sauce. 

Now finish seasoning to taste and DONE. 

C’est magnifique. 

Drizzle on broccoli, potatoes, whatever man. 

I visited Pastelcrossing’s adorable town Macaron!

This town has such lovely use of river QRs. I liked the cute casual outfit left out for guests and the wisteria trellis and picnic blanket PWP areas are so appealing and pretty!

The houses were very pretty, too. There was a nighttime room with an interesting use of the Aurora screen, Rococo and moon vanity, etc. The pattern used on alpine in the kitchen was so cute! I loved the mountain wallpaper with the grass and flower items in another room. I thought the warm combination of the exotic furniture with the red kotatsu was very welcoming.

dream address:4700-3651-7148


Nails by Sophie Harris-Greenslade at The Illustrated Nail

Photographer @cjwphotographer

Hair and production by @bjornkrischker

Make up by @kennethsohmakeup

Styling by @krolik_li

Model @natashakasatkina555


My 2nd time doing a watermarble! so happy I could do it.

It is a neon watermarble even if you can’t really see it here. I’ve used Alpine Snow , Push & Purr-Pull and You are so outta lime. All by OPI!