us airport

going through customs at a US airport

airport staff: sir, do you have anything to declare today?

me: *starts sweating* uh no.. *trips and falls* *hundreds of Kinder surprise eggs roll out of my pockets, jacket and briefcase*

airport staff: GET ON THE GROUND NOW

me: but i am

*armed guards swarm round and pin me down*

armed guards: WHAT’S IN THE EGGS?

me: i dont know its a surprise!! 


Chaos, heartbreak at airports across US as Trump’s Muslim ban kicks in

  • After President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday barring all refugees entry to the U.S. for 120 days and restricting valid visa and green card holders from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. for 90 days, reports flooded in from around the country — and the world — of people being detained or sent back at major international airports. Read more.

one thing I noticed about civil war was this cut where they were all suddenly dressed in their suits so i can only assume
Donald Trump refugee ban: 'arrivals from targeted countries stopped at US airports' – live
Trump’s anti-refugee executive order prompts condemnation as he moves on to call with Putin and Theresa May flies to Turkey
By Heather Stewart

The order places a 90-day block on entry to the US from citizens from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and as well as indefinitely suspending admission of Syrian refugees. It also caps total refugees entering the US in 2017 to 50,000, less than half the previous year’s 117,000.

IMPORTANT: This includes students and permanent residents (green card holders).

If you are a Muslim residing in the US from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan or Libya DO NOT leave the country unless you are prepared to be banned from returning.

Again, this includes students and green card holders.
Judge Blocks Part of Trump’s Immigration Order
In a New York courtroom on Saturday evening, the judge said that sending the travelers home could cause them “irreparable harm.”
By Michael D. Shear and Alan Feuer

Witnessing some flagrant misreporting of the federal ruling regarding the ban on Muslim immigration. The ban has NOT been halted, as it was ruled that only those currently detained or in transit are exempt (temporarily) from Trump’s executive order. We must not succumb to complacency or false narratives surrounding progressive victories. That is to say, we must keep fighting.

“A federal judge blocked part of President Trump’s executive order on immigration on Saturday evening, ordering that refugees and others trapped at airports across the United States should not be sent back to their home countries. But the judge stopped short of letting them into the country or issuing a broader ruling on the constitutionality of Mr. Trump’s actions.”

We’re going to learn different way to say goodbye!

As you can see… although さようなら (read as Sayoonara) means goodbye, usually it is used for a memorable occasion like parting with someone or seeing off your friend on the airport :D Use it if you’re not going to see someone for a long time. Its more like “Farewell” than the casual “Goodbye”

Happy learning! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。


Many of you are familiar with Incheon International Airport, which is the airport you will most likely land in when arriving to Korea (it’s more expensive to go to Gimpo, last I checked). Incheon airport is 인천 국제공항.

YoI Episode 9 dubbed airport scene

Yuri: “Viktor… will you be my coach… until I retire?”

Viktor: “That sounded like a marriage proposal.”

            -“In that case.. I hope you never retire.” 

Sorry I can’t upload a clip of it, but in case anyone wanted to know what the script was they used for the airport scene! I thought the addition of “in that case” was really sweet and I just ;___;