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just a little practice video i’ve been working on to get myself better acquainted with my new editor! it’s pretty random, so, i’m not sure if i’ll ever finish it properly, though

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hey i like your arts >< so beautiful. i wanna ask some questions. what app do you use to make your arts? and would you show me your tool pallets that you use to make your art *especially your short comic.i want to know but if you dont want to show .would you give me information what size of your tools do you use to make your arts and what tool do you use O.O i want to know so badly cuz your arts so bright in my eyes :'D

I use clip studio paint EX, but the japanese version:

i bought it, you can buy the english version here and i’d totally recommend it now because looks like there’s a 60% discount on both versions

my tools are the normal clip studio paint tools, I don’t use anything in particular bur you can download new tools on the clip studio assets that comes within the program.

Beware: if you download and crack it illegally you can’t use clip studio assets. I know that amateur and non-professional artists like us are usually broke and don’t want to spend money, but clip studio assets is a big revolution because it makes free quality tool/brushes/tones/patterns available for everyone (90% are free, some of them are done by professionals and you gotta pay with csp points). 

also since most of us payed for their own graphic tablet, might as well spend 25 dollars (that is the discounted price, normal is 50 dollars) for a complete program that has everything. (if you want to have tools for drawing manga tho you need the EX one that is 87 dollars (219 not discounted SO IT’S A REAL DEAL). YOU SHOULD REALLY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS DISCOUNT SERIOUSLY
PS. they make this kind of discount once every two months if i’m not mistaken, so you can grab them discounted very often

for the comics, it isn’t really something very difficult. I use the line tool for the comic stips

i sketch with the basic chalk tool

i do the lineart with the basic g-pen tool

and for the lettering, there’s the text tool that has the balloon creating thing

for the effects, it’s something that csp has already on it 

important: these are more than one tool used together, you have to blend and edit them to get the thing you want

that’s really all about it 

so i’m choosing to focus on the “yet” part of cengiz’s answer and how he was specifically talking about why he liked that date scene and why it was a challenge.

i’m hoping that “you don’t get to know if they’re together yet” points more to the open-ended nature of just that specific scene, and that yossi acar is actually going to give us some yousana finality when he shows up at the party straight from oslo airport.

*prayer circle* x 10000000!!!!!!!


Okay, I want to make something very clear. 



I am saying this because when foreigners say “I’m eating a kiwi.” It literally sounds to people in my country like you are eating one of these, a kiwi. And The Kiwi are an endangered bird in our country. 

Also! Us New Zealander’s are referred as Kiwis also. 

So to us when you say “I’m going to eat a kiwi” We legit think at first that 

1) “You’re a sick cunt and are going to eat our native bird that is endangered”

 2) “You’re a cannibal.” 

LGBTQ+ Vocab in Turkish

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This list was actually kinda hard to make, since the community faces a lot of bigotry in Turkey and many people can’t openly identify with specific labels, even on the internet! (And those who do tend to use the English names). Oh, also, this list is translated from @langsandlit‘s Italian list! Under the cut, because this ended up being SUPER long!

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I’ve never ever been a bed maker. I’ve always been the kind of person who justified not making my bed with “I’m just going to get back in it!” Well. For a month now, I’ve been making our bed every morning… and I love it. 😍 I didn’t realize how satisfying it is to get into a nicely made bed every night! 🎉

this omake  is great for several reasons

  • Everyone is wearing suits and looking uncomfortable 
  • Serizawa has still got his umbrella open indoors (that’s bad luck seri) 
  • Claw/The Super 5 are actually holding a semi-formal “Welcome Party” for their new member despite Touichiro giving exactly zero shits about the wellbeing of every other human being on this planet 
  • The first thing Serizawa thinks of skill/ability is his model making hobby
  • Shimazaki and Minegishi are in the same panel -> they are able to tolerate each others presence on occasion -> shimamine is CANON YOU GUYS 
  • OK but Shimazaki calls him “Minegishi-kun”, make of that what you will  
  • Also Minegishi going ahead and evaluating Serizawa even though it’s not actually an interview, meaning: 
  •  A) Minegishi is playing along with Serizawa, either to humour him or for his own amusement, or