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  • Vampire Bat Grimm
  • Dwell in Caves or Dense Forests
  • Short black fur, Thin red membrane on wings. Bonelike spines running down it’s back and wings. No Eyes. Lower jaw can open out into a larger opening to produce louder sounds.
  • Locates it’s prey via it’s amazing Hearing and Echolocation.
  • Attacks with shrill scream at 250 decibels and by smothering it’s victims with it’s wings.

A larger arial Grimm for the On The Roof AU I’m writing with @teriyaki-fox! I had a little help with the design from my friend Corgi, overall pleased with how it turned out!


The Southernmost House by PelicanPete
Via Flickr:
in the continental United States ~ Key West, Florida U.S.A. 

  • Lucius: Father, Barty is still here.
  • Abraxas: Yeah, I know.
  • Lucius: Why is he still here?
  • Abraxas: He's giving us 250,000 galleons to be his family for Christmas.
  • Lucius: And you agreed to this without asking me?
  • Abraxas: Of course I did, he's giving us 250,000 galleons!
  • Lucius: And how would you like it if I agreed to something like this without asking you?
  • Abraxas: Well, that would depend. Would we be getting 250,000 galleons?
I won’t ever win NaNoWriMo.

I won’t ever write 50k worlds in a month. 

I’m busy. I’m easily distracted. My mental health is a fluctuating mess. I write slower than a snail with a keyboard. Because of my dyslexia, translating spoken language to written word takes a lot longer for me than most people. Thems the breaks. 

But that’s okay. 

Every writer is different. This year it took me four months to write 110k words. I know some of you have written nearly that much just in November. Even among famous professional authors, daily average word counts vary from 7,000 words to the measly 250 Tolkien used to pound out the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 

Even if you didn’t write 50k words this month – even if you’re like me, and you’ll never write that much in a single month – that doesn’t make you any less of a writer, nor will it ever be a setback on a profession level. 

You don’t need to finish fast; you just need to finish.

So no matter how many words you got this month, let’s keep writing. At our own speed, in our own time. Just keep writing. November 30th isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning.

Okay time for a rant.

Money seems to be a problem with pixelberry. They ask us to pay 250 rings for quests, 400-800 diamonds to recruit characters that should be recruited through the game anyway and now, if I want my story to run smoothly, I have to spend at least 20 diamonds per chapter?! That is absolutely ridicilous.

Let’s take this chapter for example. Seeing as I had only 4 diamonds and thus could not afford to hear the story (which cost 20 diamonds), I now have to suffer the consequenses. I should also mention that for this chapter to be played succesfully, I actually had to spend between 40-90 diamonds depending on your choices. And that is in this chapter alone. 20 diamonds cost $1,99 and let’s be honest here, not nearly as much people can afford to pay that.

Besides, there are no other options aside from either paying for them or earning them by playing chapters (which still isn’t much.) I just find it ridiculous that I have to pay this much money whereas there should be other options to earn diamonds too. Or, don’t make every option so expensive. If I buy 50 diamonds, I could only use them in just a couple of chapters (picking only some choices) or spend it all on this (important) chapter alone. 20 diamonds for one decision is too much, it’s just way too much. You also get one key per 3 hours and are not able to play - and thus earn diamonds- as much.

It is just impossible to afford. The whole thing just seems impossible and I really expected better from Pixelberry. Especially after the character reviews from HWU.

And I find this so disappointing, because the game itself is so beautiful. The art is so gorgeous and the writing is awesome and don’t even get me started on the music, just wonderful. The minor characters are also so interesting and unique. But no matter how much I love all these things, the diamond problem just ruins all the fun for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love PB and all they have to offer, but after so much complaints on their previous two games, they still pull the same stunt.

They knew the players of HSS and HWU would probably play their name game too. But these are the same people who kept telling them about the money issue.

I just don’t know. I love the game, but this is not just one small problem. There should be more options available than what we are getting now. I really hope this improves in future updates.

You might not know who this cat is, but he’s Hollywood royalty.

His name is Puzzums and he was kind of a big deal in early motion pictures.

He used to earn $250 per week to appear in films with stars like Will Rogers,Carole Lombard, and Jeannette MacDonald, who is holding him in this 1932 photo.

Puzzums was raised by hand when his mother deserted him on the day of his birth, but went on to develop abilities to do more tricks than the average dog.

He could cross his eyes, “laugh” at the command of his owner, and even feed himself from a baby’s bottle.

He was one cool cat.


Woobin icons - Set 1

For your personal use. Made by me, kimwoobinseyebrows. For more, check my tag here. Please don’t re-upload to Tumblr to post in the tag. If sharing off Tumblr, please include a direct link to this post alongside. 

Yes, obesity is a bad thing.

Some can take control and lose the weight, others cannot due to whatever situation they’re in.

My point?

Everyone hates on the body positivity movement because they think of it as an “excuse” for fat people to be fat.

Body positivity means to love the body you’re in, because so many bodytypes (mostly fat) get so much hate. It is in no way PROMOTING obesity.

Take me for example. I used to be 250 pounds. After months of doing weight loss things, exercising and eating better, I am now 220 pounds. Even after losing some weight, I am still fat. I still get rude stares from strangers around me, I still see fatphobic messages as against me, and I still hate looking at myself in the mirror, because I KNOW for a fact that my body is seen as ugly by so many people. I’m still continuing my weight loss, but at the time being, I’m still fat and I still hate myself for it.

Fatphobic people say that “all fat people need to lose weight”, while constantly shitting on our body type. Hate isn’t going to get anyone anywhere. Stress is what causes a person to stop losing or gain weight, from hormones alone.

Body positivity is about loving your body no matter what it happens to look like in the present time. If you can lose weight, then good! If you can’t, you should still love yourself anyways!

Why do so many people not understand this…

The only thing holding back IDWLF on the Billboard Hot 100 chart is air play. Last week the song had the biggest gain in both digital sales and streams. Now it’s getting a little over 100 spins every day. We need to improve that and get it to at least 150+ (it used to have 250+ a few days ago). So request the song on mediabase, do at least 50 stations! 


The Waterloo Helmet, 150-50 BC

This copper alloy helmet was dredged from the River Thames at Waterloo Bridge in the early 1860s. It is the only Iron Age helmet to have ever been found in southern England, and it is the only Iron Age helmet with horns ever to have been found anywhere in Europe. This helmet is unlikely to have been used in battle and was probably a form of ceremonial headdress.

The helmet is decorated with the style of La Tène art used in Britain between 250 and 50 BC. The repoussé decoration is repeated on the back and the front. Originally, the bronze helmet would have been a shining polished bronze colour, not the dull green colour it is today. It was also once decorated with studs of bright red glass. The decoration is similar to that on the Snettisham Great Torc.

got a medical bill from the doctor i saw in AZ (the one who basically did jack shit to help b/c the thing she prescribed just made my shit worse and also the only advice she had for my carpal tunnel was “aspirin or naproxen or ibuprofin”

so like… at some point gotta talk out whether i should pay it or let it slide b/c like… i personally want to do like what is best for both of us (not spending $250 atm vs. if my credit score as-is helps us out and i should be maintaining it by not incurring debt like this)

also it’s dated for valentine’s day like, nice choice of day, doctor