us 191

Feb 2nd // 5pm

Our PoliSci professor very kindly narrowed down our syllabus from 752 pages to 191 & gave us some ‘sos’ pages/subjects (see: list my mouse is on). 

So today, I’m typing up my own notes, stitching together pieces from my textbook & my lecture notes. I have to say, having a wireless keyboard makes all the difference! I never look at my keyboard as I type anyway, so being able to fit my textbook between my keyboard and screen is priceless (seriously, it makes everything 10x easier)! 

PS: I’ve been listening to The Theory of Everything soundtrack on repeat while studying all week. I definitely suggest trying it out, it’s really helping me focus & not distracting me at all (no lyrics!).

 PS#2: Always keep cold water close to you while you’re studying! I find it really wakes me up & we all know how important it is to stay hydrated :) 

In a study conducted in association with the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, it was found that for each Jewish student, schools have a budget of around US $ 1,100 a year. For each Palestinian child, however, the figure was just US $ 191: almost six times smaller. In the south of Israel, the research showed there was US $ 60 for each Palestinian student - while for children of West Bank settlers, the budget was US $ 1,535.

Palestinians in Israel: segregation, Discrimination and Democracy

By Ben White