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Joint Chiefs to troops: 'No modifications' to transgender policy
'We will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect,' Marine Gen. Joe Dunford writes.

Well, this is a weird twist in the “trans military ban” story - Trump never actually discussed anything with the Department of Defense or issued any kind of formal order.  He just impulse-tweeted that trans people were banned.  So for the moment, there’s no actual policy change and trans people are still allowed, with trans healthcare still covered by military plans.

I don’t know if this situation will last for long, but it’s a reminder of just how incompetent and unprofessional our would-be dictator is.  He declared a major and extremely unpopular military policy change on Twitter, with no planning or consultation with the DoD at all, lied about discussing it with generals, and then he never actually put in the order.


the short adventure of the mooch (july 2017 - july 2017):

  1. sells stakes in company to take WH job
  2. didn’t get the job
  3. finally gets job six months later
  4. first thing he does is tell everyone that priebus is a ‘fucking paranoid schizophrenic’, and that bannon sucks his own cock
  5. wife immediately files for divorce
  6. misses the birth of his child
  7. is fired, after only 10 days

Me when I found out James Comey got fired:

Me when I remembered he was the one leading the FBI investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia and he had a lot of information about said ties to Russia AND that he was conveniently fired by Trump himself AND that Trump is now probably going to put one of his cronies in charge of the FBI:

controversial opinion: despite liking explicit pornography on his professional twitter account, i don’t agree with the consensus that ted cruz was jacking it on 9/11. masturbating to mediocre porn spam just seems too human for whatever life form cruz is. i believe he just sat there, watching. alone in the dark, unmoving. perhaps occasionally nodding, or loudly exclaiming ‘that’s nice’, in an earnest, but ultimately misguided attempt at mimicking human behavior

As liberals, we totally got the idea of patriotism jacked from us. When Trump asks for the worst of this country - like a Muslim ban, transgender bathroom bills, defunding Planned Parenthood - he’s considered to be the most patriotic. But when we ask for the best of this country as liberals - No Ban No Wall, Black Lives Matter, equal pay, gender equality, LGBTQ rights - we are considered anti-patriotic. When really, we’re the most patriotic. Fighting for equality is the most American thing you can do.
—  Hasan Minhaj, comedian and Daily Show correspondent, in an interview with Bust Magazine