I am honestly so sick of when I meet new people (especially at my school) the first question they ask me is “What are you?”. They don’t ask my name, they don’t ask about who I am. 

I respond with “I’m black, white, and Native American.” And the response? “You’re not black!/You sound white!” Etc. etc. etc…

All they seem to care about is trying to fit me in a singular racial box.

And that’s dehumanizing as shit.

A partir de ahora vamos a bloquear a todas aquellas personas que vengan con acusaciones sin sentido y no se tomen las molestias o de ver lo que pensamos, de acusarnos sin razón aparente, o de simplemente venir a molestar porque no tienen nada que hacer.

Personalmente me cansé de tener que responderles para no quedar como las cagonas que son ustedes, así que espero se rescaten un poco y consigan una vida.


Con TODO el amor, AYU :) x

I never believed in love at first sight,
until I met you.
I couldn’t imagine someone looking at another human being and falling for them right then and there.
I thought it was shallow- falling for someone’s looks.
But then I met you.
And I realized, love at first sight isn’t what I thought.
It’s not falling in love with their appearance.
Love at first sight is when you can look at someone for the first time and see their entire soul shine through their physical being and fall in love with it instantly.

[02.08.2015] Day at the pool.

Hey guys! How are you? I hope you’re fine haha
At day 08, Alice came here to invite Mari and Rafa to pass the day with she, playing with their kids. They immediately accepted, and pick up their things to ho with she.
She invited me , Mauricio and Jhonny too, but we can’t go because we was working in the decor of my friend’s baby shower. Jhonny will be the godfather of the baby, so , he was helping me too haha
After they goes, me and Jhonny came back to work at the decor. I buy lot of decor things to put in it, and they arrived at day 07.
When was next to 13:50, here was a little hot so we decided to swim a little in the pool.
Swim with Mauricio isn’t a problem for us, because he made swimming lessons with me a while back, I want to come back with he in March.
After, we leave Mauricio playing in his Pizzly Bear on Ice Rocker next to us, and we finished a little of the baby shower decoration.

A little spoiler of the lot hahah

So, that was the post of today.
I hope you like!