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Freyr/Freyja’s Ætt 

2. URUZ (UR)
Letter: U
Flower: Nasturtium
Number: 3
Traditionally, Uruz symbolized the aurochs, a wild bison once common in northern Europe but now extinct. Our male Teutonic ancestors were not considered men until they had participated in a successful hunt and kill of an aurochs, a primitive rite of passage.
Thus, in a runecast Uruz upright indicates a chance to prove oneself or a dramatic change, one that puts the querent in a new situation. It can indicate a promotion or new responsibility. While the querent may see this as a daunting or frightening situation, it should be considered a natural, inevitable change-like the change from adolescence to adulthood.
Uruz can also indicate male energy and the positive aspects of Mars-energy, willpower and determination. In health questions, Uruz indicates strength, stamina, and resistance. In many readings, the appearance of Uruz means that improvement is coming but only through the querent’s own willpower, self-determination, and resilience.


Uruz  is the rune of strength, courage and overcoming obsticles. It speaks of physical strength and courage of mind and soul. This may be an indication of great energy and good health. 

Uruz is the mother of manifestation and sustenance, It is the patterning and formulating power of the multiverse, the source of ordering principals and requirement that lead to the formation of the worlds. As Uruz, it is the unmanifested pattern of matter. Uruz is also an indication of loss being opportunity in disguise or unexpected changes turning out for the best. It could be said, in drawing this rune, one’s life has out grown it’s form and must undergo a clearing of space, a release, in order to reform. Uruz is the rune of passage, representing freedom, action, tenacity, understanding and wisdom. It is the seed of emotional and spiritual strength, the mystery of the formulative self, the composite paradigm of all aspects of the psychosomatic complex. Uruz is the forming force, shaping and changing through creativity and inspiration and the realization of causality. As a bringer of fortunate circumstance, Uruz points to the healing and maintainence of the balance within the self. 

Loss is a common teaching of Uruz, as it shows the self’s capabilities and strengths throughout and despite the limitations we place and are placed upon us. Through sifting through the ashes, we may find a new perspective. Adapting with patience is the counsel of Uruz, in times of sacrifice. The multiverse is supportive and protective of your highest joy. Draw within and utilize the force of raw honest strength in the face of adritity.


When Uruz is drawn Merkstave, it is an indication of a time where honest reflection is required to endure loss and seeming discomfort with ease and humility. With such reflection, recognition of areas in need of change can be draw into the forefront of the psyche and can be embrace or rejected, in accordance with egoic reaction. Patience and appreciation for the honest of the image viewed in Uruz Merkstave serves to better love the self and help with reform in areas we are not so proud of. Do not let the fear of the ego cause you to miss out on opportunities or belittle yourself. As a warning, Uruz whispers gently to love the self and make room for such love by carving away at that which is not of the self. 

Merkstave, Uruz may indicate caution and considersation before making decisions and incourages taking no risks as a form of pre-emptive protection through hesitation and forethought. Do not bare your throat to the Fenir with the red roses, as tempting as they smell. 


suçluyum belki ben, sen sularımda ölürken, güldüm keyfimden her zaman istediğimle, geçmişin, geleceğinle, benimsin artık. derinlerde, derinlerde..

One thing that strikes me unique about this inscription is the excessive use of the U rune. Ulfur and Udin being just one example. This is a cause for confusion in both translating and transliterating. By the rules established by the translator ulfur could be read Alfar instead of ulfur. The only reason i say this is that i’ve read the inscription which seems to replace an awful lot of vowels with U. Such patterns are often cause to associate the abundant rune with the mystery here related. For one i see the excessive U runes as perhaps indicating a correlation between the problem, the cause, and the choice of rune use. The scholarly merit ends with the data collection, from then on the application of multiple codes and interfaces depends on the content. In every case i investigate the “astrological content theory” which i use in my modern practice. However when i apply it to an ancient inscription i also keep in mind the varying correspondences between the scores of runic alphabets.
The inscription is of the utmost interest. Ulfur and Udin as well as Hotyr and Buri (hole, nostril) are invoked by name. Ulfur and Odin are definatley Alfar and Odin, Hotyr would likely refer to “High Tyr, but in another twist high tyr can also mean high Bull.
The skull upon which the runes were risted was human, but in the norse myths the skull of a giant has special significance. The Giant of the cosmos, Ymir (sound) was destroyed, and of his parts it is said the universe was fashioned, his skull becoming the dome of the heavens. It should stand to reason that skull inscriptions may bear some sympathy with astrological or astronomical mysteries.
Uruz is universally agreed upon by rune scholars. It means auroch or giant bull, and coming after fee (anglo-saxon term for goats and sheep as cattle) which i attribute to aires, uruz belongs to the sign of Taurus. In classical zodiac lore taurus rules the nose (buri) and sinus. The alfar, odin, and the bull of heaven, are all called upon in this very skillful taurus talisman, designed to ease sinus pressure.