Gods/Goddesses/Figures: Thor, Urd, the Jotunar

Plants: Moss, birch trees

Animals: Aurochs, Oxen, Bulls

Gender: Male

Safe to Wear?   No, I do not recommend using Uruz as a charm due to its unpredictable nature

Rune Poem(s)

Rain is lamentation of the clouds
and ruin of the hay-harvest
and abomination of the shepherd (Icelandic)

The aurochs is proud and has great horns;
it is a very savage beast and fights with its horns;
a great ranger of the moors, it is a creature of mettle. (Anglo-Saxon)

 Traditional Associations: Strength, manhood, harsh weather, storms, iron, raw power, wild primal energy, young warriors, male fertility

 Personal Interpretation:  Uruz is a symbol of masculinity in its youthful prime. It is a rune of pure, physical prowess and strength, great vitality and energy, health and ambition.

 However, this rune should be used with caution. Its name-sake, the aurochs, was a mighty beast that was quite dangerous.

 Its association with Thor, a sometimes hot headed god, should be noted. Many times, Thor would charge into situations like a bull without thinking things through. Bull-headed usually means stubborn and hot tempered, after all. Rain is also associated with Thor, and while it can be a blessing, it can also be a curse.

In a reading, this rune is an omen of all of its good qualities: health and energy, strength, and so on, but you should also be very mindful not to abuse this strength, and to use your brain. You may feel a lot of pent up, youthful energy at this time, but you should really be careful how you use it. How many dumb things have we all done in our youth without thinking?

 This rune should not be used lightly, particularly in magic. If you don’t know what you’re doing with it, it can be very destructive.



Gods/Goddesses/Figures: Thor, the Jotunar

Animals: Aurochs, Oxen, Bulls

Safe to Wear? : No, absolutely not

Traditional:  Destruction, malice, blind fury, weakness, lethargy, witlessness, stupidity, being overwhelmed, powerlessness, sickness

Personal:  The merkstave of Uruz brings with it the warnings of its upright form and increases it.

 Thor protects mankind from evil, and thunderstorms and rain are the result of his work. However, Thor sometimes focuses too much on what he’s hunting, and not enough on the Earth below him. Thunder can cause a great deal of damage to the land; too much rain causes floods and crop destruction. Likewise, if we become too focused on our goals, and not enough on the people around us, we can cause a massive amount of damage.

Merkstave Uruz is a warning to keep your wits about you and to consider your actions, looking before you leap.

 Some of the Jotunar embody pure malice and destruction. Many of them are responsible for flooding, hurricanes, blizzards, and hail. Think about how your actions affect others. Are you hurting other people, the Earth, or yourself by doing something? Don’t do it if so.

 This may be a time that you feel powerless, sick, or stupid. Take care of yourself and try to ground.

 The runes may also be telling you that you’re doing something foolish, depending on your question.

 Read the upright meaning of Uruz as well as the merkstave if it comes up this way.

 (*upg marked in Italics, art by me, please note these are my personal interpretations and the results of my research. You may not agree with everything I’ve written)

Tools of the Craft: Runes (Pt. III)

Oh, the beautiful working altar! It is a place of magic, with lots of shiny and smelly things on it which make me feel at home. But to the new witch, it can sometimes seem daunting, and even downright scary to look at - almost as if it came right out of some dark fantasy story.

But there’s nothing to be afraid of. Each object on the altar is merely a tool to help visually direct energy. In witchcraft, every tool has its significance and its own symbolism, and it often helps to understand what makes these tools so important. In this series of articles, I will endeavor to lift the shroud of mystery from these tools and assist in helping you understand what each tool is used for, where it comes from, and why we use it.

Runes, Pt. III - Uruz, the Rune of Strength

Pronunciation: “Oo - rooz”
Meaning: “Aurochs”
God/dess: Thor, Urdl
Gender Concept: Masculine
Element: Earth
Tree: Birch

Uruz is the rune of masculinity and strength. Its translation is “Auroch” which refers to the giant wild oxen that went extinct in Europe in the early 17th century. Like the ox, it reflects strength of body and strength of spirit. It is a rune of freedom and raw power, as well as male sexual potency. It implies a coming challenge leading to a significant change in your life.

In divination, Uruz reminds us about both the strengths and dangers of creativity. It is a rune marking independence of thought and physical health, as well as asserting one’s self. As a rune of healing, it reflects energies that restore and regenerate, casting out the corruption of illness and restoring the body to its original blueprint. In your castings, it may also represent the ability to take responsibility for your actions and your ability to control your aggression.

When reversed, Uruz reflects ill health or weak mental fortitude. There is failure to think clearly, signs of weakness, or possible threats to you or your position.

Cast converse, Uruz means that you have hidden strengths that must be realized. If easy and obvious opportunities appear, don’t leap for them blindly, as they are deceptive and not helpful.

Uruz reminds us that we have the strength within us to realize our dreams, but that in this strength there is responsibility. Strength isn’t something to use as a weapon over others, but as a weapon to stop others from lording over you. Use it to stay focused and keep yourself from being knocked down. Don’t let negativity upset you - master yourself and find the strength to succeed!


In magic, Uruz is ideal for empowerment spells and male fertility spells. If you feel you’re struggling with something and want to work a spell, carve Uruz into your candles or incorporate it into your cooking (I can see Uruz being particularly useful when cooking proteins and meaty foods).

For male fertility, use Uruz on candles or in food… If you’re a hands on kind of person, you can use oil or lubrication before sex on the shaft or head of the penis to draw Uruz so as to promote duration, passion, and masculinity between the sheets.

In addition, use Uruz in healing spells. If you’re a vapo-rub kind of person, use the cream to draw Uruz before rubbing it into the skin. Same can be done with oils for healing.

Similarly, if you wish to make someone struggle with thinking clearly, or you want to turn a threat back on someone else, use the Uruz reversal.

In Conclusion…

Like the ox, we are capable of great strength if we just set our minds to the purpose. Uruz is the reminder to use that strength to the best of our abilities, but with the wisdom to use it for the right reasons. When I consider this rune, I get a strong sense of raw power - the kind of which reasonably applies to Thor and even to the Morrigan and Lugh. Uruz is both warlike and utilitarian depending upon its use, and is an excellent rune for various magics!

Prosperity magic

This is a little candle/jar combo I put together to draw more prosperity and abundance.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Jar with a screw-on lid
  • ground basil, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg
  • a citrine stone
  • a clear quartz crystal
  • a green candle
  • something to carve runes into the candle
  • green thread/cord/embroidery floss
  • a charm that represents prosperity (I used a little pentacle, but it can be a little purse charm, something sparkly, a blinged-out dollar sign, etc)
  • the Ten of Pentacles card from your tarot deck of choice

Set up your ritual space in whatever way you choose.

Add the herbs in there in whatever quantities you feel appropriate, depending on the size of the jar. As you put the ingredients into the jar, focus on what they are there for, and say it out loud.

Basil- success
Cinnamon- prosperity 
Ginger- money
Nutmeg-  luck
Natural citrine- banish negative energy
Quartz- to cleanse and balance

Once you have all the ingredients in the jar, chant “Luck, prosperity, money, success” as you go about the rest of the steps.

Take your carving implement and carve the runes Fehu (money), Uruz (manifestation), Wunjo (prosperity) and Berkanan (growth) into the candle before lighting it and carefully sprinkling the flame with a pinch of the herb mixture.

Set the candle down on top of the tarot card. I used the Ten of Pentacles because it’s the card of physical security. In doing this magic, I want to make sure all my needs are taken care of. The Ten of Pentacles is a card of wealth and permanence so it’s an excellent choice.

Keep the candle burning for a little while, sitting in top of the card. Repeat daily. :) May you want for nothing, may you have all you need, and may you have enough to share <3

meanings of runes!
  • FEHU: Good Luck, wealth, money, property
  • URUZ: happiness, fulfillment, good fortune
  • THURISAZ: Good news, safe travel, inner strength
  • ANSUZ: Achieve goals, transformation, life changes
  • RAIDHO: Clearing mind, journey, seeing through illusions, finding the truth
  • KENAZ: Inspiration, ambition, life-strength, determination
  • GEBO: Weddings, love, promotion, extra power
  • WUNJO: Good life, happiness, comfort, security, property, wealth
  • HAGALAZ: Harmony, unity, good for couples, love spells
  • ISA: Stillness, quiet, peace, inner strength
  • NAUTHIZ: Free from distress, letting go, releasing the past
  • JERA: Rewards, promotions, increase salary, reaping benefits from hard work
  • EIHWAZ: Breaking up, ending a dispute, major change, closure,
  • PERTHRO: Material gain, new beginning, wealth, fortune
  • ALGIZ: Removing blockages, visible growth, making ground, success
  • SOWILO: Guidance, renewal, change, advancement, new locations
  • TIWAZ: Wisdom, victory, success, justice, enlightment
  • BERKANO: Birth, marriage, creativity, new beginnings,
  • EHWAZ: Transformation, new home, progress, new goals, new outlook, trust
  • MANNAZ: Male energy, male influence, new career opportunities.
  • LAGUZ: Life energy, manifestation, movement, progress, spiritual energy
  • INGWAZ: Family, children, spouse, relatives, new energy, family benefits
  • DAGAZ: Awakening, love, attraction, realization, white light
  • OTHALA: New possessions, inner qualities, new attainment
  • When choosing a wand, you may wish to find the magical properties of wood, below is a list of woods and their magical strengths
  • via witcheslore !


Trollwood Art, 2016

While listening to the Runaljod-trilogy by Wardruna, this happened.
The rune “Uruz”, the aurochs, represents the unbendable force of nature, the power of life itself and recreation.
Some say it also refers to the cow “Audhumla” from the Edda, who nurished Ymir with her milk and licked Buri, the first as, from a block of ice.

Rune Diary: Uruz & Berkano

Lately, I’ve been a big ball of stress. It is a steady stream of external issues that I have very little control over, which increases the stress by a thousand. I tend to try to process my anxieties entirely by myself and won’t bring them up in depth to anyone (except maybe my husband) because it isn’t an issue with that person. I get more and more isolated within myself as the stress builds, becoming rather disconnected with everyone around me. It sounds unhealthy, and perhaps there are healthier ways to go about dealing with stress, but it is normally how I process. 

Still, I haven’t seemed to be able to shake this round of anxiety, which is irritating at best, and probably not great for my relationships. So instead of focusing on the runes that have been popping up for me, I am trying to focus on the runes that should help me.

Uruz & Berkano should be great comforts when someone needs to reconnect, strengthen, heal, and feel safe. These runes are runes of healing, both physically and emotionally, and I do feel calmed by writing it. 

However, I’m not sure it is enough to release the tension I’ve been building inside. Does anyone have any other recommendation for rune work to relieve anxiety? Or would anyone else like to share what runes comfort them, and why?

My Interpritation of Uruz

“I represent strength of the heart and body. I am the will that causes change in people’s lives. I am the one you reach for when all things seem hopeless. My power lays within strong hearts and minds. Each heart is different in its own way. I help those who summon me realize that strength, true strength comes from the heart and not how much you think that you are. I am the survivalists urge and desires, prey and hunter and I help to manifest this inside the heart and mind to prove ones self worth by not how strong someone is but to show them they have the power to change their lives and who they are inside as a person. This journey is rough  but can be useful to those who strive to achieve themselves and summon the strength inside to live life proudly and honorably; not for others, but for yourself and to yourself so that life can become not only easier, but so you can stand on your own to help yourself. Each way is different, but the empowerment and realization I give will help to manifest a better life that is full of quality and worth.”

The voice of Uruz was that of a younger man, at least early to mid 20s. Uruz is a rune of strength that can help you over come many obstacles. It is a creative force that breaks down old forms and builds up new ones. It can have implications of courage and endurance and correct application of aggressive energy. It can be a vital part of healing processes and its energy of courage can be used to promote change. It’s a result of a series of transformations that take place in the liminal space where opposites meet; from chaos of creation. It represents hunter and prey as each takes risks for survival. It’s a rune of manifestation; physical resources becoming available, spiritual energy producing results or the need to organize and pattern energy so it will be useable. It can imply the need to take an active role in getting or protecting resources, including nutrition, to take risks to be willing to change. In a reading it can also be the unwillingness to change or a difficulty making change or need to get rid of the past. It can also be used to bring or increase energy. It helps to bring other runes to the physical plane. It is a rune of personal strength and willingness to bring it up in ones self.

Healing Spell Bottle for Breaking Addictions

Whether it be through someone you know, family, or your own personal struggles, drug addiction can effect people from all races, classes, and walks of life. The purpose of this spell bottle is to help ease the feeling of addiction, and help recovering addicts remain strong. 

⚠️This is a spell bottle meant to be used along with professional help. It is not meant to act as a replacement for rehab, counseling, or any other form of professional medical help.⚠️

(Ingredients in this spell can be changed and substituted to fit individual needs as required) 


🌡 An empty pill bottle 

💊 A taglock or poppet for the person you wish to effect with this spell 

🌡 A name sigil, or the full written name, for the person you wish to effect with this spell 

💊 A sigil for “I break my addictions” burned, and the ash kept to place in your bottle

🌡 A sigil for “Health”

💊 Lemon (extract/essential oil/juice/etc) -You can use this and the following in which ever form you have on hand 

🌡 Mint (extract/essential oil/leafs/etc.) 

💊 Vanilla (extract/essential oil/bean/etc.)

🌡 Garlic (cloves/powder/etc.)

💊 Thyme 

🌡 Allspice 

💊 Amethyst 

🌡 Salt 

💊 A white candle 

🌡 The following rune symbols: Fehu/Frey ᚠ Uruz/Power ᚢ Thurisaz/Thor ᚦ

Preform this spell on a new moon or the day they begin recovery. 

Start by lighting your candle. In the empty pill bottle: Place the poppet/taglock and name sigil/written full name (I wrote the name for mine on a small piece of paper and then rolled it up) in the bottle. 

Add your amethyst, the ash from the “I break my addictions” sigil, lemon, mint, vanilla, garlic, salt, allspice, and thyme. On the outside of the bottle, write/paint/draw your sigil for “Health.” 

As long as you place the poppet/taglock and written name/name sigil in the bottle first you can add the other ingredients in which ever order is convenient. 

While you combine the ingredients, focus on the healing energies, the ability to reach a goal, the strength to over come a struggle, and the protection that you wish to send to the affected person. Feel your bottle strengthen with each ingredient added, and keep your intent focused on helping and healing your target. 

Once all your ingredients are combined on the inside, seal your bottle with the wax from the white candle you’ve been burning. After it’s been sealed, place it either outside or by a window to charge. Around the bottle in a triangle, place the rune symbols (or stones if you have them) to help infuse it with their energy. (I also surrounded my bottle with railroad spikes to help contain the energy while it charged. This is an optional step.)

The next morning, give the bottle to the intended person to keep close to where they sleep. (A bedside table for example). 

(Edit): This spell can be used for all types of addictions. Hard drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and anything else. As long as you add intent for what addiction you’re trying to help, then it will help. 

I had a Feeling yesterday that something wrong was coming? I dunno what just a sort of prickle at the back of my brain of ‘something’s gonna happen’. I get those sometimes, and I’m rarely wrong. 

Just found out that my dad fell off a ladder and broke his wrist today. He’s gonna be fine, but it’ll require surgery and a pin :(