Helloooooo there

I uploaded the first part of the pages for the first chapter of My flower, the very first doujinshi I started. It has been couple of years since then so I will upload it all now.

HERE  is the rar file with 15 pages

I will upload the rest of the chapter in a second part in couple of days probably

THIS is raw version line art no shading and editing yet but since it takes me a lot of time to finish pages one by one also I don’t like the old ones I will redo them sometime I decided to post them all like this first

I hope I will post all 5 chapters in couple of months.

it’s 2016 I am ready to start it off real good, last year was even more stressing than the previous one so I will try to go back to what I love the most and that is ART wish me luck because I want to finally find a job connected to it too.