uruha's thighs

Here is my live report I’m shook AF

So Uruha had fucken BOTH HIS THIGHS OUT
Aoi didn’t head bang a lot he was very focused on his instrument and his highlight of the show was sugar pain he KILLED IT and he was lovin it
Aoi kissed Uruha on the cheek
Ruki was feelin the Uru thighs
Anyway they played all old stuff and when they played best friends I had a meltDOWN

the hoodie is so big on Uruha with his thighs out it look like he not wearing pants

things i associate the gazette with

ruki: jesus ruki, glitter, boy is a bottom song, puppies, fake deep, $$

uruha: purple booty shorts, thigh guy, aliens, falling off stages, weird fuckin faces

aoi: american flag underwear, no eyebrows, downhill looks, forever-alone.jpg, his fucking hair hiding my face in his nyc selfie

reita: muscle milk, face masks, a secret nosejob, the nypd, hoverboards

kai: love of my life, smiles, $$$$$, leader’s benefits, his big dick, the fucking flogger in inside beast, hoverboards, french toast

memes. just memes. everyone’s a meme

Ok, I'm so close, but life is hard

Things the gazemen get praised/shamed for:

Praised for - Awesome guitar skills
Shamed for - His lack of eyebrows

Praised for - His thighs and lips
Shamed for - Crocs

Praised for - Beautiful singing voice
Shamed for - ???

Praised for - His muscles
Shamed for - His choice of nosebands

Praised for - “Leader benefits”
Shamed for - ???

If there’s anything you guys can add, please feel free. Otherwise, I’ll just have to think of something.