uruha's short shorts

RADIO the GazettE Program Blog 8/20
  • Q: I have a friend who's kinda like a beauty geek. she gives me lymphatic massages and stuff when we're at the hotel after concerts. also it's kinda like counseling, we talk about what parts are feeling stiff or like in what areas I put on weight and stuff...
  • she does all that for me so I wonder, if I should pay her...?
  • Ruki: maaan, that's awesome!
  • Uruha: that's gotta be nice to have someone like that as your friend, huh!
  • Ruki: I want someone like that for us (GazettE)... aah, massages and all... as we're getting older, we seem to be needing it more and more...
  • Uruha: but what I'm afraid of (about massages) is when you overdo it your body gets all heavy the next day, doesn't it?
  • Ruki: well, if you overdo it... but I'm envious she has someone like that as her friend
  • Uruha: she's blessed, isn't she? it also says "should I pay her?" but I mean, if she's your friend, you don't have to pay her, right?
  • Ruki: and she does it after LIVES and all, right? that's better treatment than we get (haha)
  • Uruha: she's doing alright, isn't she...? (haha)
  • Ruki: I'm jealous ^