uruha drawing


Halloween main set report :
- During LINDA, Aoi threw his pick on Uruha’s side, then stole one of Uruha’s. Uruha walked over and held out his hand like, “Give it back!”
- They’re all wearing the outfits in the Creepy Puppets drawing.
- Uruha’s hair is long and silver and fucking gorgeous.
- During VERMIN, Ruki and Uruha stood next to each other, and Ruki pretended to shoot Uruha in the head with his “finger gun”.
- Uruha’s outfit keeps getting caught on his guitar. His extensions, too. XD
- The way Ruki said Spooky Box was adorable. “SPOOOOOky box!!!”
- For the encore, Kai started like normal, and was drumming, but no one came out. He stopped, THEN they came out.
- There were five cream puffs. Ruki said 4 were cream, and 1 was filled with wasabi. Kai had to choose one to eat.
- He immediately recoiled, which meant it was wasabi. Ruki then admitted that all of them were full of wasabi. XD
- Kai nearly threw up. XD He was spitting it out on the stage and stumbling around. Manager finally brought him a bucket.
- After, they brought out an actual cake. We all sang happy birthday to him and he blew out the candles.
- Ruki mentioned they want to do this again next year~.
- Ruki was singing, Uruha came over, Ruki turned and was surprised/scared to see him so close. He stumbled back & they laughed.
- There was the usual Ruki abs Uruha interaction during Hyena.
- After grabbing picks from on top his amp to throw, Uruha’s outfit got caught on something and staff had to come free him.
- Aoi’s red eyelashes were incredible. You could see them all the way from kamite.
- During TND or Kantou (I can’t remember which), Aoi reached out towards fans as if he was gonna grab their hand.
- He moved his hand closer and closer, slowly, then pulled it back suddenly, wiggling his fingers teasingly and laughing.

Credit : _vague_illusion