ursuline convent

Mater Misericordiæ monstra te esse matrem.

An 18th century copy of the miraculous image of the Mother with the Bowed Head, known in German as Mutter mit dem geneigten Haupt, in the Ursuline convent church in Landshut, Bavaria.

The Latin inscription translates as “Mother of Mercy, show thyself to be a mother”, words which originate from the Salve Regina and Ave Maris Stella.

The casquette girls

The Casquette Girls fille a la cassette (girl with a cassette) or caskets girls is a historical folk legend from New Orleans that is based around real events. The casket girls were girls from France brought to the French colony of Louisiana to marry, they got their name from the small box they were given to bring their belongings that resembled a small casket. The caskets girls were young women of good nature, usually from orphanages or convents, their upbringing was far different from the population that filled New Orleans at the time, most of the population being from Paris prisons and the city was known for being a violent place. The story goes that the casket girls traveling from France, being told they were going to New Orleans to make good marriages to gentlemen, landed in Mississippi or Alabama where they told the locals there their excitement of their upcoming marriages, however they discovered that New Orleans was little more than a penal colony and so they abandoned their ship or in some versions returned to France, either way they left behind only their small casket on the ship. When the ship arrived in New Orleans the crowd there soon realized the girls had fled and they watched as only their small casket like boxes were unloaded from the ship.

This apparently lead to the idea that the girls had brought over vampires from Europe in their caskets, the caskets were then brought to the attic of the Ursuline convent and to keep the vampires contained shutters were put up on the attic and nailed shut with nails blessed with holy water. Most buildings in New Orleans do not have shutters on the attic windows as it gets much too hot in the summer, so it is natural that the convent shutters cause stories to explain why they are there. To this day stories that vampires still live in the attic of the convent still circulate, and over the years many other folk tales about vampires living in the French Quarter have appeared. In reality, the casket girls arrived in New Orleans, it is most likely some tales about the violent nature of the men in New  Orleans were exaggerated, and the girls were taken in by the Ursuline order of nuns to be looked after, educated and appropriately married when the time came. However the romantic legend of the girls escaping still endures as does the the legend that they brought with them vampires that still haunt the city and that it is unwise to walk by the old Ursuline convent at night alone, for you may very well see one of the shutters opened.    

The Writer & The Runaway (Part 1)

(Part Two Here)

Newt x Reader 

Synopsis: The reader is a witch from New Orleans. In a strange turn of events, she has just left an abusive engagement with a no-maj and is leaving to live with her friend Queenie in New York. 

Warning: Brief depiction of domestic violence. 

“Dear Queenie,

I’ve decided I’m going to do it. There’s nothing here for me anymore. I’ve packed my bags and have sent this owl ahead of me. I will be seeing you soon. 

Your Friend,


August in New Orleans felt like walking through a bowl of hot soup. The sun shone brightly on the back of your dress. You were starting to think of it as your “leaving dress”. You had spent your last day at Ilvermorny in it, and you’d spend your last day in your home of New Orleans in it. 

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