ursula's pokemon

Now showing off Adeleine’s costumes for the game!
1- “Aspiring Artist” Default.
2- “Spring Time” Based on her 2P costume from Kirby 64.
3- “Autumn Time” Based on her 3P costume from Kirby 64.
4- “Winter Time” Based on her 4P costume from Kirby 64.
5- “Summer Time” Based on her appearance in Dream Land 3, there known as Ado.
6- “Runaway Girl” Based on Anne from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.
7- “Seventopian Sculptress” Based on Claycia from Rainbow Curse.
8- “Roll O’ Rama” Based on Paint Roller.
9- “Forestal Artist” Based on Ursula from Kiki’s Delivery Service.
10- “Tomboyish Princess” Based on Kumatora from Mother 3.
11- “How’s the tuna?” Based on her appearance in the webcomic Brawl in the Family.
12- “Jet Grinder” Based on Gum from Jet Set Radio.
13- “Delivery Service” Based on Keke from Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64.
14- “Leafy Trainer” Based on Leaf from Pokémon Fire Red & Leaf Green.
15- “Magical Paintbrush” Based on Elline.
16- “Moonlight Legend” Based on Sailor Moon.
17- “Amnesiac Schoolgirl” Based on Filia from Skullgirls.
18- “Till I Die” Based on Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill.