ursula's pokemon

Pokemon High school

The cheerleader

The person everybody likes

That one kid that needs to grow

The nerd know it all that won’t shut up

The overly attractive teacher

that pedophile teacher( and everyone already knows too)

that one couple that needs to get a room( can we say gross)

That one pretty girl that gets hit on all the time but they act like they hate it

The popular smooth talkin’ Jock that gets all the bitches and the most popular guy in school

The girl crazy guy that can never get one

The girl who falls in and out of love easily and has a new boyfriend every  week

The Asshole who has friends

The bitch

the gay best friend

The overly excited freshman

The weirdo that sits in the back of the classroom

  the funny guy that everyone has had a crush on them at some point

The guy that’s forever stuck on one girl

The horrible school nurse that doesn’t help


That one kid with the overly attractive parent



and that guy who knows everybody


Attended Comicpalooza in Houston today as Seymour Krelborn! It was so fun! I loved seeing people’s faces light up when they figured out who I was!

I also got to meet the amazingly talented @judylavernehopps (Guzma) and she was such a sweetheart!

Can’t wait for next year!

Having a lot of free time on my commute to boot camp has made me crazy enough to write an Ikarishipping fanfic. That ain’t a complaint by the way. 


Rating: T

Pairing: Paul/Dawn

Summary: Gym Battles? Easy. Winning the Pokémon League? Child’s play. Becoming Dawn’s stupid boyfriend? Paul’s greatest challenge.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon, TPCi, or any of its properties. Bless you, Satoshi Tajiri.

~ Empathetic ~

Contrary to what people may think, Paul is not some stone-faced, unfeeling bastard. He has emotions just like everyone else. Serious. Bitter. Exasperated. That last one’s been happening a lot lately, and the cause of it comes from everywhere. His chimchar failing to meet expectations, the trainers in the corner that won’t shut up about Brandon of the Battle Pyramid, that blue-haired friend of Ash whose name alludes him that tries to get him to show a smidgen of compassion.

Paul is exasperated.

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Day 4: Favorite Rival

I didn’t plan on liking Ursula, but I just couldn’t help it. She was always so interesting to me. On one hand you have Ash, bothered by Paul because of Paul’s methods in raising/training Pokemon, but despite the methods, he’d always one up Ash in battle. When they finally have their showdown in the Sinnoh League where it counts and Ash wins, you kind of have a resolution between them.

 But Ursula’s just straight up antagonistic from the get-go. 

She was good for getting in Dawn’s head, and getting her riled up so much and yet she’d still lose. In the Chocovine, Daybreak contests and in the Grand Festival. 

And even after losing, she’d never give up props for Dawn’s quick thinking that earned those victories. I found Ursula realistic of our world. No matter how much of a gracious winner you are, not everyone is going to be a good sport about it. Some people are just going to be mean and that’s all there is to it.

I also can’t with her facial expressions. She’s so dramatic lol. 

And if you ever need a lesson in the Art of Petty, look no further. 


*Espeon is already evolved as it was his eevee from his childhood that his mother gave him before passing away.
*Riolu is a pokemon that evolves base on friendship. His long time maid, Edna, gave it to him as a gift for his journey in hopes of him learning the impact of friendship.
*Gible found this little guy will being stuck escorting a lost young trainer with the help of Akko.
*Shinx, he swears Shinx loves Akko more then him. However no doubt shinx never betrays him and is always there to help Andrew even if they are putting up with a bigger threat.
* Pontya was captured when he decided to head to the cave (where Gibs was captures) Pontya proved to be a hard capture wasting 4 pokeballs. Pontya was initially hard to tame, but with time Andrew was able to not tame it, but become friends with Pontya.
*Ralts was a shy little guy who followed Andrew because it got lost from its group. Andrew was able to help it and parting was said as they got close, but Ralts ultimately decided to leave its family and join Andrew and his other Pokemon on the journey to become champions.

-When the ID lady takes a picture and you are not ready
*Buneary was obtain when she arrived to Professor Criox’s lab she was all out of starters, yet she had one pokemon left which was a buneary. Buneary energetic attitude goes along with her owner’s attitude.
*Starly was Akko’s first official capture so she is very proud. Starly is what you call a “cool bird” and always looks out ahead for the team.
*Piplup was found abonded outside Jubilife city by its owner who found him “weak” and blamed him for the lose of a fight. Akko gave that trainer a good talking and decided to keep Piplup. Piplup is extremely thankful to Akko, so if you mess with Akko expect to go home crying.
*Cleffa was hatched from an egg given to her by the daycare couple on her first visit. Cleffa thinks Akko as her mommy and Andrew as her dad as they were the first things she saw after hatching.
*Pichu was caught willingly because it saw how much fun Akko was and she wanted to be part of that. Akko was taken aback by how easy it was to catch Pichu. Pichu occasionally accidently shocks Akko when its too happy.
*Eevee was given to Akko by the mysterious Miss Ursula who always pops out to give advice and help Akko againist team Galactic. Cherishes her eevee very much and hopes her eevee to decided on its own what it wants to evolve too from all its options.

°Miss Ursula is the Pokemon Champion that Akko admires as Champion Shiny Chariot.
°Diana and Akko are rivals as they come from little old Twinleaf town. Except Diana wants more to master Pokemon contest, while Akko wants to be Pokemon Champion
°Frank and Andrew travel with Lotte and Sucy as Frank insisted so much
°Pokemon shown here are at their first evolution (except Espeon) assuming they are still early on their journey. ° This is it for now, but I’ll add more info later :)

So... after hearing all these headcanons about Ursula's family...

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