“The pig is in the pen…” Claire hissed down the phone.
“Excuse me? Who the devil is this?” Cornelia snapped.
“This is Fire Bear. Over.” Claire barked.
“Oh bloody hell! Claire, for the last time, I told you that there is no need for us to speak in code! Why the hell do I even hire you?”
“Because I said yes.”
“Well…there is that.” Cornelia admitted defeat. It had been hard to find someone as willing to get their as dirty as Claire was.
“Your sister has been inside the Wolff mansion for over an hour.”
“What? What on Earth would she be doing there? Is she alone?”
“No, my ex’s weedy little brother is with her.”
“What? Who?”
“Connor. Works at the library. Will die a virgin and be buried with his copy of Special Snowflake.”
“They were let in by Wolff’s wife. Skinny bitch…looks a bit spaced.”
“Thank you Claire, that’s quite enough. You may collect your payment tonight.”


Phoenix Nest

(Formerly known as Phoenix Wolf Suits)

With the ever adorable Telephone as their ambassador, this maker is currently one of the most popular there is! A unique, high quality, super toony style that can be anything from badass grump to crazy cute fluffmuffin. Be prepared to fight off some hefty competition if you wanna snag a suit from them, their last pre-made auction went for nearly $12000!



Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


  Claire clutched her chest as she caught her breath. She was used to tailing the old Goth woman’s crazy spinster sister, but this was the first time that she had went anywhere out of the ordinary. Her feet were burning and the sharp sea air was truly nauseating. She hoped that the old crone would pay her handsomely for the unexpected exercise that she had suffered as a result of this turn of events. The spinster seemed to be taking her time, so she decided to call her employer to let her know about the new development.