The redness of the clouds grew stronger. There below, in the centre of a vast plain, lay the Crater of Death, stretching more then a mile wide from rim to rim. From the centre rose an immense iron tower. Out of an opening at its top raged a tornado of red flame. The glow lit the entire terrain revealing a lifeless landscape. Violent electrical storms raged in the black clouds that emanated from the monstrous tower. 

from Urshurak, by Tim & Greg Hildebrandt.

The archer moved cautiously toward the partially opened door from which a gentle green glow escaped, and a half-whispered murmuring could be heard. Inside, the room was drenched with light from the chalice. The old man stood up with his back to the doorway, staring up at the vessel he now held aloft. He spoke an incantation, “May this evil be subdued by the power of love which flows now from the cup of peace.”

from Urshurak by Tim & Greg Hildebrandt. 

So I was at the used book store the other day and found this random book called Urshurak (by the brothers Hildebrant, who are pretty famous fantasy illustrators I found out later, and somebody named Jerry Nichols) and it had all kinds of cool illustrations in it so I picked it up. And then I started reading it two days ago and I found this glorious gem which makes every cent of my purchase worth it. I call him the Beardicorn.