So I was at the used book store the other day and found this random book called Urshurak (by the brothers Hildebrant, who are pretty famous fantasy illustrators I found out later, and somebody named Jerry Nichols) and it had all kinds of cool illustrations in it so I picked it up. And then I started reading it two days ago and I found this glorious gem which makes every cent of my purchase worth it. I call him the Beardicorn.

The redness of the clouds grew stronger. There below, in the centre of a vast plain, lay the Crater of Death, stretching more then a mile wide from rim to rim. From the centre rose an immense iron tower. Out of an opening at its top raged a tornado of red flame. The glow lit the entire terrain revealing a lifeless landscape. Violent electrical storms raged in the black clouds that emanated from the monstrous tower. 

from Urshurak, by Tim & Greg Hildebrandt.