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Ursai #36 (Ursa & Ozai) Thanks! :DDD

Living in a society where there love is forbidden AU

“Sozin my granddaughter will never marry your grandson!”  Avatar Roku shouted as he stormed out of the throne room.

“They will!”  Fire Lord Sozin shouted in return.

“Not if you can’t find her.”

Ozai gripped Ursa’s hand as they hid behind the curtains on the throne room.  "I’ll find you,“ he promised.

"I’ll leave clues,” she replied.

“We can runaway together.”

Ursa smiled sadly.  "You would be miserable being anything but a prince.“

"For you,” he brushed a lock of her hair out of her face, “I’d do anything.

((AAAAaaaannnnddddd this is final design for Ursai and Tank. I had a WIP up last week, but this is it for them~! Ursai is the Ice Queen and Tank the Harem Master of their happy, hideous Harem. YOU’LL SEE THEM AGAIN ON THEIR BUST PAGE.))

Quick Writing Exercise - The Ozai & Hakoda In a (Possibly Magic) Boarding School Buddy Fic You Never Knew You Wanted.

Title: Have you met my friend, Ozai?


Summary: AU - Seventeen year old Ozai has one last chance (according to him) to ask Ursa to the Solstice ball and asks a generally uninterested Hakoda to be his wingman.  


I swear, I just keep writing weirder and weirder crap.  I’m so sorry…T_T


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[Child] The little girl, dozing off and eyelids heavy, tried as she might to pay attention to her mother's story from her time in Beacon – specifically about how she singlehandedly utterly /decimated/ an Ursai during her exam in the Emerald Forest. A tired smile, pride welling within her from her mother's feat, formed on her lips as she slumped against the older blonde, all but relinquishing herself to fatigue, but not before murmuring: "Someday, I'll be super strong like mama..." Cue snoring!

“You sure will, sweetheart. You sure will.”
Yang said softly as she placed a gentle
kiss to her daughters forehead. Yang
carefully carried her exhausted baby
to her room and laid her down in her bed
as softly as she could. Her daughter loved
listening to her stories and she was more than
happy to tell them to her. Yang had so many
tales that she loved telling her daughter but
her favorite tale of all was the one where her
daughter became a part of her life and Yang
had never felt so happier. “Sleep tight, princess.”

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Opinion on;

Character in general: Ren is so cute I love him??? He’s so quiet and oblivious to everything and awkward but he loves his team and he will just take whatever life throws at him. A giant two-headed snake? Fml okay let’s do this. A best friend who rides Ursai? God damn it Nora but sure why not. He is so chill. My smol chill son.
How they play them: g OD WHAT A REN. WHAT AN AMAZING REN. I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE THERE WAS A TIME WHERE YOU WERE NOT LIKE MY OFFICIAL REN BECAUSE YOU JUST??? ARE THE BEST THERE IS??? Your Ren is so chill but he still has this vivid personality, where he’s quiet but he’s still snarky and picked up puns from Yang and is generally a little shit, and I love him for it. Blake loves him for it. Nora loves him for it.
The Mun: MY OTHER TINY SON. THE BABY OF THE FAMILY. You were the first child I ever adopted and I loVE YOU, SON. You are one of the most fun people I talk to like every single day and I think sometimes when we talk bc it’s hard to be able to convey tone over text I seem harsh or critical but u should knOW i loVE U and am proud of u always bc ur my tiny son who is much taller than me and you have turned out so fun and a+++ and our plotstuff is my favorite plotstuff

Do I:

RP with them: y EE

What is my;

Overall Opinion: 1000/10 WOULD RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty