ursa ii

The sketch for this image was so well received that I had to do a colour version (the composition has been slightly altered). Book 4 is coming a bit too soon for my liking but I am really looking forward to discovering the actual design and name of the Fire Lord. This ship-that-never-sailed is not the only offshoot of LoK that I support; I love all of the characters and their networks of meaningful relationships. I just enjoy bittersweet moments like this.

Zuko’s daughter has finally arrived at the position for which she had been prepared throughout her life. This is what she wanted but she sometimes might wonder how her life would have been, had she joined a childhood friend down a different path. I am sure that she was not pressurised into taking the throne, it would have been her choice but every choice comes with some sacrifices. Next time I must draw her attending Bumi’s Airbending Tattoo Ceremony with the poses reversed but I can’t really imagine Bumi without his shaggy hair.


The Art of Supervillainy: Sarah Douglas

Some actors seem naturally born to play the role of a Supervillain, as is the case of English actress, Sarah Douglas. The diabolical glee that embodies the many villainous characters Ms Douglas has portrayed during her celebrated career, are excellent examples for any proto-Supervillain of how to carry oneself with a sense of supreme superiority and utter contempt for those who stand in thy way.

Career highlights include the iconic Ursa of Superman II, Queen Taramis of Conan The Destroyer and Pamela of V: The Final Battle.


rumors have been going around that the season 3 villain will be a female Kryptonian.

With Zod in the finale. my bet is that it’s either: 

Ursa (seen in Superman II with Zod and Non)

She’s an accomplice to Zod. She was also in the Phantom Zone with Zod and Non (in the comics/ movies). This is likely due to both Non (in season 1) and Zod (2x22) making appearances and the importance of the Phantom Zone in the show, for Kara, Astra, Non and now possibly Mon-El since the leaked video. 


Faora-ul (seen in Man of Steel)

A soldier for Zod. His ally and sometimes wife, in some comics.

Izumi’s daughter.

This is my idea of what she would look like. Bryke said she looked just like her mother, so I tried to make it look as much like her as possible, i tried to put in some features from her ‘’father’’ (or are Izumis children actually clones? as the family tree states they have been asexually reproduced) The dress is inspired by 30′s Shanghai fashion, just a plain and simple cheongsam, with the royal fam collar thingy, i imagine this at some sort of event, so its like formal wear. She has like mid hair when its down, i tried to do finger waves but it didn’t really work but i think it looks good how it ended up, i really want to draw her with her hair down or straight next, i think she’d pin curl it. I usually just call her Ursa II, and i do like the idea that she’d end up with Mako, i think he would learn from his mistakes and i can just imagine her family members threatening him with Armies or Druk if he ever hurts her and i can just see his face, it would be hilarious. I can also see her getting into heated discussions with Wu because she actually works hard and knows all the running a country stuff, then praising him for giving up the throne because he would have made a terrible king. I also have this headcanon that she’d know a lot about these important people and knowing their secrets and they’d be like how do you know all this and shed be like its my job to. I just think she’d be a sarcastic, chain smoking, bad ass who keeps Mako in line. Aw, but i think they could be really cute together, imagine all the awesome fire bending spars, the different bending styles and lightning bending i just think it would be really cool. I don’t know, i think way too much about this shit.


I got excited about Zuko mentioning his daughter and I still haven’t watched the episode in full, yet… LOL!

I only hope that Madam Fire Lady doesn’t share the same fate as the Earth Queen (even though she was powerless) and she better be ready to kick some ass like her beautiful/crazy auntie once did! :D