Notable examples of suspended art installations, 10 images.


Ken Unsworth, Suspended stone circle II, 1974-1977, 103 river stones, wire, 400 cm diameter
Dominique Blain, Missa, 1992, 100 pairs of army boots, metal grid, nylon string, 276 x 276 in
Isa Barbier, Dome, 2008
Seon-ghi Bahk, An Aggregation 20131101, 2013, acrylic beads and nylon thread, 150x35x230 cm
Damián Ortega, Controller of the Universe, 2007, found tools and wire
Eva Hesse, Right After, 1969
Cornelia Parker, Mass (Colder, Darker Matter), 1997, charred remains of a church destroyed by lightning strike
Jacob Hashimoto, Armada, 2011
Urs Fischer, Horses Dream of Horses, 2004, plaster, resin paint, steel, nylon filament - 1500 raindrops, dimensions variable
Chris Burden, All the Submarines of the United States of America, 1987, 625 miniature cardboard submarines


Standing Julian is a portrait of Urs Fischer’s friend and fellow artist Julian Schnabel. The massive sculpture is also a wax candle: lit every morning and extinguished each night, Standing Julian will slowly melt over the course of Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney’s Collection. Although this candle will eventually burn down and be discarded, the sculpture can also be recast and lit anew. As Fischer explains, his waxworks allow “materials and images to take on their own life.”

See how the 1,000 pound work was installed on Facebook

Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney’s Collection opens Wednesday, April 27.