Hello there binch baguettes! After one anonymous question (such popular demand) I have put out my skin care essentials for no one to give a shit about!

Before I begin, I have a few disclaimers. Numero uno: I am not a board-certified dermatologist (although you should pray for me because im trying to get into the system) so this should not replace anything that your doctors’ have recommended for you. 

Numero dos: I used to have acne just like everyone else in this damn world! Yea it fricken sucks but you know what it goes away especially if you’re patient. I actually never went to a derm and I waited till my hormones balanced out..boom it started un-flaring lmao. 

Numero tres: whenever you want to buy skincare i highly suggest to do a patch test of it before you put it on your face. I do this buy putting a small amount on my wrist and if i see a reaction within like 24 hours (obviously like leave it on for a few min and wash it off) i throw that shit out! **this is how i found out i can’t have any products with honey in them!

Numero quatro: I love to change up my skincare products everyday, I don’t use the same thing everyday and I highly suggest you do the same thing! 


Morning: I do not wash my face in the morning! My mom always told me not to wash it in the morning because it actually dries out your face more?? So i don’t lmao. i tone my face with some witch hazel that i buy on amazon (its like william thatcher or something). Then I put on either Niacin B3 serum (also on amazon), rosehip oil (amazon), or the ordinary’s buffet serum (deceim). After that I use glossier’s priming moisturizer.. its actually not bad and it prevents any dryness that comes with using serums… Then i do my makeup and spray some rosewater to make it look like i sweated a lot 

Nights: Ok i like to do a peel every 2 weeks and by that i mean an actual acid peel! I do this to keep the pH of my skin balanced out! Your skin actually prefers acidity over basicity (umm how do you think it kills all those microbes) so shit with benzoyl peroxide is literally like putting ammonia on your skin lmao. I love Makeup Artists Choice to get my peels because they are trustworthy and they actually make their own stuff in labs!! NEVER BUY PEELS WITHOUT READING REVIEWS!! Their stuff is super affordable and I actually buy the sample sizes and they last me months! My favorite peel is the Radiance peel and it literally clears me up within a day. I love their Argan oil because it’s 100% virgin with no additives and its the best for people with oily skin! i use it after peels because you need something moisturizing without any acids in it! If im not doing peels (theres also lactic acid and mandelic acid) I use their gly-uronic serum which is actually great for any breakouts or even smoothing out wrinkles and of course I wait a few minutes and slab on that moisturizer!! 

Thats pretty much it.. i tried to keep it short 

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romione + 70 pls

A/N: duuuuuuuuuuuude this is,,, v,,,, v romione thank u

Ron/Hermione - “After everything we’ve been through, you still don’t think that I love you?”

The sun is bright and comforting where it soaks her skin, the grass soft and freshly mowed beneath her. The war has been over for a few weeks now, though it’s only just starting to feel that way to Hermione.

Beside her, Ron sneezes as a bumblebee flies by them. Hermione laughs, her chest rising and falling alongside Ron’s, the both of them laid side by side in the rare British heat. Ron is smiling at her- one of his proper smiles, the kind that have become less and less common over the past year or so; it’s a relief to see it on his face again and Hermione can’t contain the swell of affection that rises in her chest when that smile is directed at her.

“I love you.” she tells Ron, whispering the words in the breath between them.

Ron’s fingers abruptly playing with her hair and his posture goes rigid. “You do?” he asks, very, very quietly.

Hermione frowns and turns around slightly to better face him. “Of course I do. Honestly Ron, after everything we’ve been through, you still don’t think that I love you?”

“I… didn’t expect you to say it so soon.” he admits, resuming the motion of curling Hermione’s hair around his finger. 

Hermione huffs, but she’s impatient at the worst of times and she really, really doesn’t feel like waiting any longer. “Well?”

“Well what?”

“Are you going to say it back?” her voice is icy and her words are cutting, but Hermione doesn’t care. Her mood has changed suddenly; like the sun, her happiness has been covered by a cloud. She adjusts her position in order to meet Ron’s eyes and stares at his face, growing redder with every passing second. “Well?” she demands again.

“I… do you want me to?”

Well. That hadn’t been the answer she was expecting. “If you do, then yes. Of course I do.” 

“Oh.” Ron says quietly. Hermione leans back into his embrace, turning so that her back is against his chest, and tries to ignore the sting of tears in her eyes. It’s a few moments before Ron speaks again. “Well then, I love you, Hermione.”

Hermione turns her head sharply. “You do?”

Ron rolls his eyes. “Really? After the lecture you just gave me about not believing you?” he tuts at her, shaking his head in an ostentatious manner. Hermione would find it irritating if it wasn’t so damn endearing. “Of course I do.” Ron says, softer this time, planting a kiss on the top of her head. 

Hermione beams, turning where she’s sat to capture his lips with her own. Above them, the sun comes out from behind the clouds and Hermione smiles into their kiss.

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Okay so "Z/arkons" plan (more like H/aggars) is to send K/uron aka fake Sh/iro to get K/eith to lead V/oltron while flying the Black lion aka lion that he has no real connection to so they can take it away so Z/arkon can fly it??? Cuz he can't get it if Sh/iro is in Black CUZ REAL AND STRONG CONNECTION and shit...I guess??

h ahaaaaa jokes on them because lance is gonna secure that bond with the black lion and he’s gonna pilot it like the real leader he is they’ll be inseparable and the galra never expected that so #getrecktgalraempire

Ora dy e mengjesit. Ai eshte 21 dhe po bertet tekstin e kenges ne radio. Nuk e di ku po shkon; ose kush eshte. I vjen ne mendje ajo; momentet kur ishin vetem 16 dhe shume te dashuruar. Mund ta kishte dashur, nese ai do e kishte kuptuar me shpejt. Tani vetem uron qe ajo te shfaqet dhe me nje gote vere te kujtojne kohet e shkuara. Te kujtoje ate. Tani e kuptoi. Ai e di ku po shkon. Ai e di kush eshte. Thjesht e ka harruar per pak kohe.
—  nga nje liber qe s'do e shkruaj kurre
Gledam te i vidim sve načine na koje duša može ostati ranjena, i voljela bih da mogu uroniti svoje ruke u tvoje meso i zapaliti fenjere duž tvoje kralježnice tako da znaš da ne postoji ništa doli svjetlosti kad te vidim.
—  Shinji Moon

ANYWAY. can i just say im forever at the mercy of the dynamic between SK. like god. i just love this dynamic so much whatever capacity i …. it’s so good.  and that’s why i find S3+ the clip so interesting for them and also im on the edge of my seat here to see what’s coming next bc i have suspicions and from what’s been said im gonna explode. 

bc……. this offset Thing in their dynamic is lurking, this kinda tipping edge point bC……. K.URON (idk we will find out about this????), leadership stuff ect. and all sorts of interesting, concerning, painful and did i say interesting things are coming out of it 

you know, it fucks me up every time I read books like the SWT or Blood of the Highborne or – pretty much any of them with insight into Lor’.themar’s mind. He didn’t want to be Regent Lord and he dislikes it so badly that he finds his office space to be a source of sadness. He tells Halduron that the forests call to his heart, but he cannot go to them. He states in his journal that he is only now learning what, in his own words, K.ael’thas and what Anas.terian must’ve felt before. Hald.uron asks whether Lor'th.emar misses life as a farstrider. He says that he misses it more and more each day. That sometimes it feels as if the room was getting smaller around him.

All we can do is walk the road we are given with such dignity as we can muster, each to our own glory or demise, and pray that there yet remains something of our own hearts when all is said and done. By the Sunwell, I hope that there will remain something of mine.

blizzard you fix this, you fix this right now.

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  • owns really nice accessories; soft scarves, cute hats and lets u wear all of em
  • if u two can sleep in u guys do not leave the bed u both are just sleep is life and hes so smart he like puts snacks on the bedside table and bottles of water and ur laptops + chargers there like no one is getting up today
  • when u vent about something he always has such funny + good responses like venting to him is so??? good because hes supportive of u and u know support is always nice 


  • falls asleep on u when uron the phone 
  • when hes mad he locks himself in the recording studio and its hard to get him out 
  • probably never has any change on him?? like yoongi i need 100 won and hes like ………. i only got bills