Welcome to the volcano, and the clickity-clacking of Uroktor beaks.  Clakkity clack clack! Another brief recording for @canes-cm

I always thought the MH3 volcano was awesome. Was just beautiful. Fighting rathalos in it was pretty dramatic too, what with the embers flying through the air and the explosive lava eruptions in the background…

It’s been tradition for me to name my vehicles in Subnautica after Monster Hunter creatures, specifically the leviathans since we’re in the ocean.

From my latest game:


Ludroth I   -  Destroyed in the Dunes while resource diving. The crush depth damage was what delt the killing blow on it.

Ludroth II  -  Active;  Equipped for exploring deep sea caves. Had a close call in the Deep Grand Reef recently though.

Ludroth III -  Active;  Equipped for shallow water traveling and resource collection.


Lagiacrus  -  Active; never needed to build a second one and it’s never been critically damaged “yet”.


Uroktor  -  Destroyed when I got careless trying to drill a large node at the map’s edge and fell into the out-of-boundaries void.
Uroktor II  -  Being built currently.