“Hm I should feel quite insulted for someone to even THINK I am a human. But I suppose I shouldn’t be so I guess I’ll answer the question. I do not remember much when I was small hatchling though I DO remember how large and protective our mother used to be with me and my brothers and sisters, not to mention all the free delicious Rhenoplos meat she used to bring us!!”


“It’s a pleasure to have you visiting my volcano Mr. Skim, it is rare to see Shogun Ceanataurs these days. Now on to your question! My species has been exposed to these environments for so long that I don’t think of the lava as weird, it’s quite refreshing actually! And good for the scales~” She chuckles. “Though I suppose when it hardens it’s quite a challenge for the younglings who are still inexperienced, we do try to teach them to burrow underground and the lava just a few days after they hatch…for their safety.”


This makes me want one. Except for that digging. :I

I'm going to upload a couple of the requests that I got a little while ago when I get home.

And, to show you guys what else I’ve been up to, I’m going to upload some ideas for an Uroktor cosplay that I’ve been mulling over, as well as an idea for a Rathian cosplay!

Also, just a heads-up: The requests are really sketchy/messy because they’re in my sketchpad and I don’t feel like cleaning them up. Yep.