I Want YOU! To Support UroborusShipping!

So I was skulking on tumblr for posts on UroborusShipping (Red & Hilda, the player characters of the Gen 1 and Gen 5 Pokemon games respectively) and came across a confession from some Pokemon Shipping confessions thing. I’m not a real fan of confession blogs (because they always seem to show the darker side of a fandom) but the person who posted this particular confession said  how sad it was that there was hardly any fan art of that particular shipping and how so few people ship them. Now…I’m not artist in the drawing sense, but I did write some UroborusShipping fan fiction. Maybe this will bring up the love for this never-gonna-happen-but-still-fudging-cute pairing?
 Here are some links!:

Over Time: You never forgot your first, no matter how much time passes or how much happens to them. (Pre-R/B/Y games).

Valentine’s Day: On Valentine’s Day in Kanto, girls give boys they like handmade chocolate. But what happens when one girl’s guy is allergic to chocolate and he has to endure watching her give special chocolate to other guys? (Post-BW games)

(Not written by me, but a good UroborusShipping fic that’s more than a chapter long) Passion: How do you rekindle a fire that has gone out? Having achieved his dream once, he looks for an answer in Unova.

Hope this helps!