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Two Worlds Apart (ZenxMC) -- Chapter 3

WARNING: Please read Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 first!!

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Recommended song for this chapter: “ My Love Is Crying ” by K.Will 


Two Worlds Apart – Chapter 3

This is a joke, right? That bastard is messing with me. Zen stared down at his phone, the columbarium’s name flashing bright on the screen. There’s no way my MC would be here … right? The more he thought about it though, the more he realized that even though Jumin may have an awful sense of humor, he would never joke about something like this. If this is the truth … then I need to see for myself.

He pulled his motorcycle out of the storage. Damn. It’s been four years since I’ve seen this. On any normal day, he would have been glad, being able to enjoy the thrill of riding again. But, today was not a normal day. He started up the motorcycle and sped towards the cemetery, not knowing what to believe or what to expect, his heart thumping aggressively in his chest the whole way there.

When he arrived, he asked the clerk in the lobby where he could find you. The clerk kindly directed him to the 3rd floor, 4th room to the right of the elevator. Approaching the room, Zen tried to remain calm, but to no avail.  No, no, no. This cannot be happening. This cannot be fucking happening.

It was happening. Zen stared at the case, eyes wide. He had to look at the plaque at the top left of the case, just to make sure. Your name was on it. He choked back a sob. There, right in front of him, was you – well, what was left of you. Seeing the ash urn, he felt tears run down his cheeks. Jagiya … what happened to you…? You should have waited for me… Inside the case, he saw many pictures of you with the RFA. There was even one of him and you, holding each other’s waists, smiling at the camera. How did I spend 4 years without being able to see you? How could I have been so stupid to leave you? Fuck… I should have stayed. Would you still be here if I had? The regrets and the what-ifs filled his mind.

He didn’t know how long he stood there, hand on the glass, just staring at the urn and the pictures of you. Then, something caught his eye. Inside the case, there was another urn to the right of yours, though it was considerably smaller. Confused, he looked around the glass of the case, searching for a name. It was opposite from your plaque, at the top right corner.

Ryu Yongseo.

At that moment, Zen felt like everything stopped. His tears, his thoughts, his heart. They all stopped. What? Who… Who is this…? Who is Ryu Yongseo?Don’t tell me… it can’t be… MC wasn’t… His eyes scanned the case again, searching for something, anything, that could answer his questions. Then, he saw it. Among all the pictures, there was a smaller picture. You wouldn’t know it was there unless you were looking for it.

Zen couldn’t grasp what he was looking at. Shocked wouldn’t even begin to describe what he was feeling. A baby boy, no more than a few weeks old, with tufts of white hair and round, red eyes.

“No…” he whispered. “No…”  He ran. Away from you. Away from whoever this Ryu Yongseo was. Denial. That’s all he could do. Deny it. Deny everything he’d just seen. Deny it all. God… the heavens can’t be this cruel, can they?

Entering his apartment, he slammed the front door and leaned his back against it. His breathing was frantic. His heart was racing. He slid his body down the door and put his head in his knees. Then he let the tears out. He cried. He cried for you – for leaving you, for making you feel insignificant, for leaving you with a kid he never knew existed, for making you go through it all alone. He cried for Yongseo – for not knowing he existed, for not being there when he was borne into this frightening world. But most importantly, he cried for himself – for singlehandedly losing both the love of his life and his son, all because of one selfish fucking decision he had made.

When he finally ran out of tears, he glanced at the clock. 8pm. Not able to find the strength to move, he stayed seated against the door. And stared. Just stared. His mind had shut down. The only thing he could think of was how shitty a person he was. At some point, his eyes drifted closed, and he fell asleep, slumping over.

When he woke up, it was 2am. But he couldn’t bring himself to go to bed. Because that bed would only remind him of you. Sighing, he looked around. Everything here reminds me of you, MC… What do I do now? Deciding that he couldn’t stand being in that apartment any longer, he got on his motorcycle and drove to the only person he knew could give him the answers he needed.

He rang the doorbell multiple times. There were no security guards. And all the lights were off. Of course, you dipshit. It’s 3 in the fucking morning. No one in their right mind would open the door for you right now. Just as he was about to turn to leave, the door opened. Jumin, clad in purple-striped silk pajamas and rubbing his eyes, stood at the door.

“Zen?” Jumin grumbled, sending him a blatant glare.

“I need answers.”

“Are you not aware of what time it is right now? Go home.”

“I can’t. Everything there reminds me of her.”

Jumin sighed, not saying anything.

“Let me stay here for tonight. Please,” Zen said, the tiredness showing in his eyes. Jumin visibly tensed.

“I don’t have any spare rooms.” Zen’s eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“I’ll take the couch.”

“No, Zen. I cannot allow you to stay here,” Jumin countered, crossing his arms across his chest. What are you hiding, you bastard?

“Look, it’s just for one night. And then in the morning, you can tell me what I need to know, and then I’ll be go—.”

“Appa?” a small voice came from somewhere inside the house, interrupting Zen.

“Is that your daughter calling for you, Jumin?” he asked. Jumin hesitantly nodded, slowly swallowing. Zen couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. Yongseo…

“I should go see to her. She often wakes up in the middle of the night from nightmares.” Jumin heard footsteps approaching them. He froze, shoulders instantly stiff.

“Appa?” the voice called out again, from behind Jumin. Jumin suddenly moved to stand straighter, attempting to block Zen’s view.

But, it was too late. Zen had already seen. The man was stunned, eyes frozen at what he was seeing.

There, peeking out from behind Jumin’s legs was a toddler with shoulder-length, brown hair, dressed in a pink nightgown and holding an Elizabeth 3rd plushie.

But, that wasn’t why Zen was staring at her. Despite the house and front yard being dark, the moon was full and bright.

And when the moonlight shone on the girl, Zen got a good look at her face.

Red eyes.


Yongseo: “forgiveness”
Appa: “daddy”, “dad”

Quick Speedrun terminology Crash Course
  • teh urn: the run
  • runner: the person running the game
  • rng: random number generator, aka "randomness"
  • any%: beat the game as fast as you can
  • low%: beat the game with the lowest percentage of game completed
  • strats: strategies for the speedrun. Often combined with words to make jokes, i.e. "pizza strats" if the runner is eating pizza while playing
  • wr: world record
  • pb: personal best (can also be wr)
  • route: the specific route being used
  • backup strats: a strategy to use if a trick isn't working/doesn't work
  • tas: tool assisted speedrun. These runs are NOT live.
  • other info
  • "why is this game in japanese?": japanese text tends to be faster to scroll through as less characters are needed to convey meaning. This is extremely prevalent in nintendo games
  • "why did they take damage/get hit if they're supposedly so good?": some glitches/tricks require a certain amount of damage, or you may need to die later on
  • "this is cheating": nope. go fuck yourself
  • "THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE THEY ARE CHEATING OR USING A GAMESHARK": nope, some games really are this broken. Runners only push the limit of the pre-existing programming/code.
Wizard World Chicago 2016 through my eyes

So, I keep reading everyone’s posts about this past weekend, and I yet have to tell it on from my POV.

First of all, let me tell you that this all came to be with 2 of the people I’ve met the longest time online, both great friends, one actually my best friend, and yes, we did all meet because of the X Files almost 15 years ago. We also had a meet up 8 years ago when I Want To Believe came out in LA. the funny thing is neither of us lives in the US, we’re mexicans and candian. 

We decided to go to Chicago without much thinking and just when it was annouced that David was going to be there we ended up having event tickets, plane tickets and hotel reservation in less than 5 hours. Best decition we ever made! We arrived on Thursday and met at the hotel, only con related thing we did then was pick up the Gold X Files VIP tickets to get that out of the way, and touristing we went for the next day and a half.


we arrived early and when we found Gillian’s autograph line, it was so long that we decided to go line up for David’s and get that one out of the way, we guessed that was gonna be the longest line and we were right. while we waited, Mitch arrived to his table so I ran to get his autograph because… well is Mitch and I had a goal, to get all 4 signatures on my UFO I want to believe poster signed. When I got to Mitch he shook my hand and asked “How is it going?” I said “I’m freaking out!” he was so sweet and said, “Don’t freak out, everything is ok, breaaaaaath” to which I replied “I’m trying, but is not going very well” he then asked he asked, and I guess to distract me “where are you from?” I told him “we’re from Mexico, I pointed to my friend next to me and said, she’s my best friend, we actually met because of The X Files” so I forgot how nervous how I was and I asked him if he had been there, which of course he hadn’t. but that was too sweet.

We then went to Willian B. Davis and we got him to sign our posters, but nothing much happened, he was nice and smiled.

Then we got back to David’s line and it moved slowly, when we got to the front of the line, I told David thank you because I decided to study Philosophy because he studied Literature, he said “oh, really?” while signing my poster, and I was holding his Holy Cow book and he reached for it and asked me “Do you want me to sign this for you?” and I just handed it to him and said “Yes!! Thank you!” so that was pretty much it, short but sweet and so much more that I ever wish to tell him!

Right after that we ran to the Panel, and I guesss a lot has been said about it, so I won’t entertain you with that, because you already know about it, and I actually noticed more while re watching with a closer look, we sadly ended up a bit far away.

So after that we went to get out PhotoOps with all of them, beucase… well again our goal was to get as much as possible, right? We we went in and when it was my friend’s turn, before mine, she went between David and Gillian, smiled and got so excited she was just spinning around the place trying to get out of the photos area but right in front of them both, she was so confused Gillian just laughed out loud and David chuckled because it was just funny, so I grabbed my friend’s arm and pushed her to the actual exit. That was godsend actually beucase I relaxed right after all and told them both, “Sorry about that, guess we are all really nervous” and then I managed to smile and have a decent picture.

I even think both their smiles are real ones (or that’s again what I think, let me live in my bubble).

From there we went to have lunch and Bumped into the @duchovniacs which was awesome and we all ended up chatting and I found out my friend from Finland was watching Walt’s Persicope! *waves*

Right after our lunch they went to get more pictures and we went to get our Mitch and William B Davis Pictures. we took William first and while there we decided to get Gillian’s and David’s Photo ops for Sunday, but that made us urn, literally run for Mitch’s picture and he could tell we ran to get there, but still we managed to look ok with both of them.

So, by the time we were done, we were so tired we just had to go to our hotel across the street and plan for the next day.


By the time we arrived we knew the deal, so we entered and ran straight to Gillian’s booth to get the final signature on the poster, so we only had to wait an hour and a half for her to arrive, but this time we were in the second row, ready to get things signed.

When we got there I showed Gillian a very old picure of both of us I had taken all those years ago back in London. I told her, “Hi Gillian, I’ve met you before, many many years ago back in London, then she took my phone and zoomed in and said “That’s backs stage for What The Night Is For!” and I sad “Yes! that’s it!”, she replied looking closer asking “Why do I look so pale?” I told her “maybe because you stil had the make up from the play on” so I told her “you know? I got a photo op for today because I really don’t like how I look in this picture” so she asked again “Oh, really?, (I nodded then) then we’ll get a better one”. and when I saw the poster, she had written Nice to see you again, which I never thought she’d do. So that was it for my signature.

From there we ran for David’s reading and I tried to get a book for Bucky Fucking Dent, but failed beucase they had such little number of books, but I had one already so, I was happy with that. from there we ran to our David photo op.

Let’s just say my friend and I had planned to ask him for a pose, but were too nervous about it, we decided we would go for a pose when we both are fighting over him. So when we arrived to the front of the line and we asked for it, David just smiled and said “Give me some love” and pulled us to him… to which we gave in and said a very enthusiastic “OK!”… the answer to that failed attempt is one of the best pictures I’d have ever hoped for!

Be sure we enjoyed that hug, that we just went in for the fulll hug and touched his abs… (I’m the one on the right) if you were wondering, he has rock hard abs… like the most amazing abs you could imagine, that’s him. We then said our thanks and he rubbed my back (not sure about my friend) and we went shaking and beyond happy!

Right after that we went on to have a Gillian pic… again this was a solo picture because I really wanted a better one (I hate the other one so much I won’t even show you the old one).

By this time I was a hell lot more relaxed and it went all easy and quick, I got to take my picture and told her, “hi again!, I’m the girl that met you in London that needs a better picture” so she put her hand on my shoulder I kinda hug her from her back and the picture was taken. Gillian said “Well, this is better!” so I had a huge grin and told her ”Definitely better! Thank you SO MUCH!” andI left…

This ended up being SO much longer than expected but I wanted to have every single detail in here!

Thank you David and Gillian for the most amazing weekend of my life, I’ve been watching X Files since it started, and I was 15 years when that happened, it’s 23 years later and I’m still very happy and amazed that they took the time to go, be there and listening to all of us. Never in my wildest dreams I thought I’d manage to met them all.

As they said: Never give up on a miracle