Ok ladies! Urmys asked what my natural hair was like and how I achieve my current style.

The first image is my natural hair, air dried. Its not bleach damage or lack of deep conditioning, that’s juts how my hair has always been! It used to be very curly as a child but now is just frizz. 

The second shows the thickness of my hair (after taking dreads out) 

The last shows my usual hair style. 

I achieve the last image through vintage style wet sets using water (and sometimes setting lotion) and pin curls. I use great conditioners such as dumb blonde (the old formula) and aussie three min miracle. I also treat with argan oil and coconut oil. My protein filler of choice at the moment is joico. 

Someday I will draw something in my downtime that is not floating bust shots but IT IS NOT THIS DAY, my friends. NOT TODAY!

oh P.S. up in the top left there is @kayzig‘s character Rat, and he will eventually be showing up in a comic she is making along with 5 other characters on here! I’d recommend keeping an eye out for it because it’s really great!

This Transgender Troupe Highlights The Problems They Face Through Dance
In April 2014, the Indian Supreme Court officially recognised the existence of the 'third gender', but little has changed on the ground level.

Even today, there are many misconceptions about who transgenders (people) are, what the word hijra means, and the unique challenges they face on a daily basis.

Now, on the occasion of the ongoing Transgender Awareness Week (#TransWk), which began on 14 November and ends on 20 November, a dance troupe called The Dancing Queens — founded in 2009 by Abhina Aher, Urmi Jadhav and Madhuri Sarode, three transgender individuals who also belong to the hijra community — will be performing at Mumbai’s Godrej India Culture Lab on Wednesday, using dance as a medium to demand equal rights and to spread awareness of their reality.