Ok ladies! Urmys asked what my natural hair was like and how I achieve my current style.

The first image is my natural hair, air dried. Its not bleach damage or lack of deep conditioning, that’s juts how my hair has always been! It used to be very curly as a child but now is just frizz. 

The second shows the thickness of my hair (after taking dreads out) 

The last shows my usual hair style. 

I achieve the last image through vintage style wet sets using water (and sometimes setting lotion) and pin curls. I use great conditioners such as dumb blonde (the old formula) and aussie three min miracle. I also treat with argan oil and coconut oil. My protein filler of choice at the moment is joico. 


are you a ghost

you figured it out huh guess im just too transparent to hide anything from u


i’m so happy abt this right now i’m sorry to revel in your anger, pls don’t haunt me

too late katie, be prepared to walk into random cold spots in your home, constantly feel like you are being watched, and find random clumps of hair where you least expect it.

neuston replied to your post “neuston replied to your post “IM SO MAD I ONLY PARTIALLY DISAPPEAR IN…”

you didn’t have a ghost of a chance keeping your secret from me

but it was a good try right?? i gotta keep my spirits up :^((

urmys replied to your posttrying to debate marriage equality in government…

i feel you. currently in GSA “just to support my friends”.

We have these private blogs in Human Behavior to reflect on anything class made us think about that only our teacher can read, and he’s been one of my best teachers since freshman year, so I decided I trusted him enough to use my personal experience having to change how I act and how much I say about being queer depending on where I am and how safe I feel there, because we’re talking about safety in numbers and the pros and cons of identifying with different groups, like when it’s a real supportive thing to have a sense of membership, and when it’s really dangerous to, and I thought that was really relevant, but I don’t really want to be fully out 

And he responded with a really nice message about how I should do whatever I need to to feel safe, and instructions on how to make a really good pillow for because that always helps him when he feels scared or conflicted

and that makes me feel way better about how I sometimes end up looking like a ~str8 but not narrow ally~ because I feel like a bad queer like I’m not pulling my weight

and it was just so needed right now

urmys replied to your post: oh also i accidentally ga…

trichotillomania? oh no phoebe are you pulling? please pal if you are try to stop before it’s too late, this is coming from somebody who’s dealt with it for years and has had to go to therapy for it. it’s not a good road to go down no no no

no no friend thank u for ur support and im sorry u have to deal with that!!! but no someone just asked me to tag it i did it with hair clippers ukno
xxx <333

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1.I’m not good with questions sorry, eye color?
A. My eye color is brown~

2. Hair color?
A. My hair color is very dark brown, almost black!~

3. Wanna be friends? If not that’s okay too.
A. Sure!~ I think we already are friends though ^^;

4. Dream job?
A. Marine-Biologist, or a job in the UN in New York!!~

5. Hair style?
A. Messy and combed to the right!

6. Do you like to cuddle?

7. Dogs or cats?
A. As wonderful as cats are, I must say dogs~

8. Fish or birds?

9. Your phone is on 1% of battery life, what do you do? leave it die, or desperately try to find a plug in?
A. I’d probably let it die ^^;

10. Stranded on a deserted island, what character from your main fandom do you take?
A. Probably Spain!~ If we’d die, at least we’d have fun in the meantime!

11. Do you like to draw or write? Or neither?
A. I prefer drawing over writing (=7=)
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shrekuality-deactivated20140416 asked:

Ahh, okay, this isn't really a hair dye question (even though I LOVE your hair color!!) but I have to ask what is your natural hair texture like? I love your current hair style and was wondering how you got it that way.

Hi Sweetie!! I’m going to reblog a pic of my natural hair stage to this blog and tag you in it. 

My hair is thick, course, wavy, frizzy and very heavy. I have the thickest hair out of anyone I’ve known. :/ its a pain! Heat doesnt generally do much for my hair, so for my curly styles (if that’s what you’re talking about) I use a wet set and pin curl. 

Check out Lisa Freemont Street on youtube on how to pin curl and wet set etc.  

urmys replied to your photoI just want you all to see that I have not grown…

This is such a cute picture, oh my gosh! You had a much better sense of style than I did back then, because I used to wear a Baby Bop Halloween costume as often as I could!

I’m just lucky that I have hair in this photo. I was bald until about three months previous to it. My sense of style comes from my parents being forced to put me in little hats to convince people that I was a) a girl and b) a toddler and not just a highly developed, walking, talking infant.

urmys said: Sending you a hug! Sorry to hear about that, I really hope things look up.
Thanks. I hope so too. I was invited to play dodgeball with a friend later, but I’m not sure if that would make me feel better or worse. Generally when I feel like this  it’s best for me to be around little or no people, and not deal with a lot of sound, especially sudden sound. :/ But whatever I do, I’ll feel better eventually, I just may have a shitty night.