urm era

Iris - Basic Timeline

  • 100,000 years ago, the Taiheran Era saw the rise and magnificence of the greatest civilization on Iris. The Taiherans had a deep understanding of mathematics, architecture, natural sustainability, and powerful magic. After 50,000 years, the Taiherans vanished, leaving behind their ancient cities, temples, and vehicles. Some evidence points to the mysterious civilization leaving Iris.
  • For 20,000 years, Iris was devoid of sentient life. Magigeological evidence suggests there were at one time three continents besides Asanis; during the Orin Era, these continents sank into the great world-spanning ocean of Iris.
  • The earliest records of an ansal presence on Iris come from the early Yan Era, 30,000 - 18,000 years ago. The height of the early ansal civilization, known as Calimar, was reached around 24,000 years ago, and spanned all of Asanis. 
  • The Urme Era, from around 17,000 to 1,000 years ago, was one of watchful guardedness on part of the ansal, as the mar and kelta first made their appearance in this period. For thousands of years both species lived in simple tribes across Asanis.
  • Historical records first began during the Tel Era, lasting from year 0 to 229. The first mar city, Sindelon, was founded in this period, prompting a wave of fear and aggression from the kenta. In early 104, the War of Sindelon began, lasting for two years until accords were struck in 106. The mar and kelta began expeditions after this period, mapping Asanis and trading with the ansal.
  • From the Sul Era, 230 - 585, came many great achievements for the mar; many loosely-structured city states arose across Asanis, alongside kenta realms Lamea and Undel. The ansal’s hold on Asanis began to shrink during this period, owed greatly to expansion by the mar. Towards the end of the Sul Era, around 560, the Vindi people began their exodus from mar lands, venturing northward, following the visions of Ata.
  • The Ata Era (586 - 601) saw the greatest conflict ever fought on Iris. Ata and her people formed the Empire of Vindimar, and set out on multiple conquests across the continent, sacking Dia, Telmar, Sirin, Bastinel, and completely destroying Sindelon and Undel. In 595 Ata, the few remaining mar and kelta refugees allied with the ansal to stem Vindimar’s onslaught. Throughout the Tide War, the mar and kenta supported ansal military efforts with rogue sabotage and guerilla tactics against the main Vindimar legion, risen and trained in a shockingly brief 25 years. In the last days of the war, a group led by ansal priestess Orossel and mar hero Terith clashed with Empress Vindimar Ata and her honor guard, resulting in the latter’s routing and the death of Terith. The fighting ended in late 601 Ata, with the mar leaderless, the kenta few, the ansal weakened, and the forces of Vindimar brooding over their defeat.
  • The Vindi Era, which began in 602 and has lasted some two hundred years, has seen Vindimar grow to become the dominant power on Iris. Though most other residents live in tentative peace, some, like the residents of Angadris, have begun working against the Imperium, in hopes of exploiting a weakness in its authoritarian armor.