ways to win against drafts.


A big problem with doing drafts is knowing where to start. Go from the bottom? From the top? 4 / 5 times you just end up staring at them and crying for hours. A great way to fix this problem is to make a document in word or google docs or whatever, and number your drafts. It’ll look like this

  1. writing partner 1 url
  2. writing partner 2 url
  3. writing partner 3 url
  4. etc 

Then, go to random.org, and roll yourself a random number. That’s the draft you’ll start with! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RE-ROLL. Do that draft, and then delete it from your list. Repeat until the list is g o n e. 

     NUMBER 2 - 10 MIN BREAKS.

Having no motivation for drafts happens all the time. Maybe you’d rather watch some netflix or something? Why not do both? Watch 10 minutes of netflix/youtube/a movie or whatever, then pause it, and do one draft. Once you’re done with that, you can go back to watching for ten minutes, then do another draft.

     NUMBER 3 - RACE.

Sit down and give yourself a time limit. See how many drafts you can finish in 30 minutes. No distractions. Nothing. Just writing for 30 minutes. It’s efficient af.