Earlham College(make or break factors)

Hey there! So I’m seriously considering going to Earlham, pretty much waiting on financial aid package before I make my deposit, but I wanted to find out about some make or break factors. If anyone can answer these it’d be amazing.

1. So I know Richmond while containing some hidden gems and stuff if you dig deep is generally pretty dull, I wanted to know how active the campus was in terms of student activities, parties, etc, anything that entertains the student body.  Is there enough going on to keep the majority of students happy just staying on campus and doing stuff?

2. I know that Earlham has a pretty strong Psychology and Political Science department, are the Economics, Sociology, and Environmental Studies departments as strong, or at least pretty above average compared to like state schools? Interested in hearing from current majors in the areas in question.

3.  Can anyone speak to the number of identified LGBT members at Earlham? There doesn’t necessarily need to be a large community or anything, but especially are there a satisfactory number of gay/bi students on campus?