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This is the best battle verse I’ve heard ever.



SMACK/ URL The leaders of the MC Battle culture do it again with their fourth installment of their marquis event NOME. This match up is between T-REX representing Harlem, NY and CORTEZ representing BROOKLYN, NY.

Loaded Lux V.S. Hollow Da Don - UW High Stakes

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The most awaited battle in battle rap: Loaded Lux V.S. Hollow Da Don.
The tension between these two artist has been “thicker than german guard dogs”. After an impeccable Summer Madness 2 performance Loaded Lux has propelled to be the stand out artist of battle rap recently and people have been waiting for him to step back into the ring. Now on the other hand Hollow Da Don has been released from jail. After his release he was slated to be Lux’s next opponent after Calicoe. Building up to Summer Madness 3 Loaded Lux V.S. Hollow Da Don seemed to be the exact matchup to be the main event but the battle didn’t go through due to discrepancies with Loaded Lux and the URL brand. Now two years later on UW [Ultimate Warrior] battle league the fans are given the opportunity to witness a classic. With Lux being held to a god like stature many people thought it would have been a clear consensus with Lux as the winner. Hollow Da Don V.S. Loaded Lux came out to be a classic.

Round 1:

Round 1 I gave to Hollow due to the fact he attacked Lux systematically from the speculation of why the battle took so long to happen all the way down to Lux’s performance tactics.

Lux’s first round was not as good as his SM2 verses and thats where a problem presents itself. Not only is Lux trying to battle Hollow but he is battling his last performance. Point blank period. Lux comes out with an entourage of men and women in black panther regalia. Lux starts off his first round pretty slow then goes along into a few haymakers here and there. What Lux did wrong in his first round was not craft out his round to cater to hollow’s death but yet he crafted his round in order to expose Hollows character.

Lux’s Honorable Mentions:
“Look at this, another future know-it-all with no answers
Past catches up to him present day, look ‘nana we got another kid with a gift just found out that there’s no Santa
Afraid they never calculate the mistake they about to make
Any time you get gassed up to get traffic
Well it’s obvious you gone brake nigga
I’m talking to a dead man at his wake
This is an interview with a vampire, you don’t know that high stakes
Will take his life out of place”

“I heard you and Drake was tight
Turns out you’re munching off the name
Pictures of y'all at dinner
He showed the public that he came
Well he put it in his albums too
He said Thank Me Later, Take Care, then Nothing Was the Same”

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First round was made exactly for lux and he wasted 0 time coming for Lux. Hollows first round was molded just for lux and with his rebuttals he grabbed the first round along with the crowds attention as well as lux’s. Hollow broke down lux whole performance tactic to a T.

Hollow’s Honorable Mentions:
“I mean just to see a Lux battle you gotta see women in violet gowns, choir sounds, tire mounts, tightrope and the lion growls
It’s a whole bunch of you gon get this work and quiet downs
It’s a circus act just to see this clown go through a fire round”

“They said Lux choked
I said Lux choked
So yes they said the second and third was crazy I said damn
I thought you meant he choked to death
But let the fans tell it
Some of them say he’s perfect
He choked on purpose
He can craft rhymes out the air and he don’t rehearse it
He can disable a bomb and he won’t get nervous
He’s perfect
He can bury a meteor and it won’t resurface
He’s perfect
But legends don’t choke on purpose”

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Round 2:
Now Round 2 is a better round from Lux. He drives straight at Hollow and swings jabs and lands a haymaker or two.

Lux’s Honorable Mentions:

“Harlem been on the map but I’m back leading the rush
You from a borough where LL was the battle MC to crush
As if Nasty wasn’t enough
Could you be the one Run DMC let they last Adidas to run up if the ave needed a crutch
You a sad scene in the clutch
Rupaul couldn’t drag Queens this much”

“Free trade been the game since First 48 hrs. got marketing
Targeting crews that who lack honor and staff arguments
Is LOM in the trap partying or in the rap partisan
Yall should have been had an audience on noggin with all Barney friends
I mean all you niggas sing, you might look like monsters on screen but you’re Backyardigans nigga”

“You smoked yourself out of the last house that you was sleep
It’s such a disaster what that cannabis do when your whole pad out in the street”

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on the other end of the ring is dodging and waiting for his opportunity to counter and when he does get his fist ready he hits and hits hard. Hollow hits vital points in this round since he breaks down Loaded Lux’s legend status. “Just because you dont understand him doesnt mean that he’s nice”. This round is debateable but yet Hollows precision gives him this round in my opinion.

Hollow’s Honorable Mentions:

“Niggas acting like Lux on some different shit but all he do is take some simple shit like a door and make it intricate
Let me give you an example
They’re opposed to who’s opposing us do you want it closed or shut the life of sanctuary is close enough and when it’s your turn, things will open up.. He gon get this work
He’ll say I seen more counter tops than a flower pot an hour clock on the tower watch
and the crowd will rock like woo! Like I don’t know, it just sounded hot
Because you don’t understand him it don’t mean that he’s nice”

“But if he was to do that they would make it make sense
It’s Lux!
You don’t get what he’s saying dummy?
He’s talking about the battle
He enters calm so he can generate some money
Lux got bars
See but I don’t get this shit, because nigga like that act like Lux be on some different shit but all you do is take some simple shit and make it intricate
And the ones that’s digging it look at him like “you can’t be serious” to the ones that ain’t feeling it
Act like they silliness and belligerent but when they go home and break down these bars I’m mentioning, for following you, they the fucking idiots”

“I mean my bars give you that mmm, I just shitted face
His bars give you that hmm, I think I get it face
I mean, you want to know why Lux is so deep?
He tell his boys : I can’t comfortably sleep I don’t want to be stuck in fatigue, got me supplements meek like my digestive system functioning least and they’re like huh? He’s like I’m trying to get something to eat
Just because you don’t understand him it don’t mean that he’s nice

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Round 3:
The third round for both Emcees are epic. Loaded Lux takes his same position of the “righteous preacher” and Hollow stays true to his phrase “Put a bullet in the preachers head, no more sermons”.

Lux starts off his third round and goes straight into preacher mode. Lux spends his whole round attacking Hollow’s demeanor and his addiction to his various vices. Breaking down the idea of being a junkie and how it is detrimental to the urban community as a whole lux crafted a compelling verse.

Lux’s Honorable Mentions:
“are you sober nigga
Cause you said you stopped drinking lean in October
Well that isn’t a surprise
Hollow you picked the month where in the end every individual lies
I mean you can dress it up how you picture it in your mind
but the Hollow we know aint off it, he gone always be a nigga in disguise”

“You make the fans see me as greedy as if I broke some treaty because I don’t let them treat me like the don
Who in the position to influence for the student but educating them wrong
Baby you a star, they love you the way you are
But I love you enough then I leave you the way you are nigga
You make it hard for people that say what they mean
And mean what they say cause that what they mean
How they gone follow a junkie, be a fan, not a fiend
And you, be a nigga from Queens
Not a queen
Man up, cause stand up niggas don’t lean”

“You are the cancer that propaganda designed
It’s sad, cause some minds you can’t remind
It’s bad, you blind to the rubbish due to the drugging
They sat you down, gave you time to think, prison confined bunked him
Because you won’t take more money from rap but you’ll stand out on the block with a pack
You disgusting
Who they trusting?
I got to be the guy you wasn’t for the youngin to show him something cause if you look up to a Hollow you just going to grow up and do nothing
You should be banned from a booth nigga
Unless you’re surrounded by a firing squad command to shoot”

“You don’t understand that when you reproduce, everything you are is the product that you breed
God forbid a condom was to leak and you fathering a seed
Jay-z if you’re listening, and you’re following the tweets you probably didn’t speak to Obama before the speech
But I swear, he might not pass one gun control law
But I’m trying to get every last one of these Hollows up off the street man”

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Hollow’s third goes right back into breaking down Lux’s character. Hollows main objective in this round was utter and complete character assassination.

“So you rather panhandle CDs on the street than get a 9-5, were you too good to fly through them friendly skies?
Oh I know why!
Cause nigga from the job will be like, that’s Loaded Lux from smack!
I though he was flossing on the grind he’s working here? That nigga must be starving for a dime
But if you was a real man for your lil man you’d put that talking to the side but I guess your son ain’t more important than your pride nigga
You should have got that work nigga”

“How you know Calicoe’s pops didn’t try to fly through them friendly skies and got denied every time
So now he’s supposed to be like you waiting weeks for 40k from a league? Nah
Blackface linked up with BMF and made 40k on the street nigga
Whether right or wrong who are you to judge that man’s fate”

“Can you relate?
Have you ever sat in that cell with them hunger pangs?
Cause you got transferred to another jail and took a couple days till your money came?
You ever seen a blade open a face, sitting in court not knowing your fate, you got a letter that your man got killed and you can’t go to the wake?
I ain’t think so
so think about that before you judge a life that you never lived cause it’s easy to develop a large picture when you focused on the negatives”

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Hollow broke down lux each round and still gave up no bars in the process of that. Lux best round was the third round and that wasnt enough for Hollows systematic verses.
Hollow Da Don 3-0


HALFTIME: Tsu Surf vs. Big T (URLTV Battle)



I’m glad this battle went down in Black Star…bars seem to get appreciated more in smaller places…BOTH came with bars…JC with that delivery he has and Chilla with the lyrics/schemes make a great match-up…

I was gonna post some quotables from this one, but there are so many…just hit play…

Your life fairytale, Captain Hook, Peter Pan
These big head kids think they fly, ‘til they get capped in hooks like Peter Pan
Nine of your boys got big head? I will cap ten hooks like Peter Pan
Take off your hat, before I give your cap ten hooks like Peter Pan
You’re a Family Guy, say you’re a captain? Who? Them Peter’s pants
Hold your bladder, before you get capped and hooked, and pee your pants
You’ll get your captain hooked like Peter Pan.
He can’t take the loss, he’ll get capped and hooked like Peter Pan
Now I’m off to the woods, My camp tent hooked like Peter Pan
I wish a nigga would come to my camp tent, he’ll get hooked like Peter Pan
—  Daylyt’s 3rd round vs. Shotty Horroh

The homie verb put out another chapter of his audio book.

Pure Comedy.




@X_Factor01 vs. @DNA2K10 @ URL Summer Madness, Webster Hall, NYC.


I’m a huge battle rap enthusiast and this is one of the best performances I’ve seen. Calicoe completely dominates Arse-a-hoe. Trick Trick even makes a cameo to hoe Ars. #CLASSIC #MICHIGANKINGSHIT #DETROIT #GOONSQUAD

Watch on back2pluto.com

Best Of 2012:
Loaded Lux’s 3rd Round Verse vs Calicoe

The verse of the battle that was seemingly heard around the world was Smack DVD/106 & Park Veteran Loaded Lux’s soul-crushing third round against Calicoe. This man basically made his opponent’s entire existence an embarrassment through a new socially aware approach never seen in battle rap that gained praise from Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar and more. The phrase “You gon’ get this work” became a phenomenon and quite possibly the catch-phrase of the hip hop underground in 2012.


Dope battle, but as I predicted…Calicoe with the W