+urlittledevil (Closed AU)

Ding.Ding. The bell rang again, 7:25 am, It was morning time for all the kids in Blue Hill mental institution. “Shut up!” Violet screamed. At the man in the corner. “Violet, Honey no one is here but me and you. The mean man is not going to get you.” One of the many nurses said walking over to the little blond girl in the bed.

“Today, if you are good you can go to see the boys with the other good girls.” At blue hill they put the boys on one half of the land and the girls on the other, Two huge house type places. Homes almost. Where alot of the boys and girls would stay there from age five to sixteen. Longer if needed.

 "Why would I want to see the boys?“ She hissed. The man in the red jacket in the corner was gone. "Hes gone.” She whispered and the nurse just nodded and smiled. “You and that Tate boy like to play games, Right? I was thinking you would want to today.”

3:30 pm, The girls walked in a line that was lead by three nurses or ‘helpers’ they liked to be called.

“Oh boys the ladies are here!” The Male helpers yelled down the long hall. Male nurse with the boys. Female with the girls.  Easy that way. The boys, Some little and some almost men ran down the hall. Everyone there was there for different reasons. Some worse then others. “H-Hi Tate.” Violets eyes stayed locked on the floor as all the boys came running up to them. Tate standing right in front of her. “Wann play, A uh. Game?” She asked looking up to him.


Violet sat on her carpet in her bedroom leaned up against her bed, She traced the aztec like pattern on the carpet with her finger. She got up and picked up a notebook from her desk and started to doodle all over the back of it. She doesn’t have much to do since she’s stuck in a big house for all eternity.. Except halloween, Which is violets favorite day because she can finally get out of that hell hole for once. She heard footsteps coming towards her bedroom. She didn’t think of it much, It could be moira coming to dust thing off or her mother asking if she was okay. She looked up from her notebook, a bit surprised. “Tate?"