A list on Big Data + Law (ongoing). Help yourself and add some links.

I warned you, I like lists. So I made another list. I called it Big Data & Law*. It gathers articles, posts and other stuff about Law and Data: Data Science applied to Law. How can data be used to forecast legal decisions? How can big data be exploited for legal research?

These and other exciting questions try to be answered there.

It’s a list in progress made through [Urlist] (http://urli.st) and the cool thing is that you can collaborate to it. Add links. Let’s make it grow larger.

11 Links from: big data and law

Serena Manzoli, via Urlist

Urlist is simple: browse the web & collect links you want to group. AND it now has NEW features (!) such as…


  • a brand new dashboard, where you can manage and search all your public, private and hidden lists (yup, you can change their visibility);
  • your public profile so other users can take a look of your public lists;
  • improved collaboration, to let others add links, comment and rate them;
  • a smart crawler, every time you add a link to a list, Urlist automatically retrieves relevant information about.

I have actually been using this tool for about a year and a half now but they just rolled out a redesign with new features so if you haven’t, you should check it out!

Die besten Links sammeln mit Urli.st

Nachdem ich schon vor einiger Zeit Bucketlistly vorgestellt habe, möchte ich diesmal eine Seite zeigen, die ich eigentlich noch viel mehr benutze. 

Diese ist Urli.st und funktioniert wie ein Lesezeichen im sozialen Internet. Man kann Links sammeln und diese nach Themen sortieren. Ich habe zum Beispiel eine Liste, in der ich Artikel über Tumblr gesammelt habe und eine Liste in der ich die Wikipediabeiträge der Serien, die ich momentan gucke abgespeichert habe. 

Hierdurch erhält man einen sortierten Überblick über alle Links zu einem Thema. Durch einen Bookmarkbutton in der Favoritenleiste des Browsers, kann man einfach einen neuen Artikel zu einer bestehenden Liste hinzufügen, oder schnell eine neue Liste erstellen. Auch kann man eine Zusammenfassung des Artikels aufschreiben, um später schneller zu sehen, worum es in dem Artikel ging. 

Auch kann man andere Mitglieder folgen und Listen von ihnen Bookmarken, um sich diese noch für späteren Gebrauch vorzumerken. Darüber hinaus kann man auch Links in eine seiner eigenen Listen abspeichern, oder auch bei sich selber die Links in verschiedenen Listen abspeichern.

Was ich manchmal schwierig finde ein Artikel einem bestimmtem Artikel in eine bestimmte Liste einzusortieren. Und auch einen Artikel wieder zi finden, in dem ganzen Wust finde ich manchmal nicht so einfach. Aber vielleicht liegen diese beiden Punkte auch einfach an mir selber, da ich auch echt sehr viele Links gespeichert habe. Meistens finde ich die Artikel nach einer Weile dann doch wieder zurück!

Ich kann Urli.st nicht mit anderen Bookmarkprogrammen vergleichen. Würde es aber auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen!


Urlist papercraft animation is here! Have an analog view on the cyber world and curate the greatest library on earth!

BETA is here!

Changes can be good or bad but when it comes to Urlist, changes are supreme. By changing Urlist profile we change the whole experience of listing!

New Features

Urlist`s BETA offers you exclusive access to new features of Urlist that make it even easier to create and access great content:

  • Search: global and local
  • Better categories: ability to look for popular and recent lists
  • Hashtag support
  • New look and new design
  • Curators
  • Ability to follow your friends and instantly see the content they share

What you need to do?

NOW is the time for you to experience the great BETA features and we meant it by saying now! You can get an exclusive chance to roll into BETA sooner than everyone else.

If you want to take part in our closed BETA you need to:

  • prepare a list on any topic that interests you containing at least 5 links and a cover,
  • share it to get 200 views,
  • like Urlist Facebook page,
  • add a hashtag #beta in the description of your list!

We have just a limited number of BETA at the moment so on your marks, get set, go!

Urlist has changed!

For the last few months we have been working on the new amazing functionalities and features of Urlist. Now the time has come to unveil them.

Urlist was always very much a community driven service. That’s why we wanted to make the service a place where you can share and discover amazing content, hand picked by the members of our community. We introduced a set of tools that will make it even easier:

  • Search: global and local
    Now you can search for lists and links both inside your Network and on Urlist
  • Better categories: ability to look for popular and recent lists
    The categories have been redesigned and reorganized. Now you can gain access to the topics that interest you the most in seconds
  • Hashtag support
    You can add hashtags to your lists and easily find similar lists
  • Ability to follow your friends and instantly see the content they share
    With the redesigned profile you can find follow your friends activity and create your own network of interest
  • Suggest a link
    Collaboration on lists has never been easier; you can now suggest links to other users or ask a group to collaborate on a list with you

All of those features are accompanied by a new, streamlined interface, designed to make Urlist even a better experience.

We want to thank our great Community that helped us to make Urlist better, more useful and more awesome!