PSA: URL scammer @misananase has changed their url to @matsukazeriina

matsukazeriina may try changing their URL again now that they’ve been outted, but if any URLs on the list below are ever offered to you, block that person.

They has no intentions of ever doing an honest trade. After you’ve made them admin, they will change the URL they offered at the last moment when you leave your blog.

Be wary about claims that the URL is under new a ownership. They will continue to use those URLs as bait to scam other other people out of theirs.

List of URLs they own:
(Please message me if you’re aware of any others)

rinhoshizora (love live) 
osakashizuku (love live)

tomoyamashiro * (enstars) - this was the url they stole from me
eichitenshouin (enstars)
arashinarukami (enstars)

altinotabek (yuri on ice)
nikiforoviktor.(yuri on ice)
yurioplisetsky (yuri on ice)


yusakozue (idolmaster)

kenmakozume (haikyuu)
kageyamatobio (haikyuu)
kiyoomisakusa (haikyuu)

yanaseyuu (sekaiichi hatsukoi)

ijuuin (junjou romantica)


i’ve acquired so many urls, and i need to start trading them, or even giving them away! below you’ll find a list of urls i’m preparing to part with, and you can message me if you’re interested in trading: 

  • silverarqent
  • isabellesfairchild
  • mariejeannearqents
  • mcmargentinski
  • alishasboe
  • boealisha
  • michael-corderos
  • alexjessica
  • ivy-belfreys
  • belfreysivys

howdy all, it’s me back with the 4x url.

i got scammed out of it by somebody pretending to be them, but zeb @satan was extremely kind and offered to buy the url back from somebody who had purchased it from the scammer.

i feel extremely lucky to have the url back, and i want to thank the real zeb who is not only not a scammer, but also graciously went out of his way to spend money just to return the url to me. i didn’t ask him to do that, but he did and i’m extremely grateful.