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{{Oh gosh, where do I even start?  This is going to get long, and probably embarrassing. 

Ramona, you are far and away the best Undertaker on tumblr.  Or probably ever.  To me, you’re more canon than THE canon.  I read almost every one of your threads, and NEVER get tired of them!  What you’ve done with his character is nothing short of incredible- from his outlook on the world, to his slightly insane, yet ingenious thoughts (and thought-structure), to his engagement to Kimblee!  And speaking of him and Kimblee, I am always amazed by how you and purpura-viri pull that off.  When I first started talking with you, I didn’t know Kimblee’s character at all, so I read his wiki page and I was like “Whaaaaaat??  HOW does a relationship between Undertaker and this guy work?”  Then, as I read on in you guys’ interactions, I fell in love with them being together.  I can sincerely say I ship your Undertaker and Kibs’ Kimblee.  I ship it HARD.  How you two make that relationship work so well, without sacrificing a drop of characterization on either part, is astounding!  They love each other so dearly and tenderly, but that sweet love can become frenzied and violent in an instant!  AH~!

Anyway, back to you.  I love how you draw from the canon but also aren’t afraid to make him your own as well.  You do more than justice to his intelligence, his cruelty, his deceit, his mind that seems to snap in and out of bouts of madness (particularly when my muse is involved, like in that beautiful drabble you wrote about them a while back), and literally everything else.  But you also create your own canon for him.  Your headcanons are all superb.  It’s so fun to compare the headcanons between yours and mine- and even if it’s not one we share, it’s extremely awesome to read and think about, nonetheless.   

And ahhhhhh!  Our muses!  I love everything about their weird relationship with one another.  It’s SO fun to explore and develop more and more each time they interact, or when we talk about it personally.  How yours treats mine is exactly as I would imagine he would.  Your Undertaker is a lot more “stable” than mine (as we discussed, largely because he has that relationship with Kimblee to lean on), so it is only natural he would look down on mine, but also, in a very strange way, almost ‘care’ for mine.  And despite the fact that my Undertaker is in a really odd, “let’s TUSSLE” mood in our latest thread, he really does still think of yours as a friend (or, since it is a mirror of himself, almost more like an “imaginary friend” come to life, haha).  But he can so be easily set off by “his own self”, and cannot trust “himself”, so that of course effects their relationship, as he sees yours as, somehow, an extension of himself.  Obviously, mine has mixed feelings for yours that jolt around, and a lot of it comes from an estranged perception/sense of self.  But overall, he likes yours.  He wants to spend time with him.  I think subconsciously, he is hoping that some of yours’ stability and (relative) ‘sanity’ will rub off on him.

I’m well aware of the challenges of roleplaying Undertaker.  It is tricky to reconcile all of the different facets of his personality, the different corners of his mind that he seems to freely jump between (or rather, the fact that his mind is all tangled and chaotic to begin with), account for his disordered thought processes, emotions, and motives (as he always has a motive), while still working within your own headcanons- and making the finished product come out gorgeous and entertaining- but you do it all, flawlessly.  

On a personal level- Ramona, you are so lovely.  Getting a message from you is a joy.  You are so SMART, and kind, and creative, and dedicated.  Everything you do impresses me.  To be completely honest, your perfection used to deeply intimidate me .  But you are so sweet, I knew you would never wish that, so I switched over to letting it inspire me instead- and you make the best inspiration imaginable!!  You are always fearless in diving headlong into plots, headcanons, and everything else you create, so I try to do the same! 

TL;DR Your Undertaker is perfect, all your other characters are perfect, and you are perfect.  I truly feel blessed to call you my friend!! ❤}}


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