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Never before had the song of war been the song of hope ascending. // Independent portrayal of Ezio Auditore from the Assassin’s Creed franchise (+ very elaborate ASOIAF verse), acknowledging both game and novel material. Formerly: invictusmanet

the gangsey as bloggers

gansey: url rexcorvus. cool forest photography, literature quotes, weird history facts. old libraries and book aesthetics. stuff he thinks blue would like (tagged/jane)

blue: url desperadosuperherobadass. feminism, female & black empowerment, lots of cool fashion. photography from all around the world and places she wants to visit.

ronan: url greywaren. tattoos, male models, gay kisses, photography, cars. ravens, of course. is weirdly into a lot of male haute couture. probably likes vaporwave.

adam: url themagician. clean minimalistic aesthetic. probably has a studyblr side blog. also cute puppies and plants.

noah: url inoahguy. cute animals, pop punk (especially blink-182 cmon), bad puns. drawings and flowers. red mustangs.

henry: url afraidandhappy. LITERALLY THE BEST BLOG hes super nice and creative and reblogs a lot of science stuff and art but is also summed up by this: