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Virus headsup!

This weekend there has been a global cyber attack, dubbed WannaCry virus. At least 150 countries have reported cases of it and over 200.000 computers have been affected since this weekend. 
Right now I do my internship in an IT support company where the telephone is ringing constantly and our mailboxes are overflowing with mails from people who have been hit by it. So I kinda feel obliged to inform you guys of it and what it could do to you.

What is it?
This virus is not a virus that you can just run your anti-virus or anti-malware program on and quarantine it. Most virusses download dangerous programs on your computer or record your actions to get access to your personal data. But this virus is of another kind, because the attackers have no interest in your data, they just want to make easy money. 

They do this by making use of ransomware or more specifically a cryptolocker. A cryptolocker encrypts all your data and files on your computer and connected devices, which means you cannot access those files anymore and use them. Unless you got the decryption key.
To get that decryption key, the cyber attackers ask you to pay $300, but there is no guarantee that you’ll actually get the decrypt key and get your files back.

There is not real remedy.
Once you get a cryptolocker in your system, you are screwed, unless you have backups and these backups are not connected to your system. (offline backups or in another domain)

Anybody can be a target, but right now the big ones are companies who have older systems like Windows XP, because they don’t have the same security measures as the newer systems. Now you might think: ‘Who still has Windows XP?’ Well, hospitals for example. They still use software that is made for their machinery and hasn’t been updated to newer versions. So if they get one in their system, people who rely on these machines can actually die.

Under the readmore I added some tips to prevent them and in case you really get one.

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Thank you all so much I truly appreciate this,, I honestly never thought this would happen, at least half of this must be spam blogs but oh well XD

I want to do some shout outs to a few followers but even if you aren’t on here I’ll probably forget some people cz I have such a bad memory anyway XD just know that I really appreciate you and I love you all<3!!

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anonymous asked:

Thank you for the TFA OP and Megs Magical girl art! It fills me with joy. On another note, do you have any idea about the magical girl design for Arcee yet?

Yeah, I’ve actually had lots of ideas for her, I’ve just been struggling to make everything work. Thanks to this ask I just kinda smooshed all of them together and I’m actually happy with the results

I haven’t figured out a weapon or powers or anything yet tho

Tutorial: “How to” Story Links

So, I got an ask from @josiesimblr, and I just decided to do a tutorial-ish post, or whatever you wanna call this, in case anyone is having the same issue, or just wants to know how to use the hyperlink tool on tumblr for your sim stories. It’s really simple! 

1. First, you will want to know where the link option is when you go to make a post. It is the little infinity looking symbol highlighted below. All you need to do to use it, is highlight the text or phrase of text that you want to make into a link. In this case we are just going to highlight the word “Beginning”. 

2. Secondly, you will need to get your link! To do that, just find the post that you need via your dash (in our tutorial example, the beginning post, or first post of your story). To get the url, just go to the top right corner of your post and hover, you will get a little dog-ear and if you click it, it will open a new page in a new tab on your profile. That will give you the url for that particular post. 

3. Copy the url from your newly opened post page.

4. Then paste the url into the hyperlink box on your new post. 

5. So now you have made a link! Just repeat this same process for “Next” and “Previous”, finding the corresponding posts you need to make your links work chronologically. When people use your links, they should now be able to move fluidly through your story, from episode to episode, in the order you would like them to be viewed. 

Formatting: I format mine as follows: 

Next | Previous | Beginning

I use the strike-through font on “Next” when I make a new story post, to indicate that this is the most current addition to the story. Then, when I make a new post, I go back to the previous and update “Next” to reflect the newest episode. You can format yours however you’d like! I just do little slashes in between because I think it looks neater xD (I am not sure how to make this slash on an American keyboard, so if you’d like those, just google which key combo to make it on the keyboard of your native language :D). 

I hope this is helpful? I’ve never made a tutorial before in my life LOL. I hope the pictures are useful xD if you have any more questions just message me, I’ll be happy to help if I sucked at explaining! 

Hey followers, can you help me out here? I stumbled across this lovely wallpaper I’d like to use for my phone but unfortunately I found it on pinterest and cannot locate the original source :( I see a tumblr url in the corner but I cant make it out and reverse google search yielded no results. Help me find the op so I can give proper credit!

“You thought the end was nigh? Think again?”


I… Don’t recall having seen this promo poster for Season 4. It was at the bottom of a recent article much like all those other articles on why Mark says there might not be a season five, which is ironic considering the tagline. I don’t know if this is fanmade, but I don’t think it is considering it was in an article.

Also Moriarty’s revenge? What is there to avenge if he is dead? Unless he is a she and she is Mary.

Here’s where I found it on the article page. And the link to the article. it is from comicbook.com and the article is just a reiteration of every “Benedict and Martin’s schedules don’t match so they won’t be able to film blah blah blah”.

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acutecastle  asked:

During your last stream you told us about mood boards and a collage program that helps create them for free. What was the name of that program again?


The program was Turbo Collage!

I started using it a few months ago for quick moodboards at work, and now I cant stop using it. Definitely give it a try! The free version puts a tiny url in the bottom corner, and isn’t too distracting if you want to give it test run.

I’m satisfied with the logo I made for my iTunes playlist of songs from Hamilton and In the Heights…

Someone said I should write my url or name in the bottom corner of my comic for branding purposes but have you considered that writing your url in the bottom corner of your comic looks tacky and reminds me of all the bad tumblr comics with names like “Outrageous Panini” or “LmaoFartComix.com”

The Mogi 500!

Ok excuse that terrible reference, I don’t even watch races all that much, so what am I doing making that reference???

Anywho, yes, I HIT 500 FOLLOWERS!!!! Like what even guys? I don’t even know how this happened? I’m pretty sure I am a bump on a log like all the time and I do nothing but write, so 500? Okie dokie thennn…

But believe it or not, this baby is organized!!!!! Those who have been following me from the beginning know that these things are train wrecks from me, but I put this I a spreadsheet and like, woah, life got a whole lot easier. *~*

First, call out goes to my waifu, @neato-ft , who did the lovely coloring you see at the top. I really don’t know why you put u with me, for like the past month, I have been nothing but crabby for more than half of it. But hey, you’re sticking with me and I can’t be more thankful. Thank your for being my best friend and waifu, Boo.

To the Chat of Unfortunate Events, You guys are great and idk what i would do without you guys, that includes you new members too!! Yall are tagged throughout this since I’m copying and pasting from my spreadsheet, I’m lazy. x]

So here goes.

@blah - you follow me, kudos and thank you!

@blah - you are mutuals, and i love you

@blah - you are my friends/family on this lovely sea of blue and ily bunches

@blah - you are my senpais and I look up to you for various reasons ^^

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Ableism. Ableism. Ableism.

[image description: graphic has a black background with diagonal blue stripes on the left side with the word “ableism” repeated over and over in small text. The stripes take up a good ¾ of the background. On top is an illustration of a very artsy colorful looking person. To the right of their head is a yellow artsy speech bubble with black text that reads “What the hell is ableism?” Below the bubble is a yellow/orange arrow pointing downward to the second artsy speech bubble that reads “they said having never heard the word.” “The Word” is in all caps. At the very bottom in the lower right hand corner, in small white text is the URL of the site: whatisableism.tumblr.com ]

Did you just read the word ableism and think to yourself “What the hell is ableism?” Well, you’re in the right place.

Hello and welcome to What Is Ableism: an outreach project dedicated to addressing the disconnect between the disability community and the liberal, progressive and left activist scene. That being said, really anyone who is interested in learning is welcome here.

DISABLED PEOPLE ARE IN THE STRUGGLE TOO. (but a lot of people don’t know that.)

Feel free to navigate this site via the menu on top, but if you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some frequently asked questions to help you decide. (Click on the link to find the answer.)

[image description: The graphic is a blue rectangle with a thick black border around it. Inside the blue area is an artsy yellow variation of the speech bubble shape from the main graphic, with a thick border around the perimeter. Inside the yellow shape, is black text, typewriter style that reads “frequently asked questions”. Shooting out from both sides is a long red rectangle that has two black circles at each end. On the left is a crown-esq shape on top of the circle and on the right circle, the same crown shape is on the bottom. Lastly, in the lower right hand corner of the outer thick black border, is (in white small text), the URL of the site: whatisableism.tumblr.com]

Q: What is Ableism and why is this important to know in these times?

Q: What is “The Disconnect?”

Q: What are some ways I can un-learn ableist behavior & language?

Q: How are disabled people at risk during a Trump Presidency?

Q: I want to make a list of places to donate to. What are some disability orgs/projects that I can add to my list?

Q: Where can I check out other disability related content?

Q: Why is outreach important and do you have any tips?

Q: Do you have any inclusive / intersectional graphics that I can use for my site and/or to print out for events?

Q: Do you have any specific tips for journalists / people in the media?

Q: How can I get involved with the project? Are you looking for volunteers?

Q: How can I contact you?

baeknopeyeol  asked:

Ive been so stuck on the princes theory, like pastel rainbow chanyeol + prince chanyeol = me crying pool of mess on the floor, i want to pinch his cheeks he looks that cute now, hes just so ahhh

ohh i heard about a suicide squad theory which is also really cool ;u; idk anymore. i’ll just wait and see ;u; dhwahdwjkahd yessss, i can’t deal with prince chan specially when he has that pastel hair ;___; omg i know right,? his cheeks are soooo dkjwhadjwa ;;