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also hey, have some sweet cecilos
including three of my fav obscure cecil designs @blobcecil , @eyececil and the formless cecil except the floating “CECIL” and mouth w/ clothes. i don’t remember the artist’s url for the design though


Ich habe in letzter Zeit viele neue Follower gewonnen und habe fast 2000 Follower , sodass ich mir überlegt habe eine Promo zu machen, als kleines Dankeschön 😊 Und das wird glaube meine erste sein.

Was ihr tun solltet:

✔ FOLLOWER von mir sein(das soll ja ein Dankeschön sein)
✔diesen Post REBLOGGEN

Ich werde die Promo in 4 Kriterien unterteilen und zwar:
🌻 beste URl ( 3 Leute)
🌻bestes Design( 3 Leute)
🌻 sympathischste/r Person ( 3)
🌻 und natürlich bester Blog , beste Posts, die mir persönlich am besten gefallen. ( ungefähr 6-10 Blogs werde ich dann vorstellen)

Also hat jeder wirklich gute Chancen, da nicht nur die Posts entscheidend sind, sondern auch die Persönlichkeit 😊 Ich werde zudem auch noch was zu den Blogs schreiben

Viel Spaß beim rebloggen (mehrmaliges Rebloggen könnten die Chancen steigern) 😊🖑 Promo läuft bis zum 5.8.2017

anonymous asked:

Thank you for the TFA OP and Megs Magical girl art! It fills me with joy. On another note, do you have any idea about the magical girl design for Arcee yet?

Yeah, I’ve actually had lots of ideas for her, I’ve just been struggling to make everything work. Thanks to this ask I just kinda smooshed all of them together and I’m actually happy with the results

I haven’t figured out a weapon or powers or anything yet tho

A little fun thing i’ve been working on now and then, finally somewhat done! 

Futurama is one of my all time favourite shows, and i wanted to make this little tribute to it, but making some icons based of my favourite robots from the show! Can you name them all? 

EDIT: Added 5 more robots, just because i felt like it! Will probably update this from time to time


Guilty pleasures.

Everybody’s got them.

That socialite you swear you loathe? You still end up watching every episode of her day to day saga. That pizza you swore would jinx your diet programme? You still end up savouring every bite of the long-gone-cold inconsistent-cheese-lathered soggy crust. That cliche novel you swore you hated? You still find yourself unable to tear your eyes from its pages, hanging onto every overused trope, curled in your blankets when you think you’re safe from anybody catching you reading it.

What made Shawn any different?

For him it was being greeted by the same old icon bearing his face, a header that should have made him blush - but instead surged adrenaline through his veins, and the all too similar layout of the tumblr blog he had started stalking that fateful night. It all started with him sending an anonymous message, that had received an immediate answer consisting of overinsistent typing in caps lock, full of coos and love and warmth that toasted his cheeks, upto his toes. One anon lead to another, and he found himself spending his days looking forward to scrolling through the blog, while in the haven of his room (for the night) after he performed his daily duties. Shawn had loved using twitter and other socials before, thinking that was what connected him to his fans. But how wrong he was. Their twitters and instagrams were them dressed in the most expensive set they owned, ready to impress. Their tumblrs, however, were a different case. It was them in all their natural, beautiful glory - messy hair, tattered overused but still comfy pyjamas, every pretty freckle on display.

So yet again, Shawn found himself locked up in his room, scrolling through the said blog. Anons after anons flooding the page. Shawn had made a separate account - complete with a url and design he thought would fit someone from his fandom ( a move that Shawn had swore would either end up inflating his ego, or bashing it till he never stepped out again). Currently on the blog, they were having a debate whether Shawn was dominant in bed or not. Shawn read on, thoroughly amused yet flushed, and decided to throw his two cents in.

“What if he likes to be submissive instead?” ~$

He finished typing, coupled with his standard emoji that he had started to use to let the owner of the blog know it’s him (not him…but him, you know?). She immediately replied coupled with a gif that nearly made him fall off his bed laughing.


Shawn laughed at her reply.


From what he knew, she was 18, went by her pseudonym. Loved books, swore by every band ever signed to fueled by ramen, loved her coffee sweet and strong. Was shorter than him. Had not attended any of his concert yet, cause he never came to her country -  something he vowed to put right . Had caused a havoc on her blog after the prices on his tickets were announced, something that brought to light how adversely his fans were affected by the prices - something he was still pestering his label to put to right.

Shawn never thought it was possible to yearn to meet someone he didn’t even know how they really were, but he was sure it was very similar to what his fans felt for him.


Ana clicked her window shut in an all too familiarized routine, as somebody knocked on her door.

“Come in!”

“Hey sweetie, all ready for your test tomorrow?” her mom repeated the same old question, something that had become close to a ritual before any examination. Especially now that she would be leaving school after this.

“Yeah, I’m good to go, I guess.”

After a brief yet antagonizingly slow talk about uni’s and applications and how she had to choose science as her course, yet again, her mother left her to the confines her solitude.

Finally, she thought.

It wasn’t that Ana didn’t love her mum, she did, but her parents’ pestering to leave her passion for writing and choose the well beaten “glorious” path of science had started to get on her nerves. Initially she had thought that they’ll leave her be in time. But guess not.

She felt a sense of home when she logged back on her tumblr, the sight of it filling her with pride. It was a Shawn Mendes blog, where she wrote out her fantasies and frustrations out. She had stayed up nights, adjusting between the torturous regime of school and homeworks and tests, and religiously posting and updating her blog. And now she was rewarded with anons and inboxes that made every single day feel like christmas.

A new anon popped up on her screen.

“What if he likes to be submissive instead?” ~ $

Ana smiled. This particular anon had crawled their way through the screen into her heart. Keeping up with everything she posted, commenting and speculating. But they never came off anon, something that Ana desperately wanted this anon to do.

She typed out her response dutifully, coupled with a gif that mirrored her reaction, and posted.

Yup, definitely wanna be friends with this one.

PARTY-Blogrates!! 🎉🎊

Ich habe alle meine 4 schriftlichen Abiturprüfungen hinter mir und dachte mir dass ich zur Feier des Tages Blogrates mache !! Auch als Entschädigung , weil ich in der letzten Zeit nicht mehr so aktiv hier war.

Was ihr tun solltest:

-diesen Post rebloggen
-mir eine kreative Frage stellen :)

Ich bewerte icon , url , posts , design und schreibe dazu noch einen Kommentar 😁

Wäre cool wenn der ein oder andere mit macht 😁


im so overwhelmed with the number of u guys that use my icons and im actually super duper happy about it but:

please credit me at least once. write a short post or something or put it somewhere in your blog- ESPECIALLY if you edit my icon and put your url over my orig design. thank you