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So I’ve recently been questioning my sexuality and have realized that i might be a lesbian rather than bisexual. In light of this and some other stuff, I need help coming up with a new url. To make it more fun, I’m making it a contest!! Submit your sugestions through my recently opened submission box!! :)


-1st place:

Moodboard of your choice

Blog rate

Shout out

URL doodle

And ofc the url you submitted will be used!

-2nd place:

Blog rate

Shout out

URL doodle

-3rd place:

Shout out

URL doodle


-MUST use the tag above if your contribution is a post!!

-Nothing nsfw (meaning no sexual stuff)

-If you submit in the form of an ask you need to make sure you aren’t on anon

Thanks guys! Please don’t let this flop, like and reblog it if you can :)

(If it does flop this never happened lol)

best url contest

mbf me

reblogs only, ew likes

picking the winners tomorrow woo

must reach at least 20 notes or it didn't happen

i'll follow back all the winners


best Ashton's url, best Calum's url, best Luke's url, best Michael's url, best 5sos url, best ships url, funniest url


best Beau's url, best James' url, best Luke's url, best Jai's url, best Skip's url, best Janokians' url, best ships url, horniest url, funniest url

& 2 others url


reblog this for a chance to get your url graphic
I want to find someone with url that would inspire me, so reblog this for a chance to be the one! You can reblog till May 1st. Maybe I will choose more that one blog and you don’t need to follow me, it can be from every fandom, you can have url with celebrity name in it and so on, so just reblog and have fun. Good luck! ☀️🌸💕
Name change contest!

okay so if you have noticed i have been posting alot of disney and some supernatural! well send me in asks (anon or not) that combine supernatural and frozen! i will post all of them and if you like one you can vote and i will pick one on friday morning! so send any you can think of! the person who chooses the winning url will get a shot out!

you’re all so incredibly wonderful and lovely and nice and you’re making my tumblr experience so much better e v e r y day. you guys are giving me so much inspiration and you’re encouraging me with your reblogs, your notes and your messages that i really feel like i’m good at making graphics. (thinking about my life - i would have never went up to my boss and told him that i could help with the graphical aspect of our office marketing, without YOUR support! and now i’m going to be in co-charge of our marketing department including visual representation! i have achieved something through all this here and it’s amazing for me.)

i saw a lot of people doing a url inspired graphic/fic/gifset contest and i think it is such a nice idea! tumblr and you all are a constant source of ideas and things like these are an opportunity for me to evolve as a graphic-maker and if i can make you happy  - yay for me!

so enough words, here are the rules:

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post
  • tag the reblogged post with your favorite color

i randomly will pick 5 winners by the 1th of june and then will start with the making of the graphics! please bear with after the announcement of the winnrers because around that time next month the last part of my finals is taking place.

so yeah - good luck & i wish you a nice day! <3

© insomnia—editing allowed only if credit is given back to the fansite
take out with full credit


Ok so with the new film coming out next year I am so in the mood to see a flood more HTTYD fan art on my dash, so I’m putting together a HTTYD fan art contest. Obvs not affiliated with Dreamworks or anything, but I think it’ll be super fun!


  1. PAIRINGS - Draw your favourite pairing from the HTTYD verse. Total freedom with this one :) 
  2. PARTNERSHIPS - Draw your favourite partnerships of vikings and dragons. I’m talking Hiccup and Toothless, Astrid and Stormfly, Stoick and Thornado…. any partnership you want :)
  3. DRAGONS - One or more dragon, without vikings. 
  4. VIKINGS - One or more viking, without dragons. 


  • You can enter as many categories as you want, but you cannot submit more than one entry per category.
  • Keep everything fairly sfw. I’ll leave that open to your interpretation :)
  • Entries can be in any medium you want. Go wild!
  • Entries should be emailed to dragonartcontest@gmail.com
  • Email each entry separately, with the category (eg pairings) in the subject title. Please also include in each email your tumblr (and dA if you have it) url.
  • This contest closes January 30th, 2014.


  • $20 to spend on HTTYD merch
  • One digital HTTYD drawing
  • One traditional HTTYD sketch
  • And more prizes to be added as the contest progresses :)

So basically, have a blast, get busy and spread the love!

As always, reblogs help to spread the word! The tag for everything related to this contest is dragonartcontest :)

You can also follow the dragonartcontest tumblr!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Life’s better with poetry project. First of all, I am starting this project to dignify your lifes(hope you get the reference) to spread the art of expression. Poetry is one of my favorite things in this world and writing always makes me feel better. I want to make my own Poetry Contest because I’d like to spread homemade poetry and I’d like to read yours, guys. 


  • You must submit your poem(s) here under the tag of Poetry Contest.
  • You must reblog this post, if you don’t you won’t be counted. (You can like it, but just as a bookmarkt and you’ll only be able to delete the post once the contest is over)
  • Your poem has to be written either on English, Spanish or Portuguese (basically because those are the only languages I understand).
  • You may submit more than one poem, because there’s never enough poetry :)
  • Preferably to be submitted as a picture. 
  • No need to follow me, in case you wondered.


  • There will be 3 winners.
  • First winner will be promoted in my blog for a whole week and I’ll reblog his/her poem daily + random poetry posts he/she may have on his/her blog. Winner will also get my follow(if not already)and I’ll probably print the poem and put it on my school folder.
  • Second winner will be promoted in my blog multiple times through the week and I’ll reblog his/her poem daily. Winner will also get my follow(if not already)and I’ll probably print the poem and put it on my school folder.
  • Third winner will be promoted in my blog on Sunday and I’ll reblog his/her poem multiple times through the week. Winner will also get my follow(if not already)and I’ll probably print the poem and put it on my school folder.

So, basically, winners will gain a bunch of new followers and a lot of notes on their poems because I’ll reblog them to thousands.

Other stuff:

*Remember to write your url on the source*

Contest will end 31st May, so you have time to write and write.

You can check my poetry clicking here.

Good writing and good luck.



mbf me
must reblog; likes are lame

  • Best One Direction URL
  • Best Niall URL
  • Best Harry URL
  • Best Zayn URL
  • Best Louis URL
  • Best Liam URL
  • Best Bromance URL
  • Best Multi URL
  • Best One Direction Blog
  • Best Multi Blog
  • Best Edits
  • Best Themes
  • Best Writing
  • Nicest Blogger
  • Overall Best URL

I will be picking 3-5 people for each category on January 24th. Those people will be put in a poll to be voted on until January 31st. I will announce the winners February 1st/2nd.

  • all winners will have a link on my blog
  • promos whenever they want for one week
  • follow back if i’m not already
  • photo/gif fansign if requested
other info:
  • message me or tag me in a post (#ilreland) to increase your chances (:
  • crappy edit was made by me in .5 seconds
  • if this doesn’t get notes it didn’t happen. 
  • if this gets over 100 notes i will pick 5 extra blogs to win wildcard votes. (can be from the poll or not and they will get all of the prizes above)


I’ve recently hit 3k so why not do my first BOTM now? :D


  • Mbf me 
  • Reblog this, likes for bookmarking only 
  • Ends March 31st 
  • Check out my 3K TA’s or Network maybe? 

What i’m looking for:

  • Supernatural related blogs (multifandom is cool too) 
  • Kind, and friendly active bloggers
  • Nice themes, urls, icons
  • Quality Posts (original contest is a plus!) 

☆ ☆ Prizes ☆ ☆

☆ Winner ☆

  • A follow back from me, if not already
  • A spot on my blog for the month of April
  • Unlimited Screenshot Promos upon request 
  • An icon set/graphic/aesthetic post request 
  • My eternal love and friendship (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

☆ Runner Up ☆

  • A follow back from me, if not already
  • A spot on my blog for the month of April
  • Three promos upon request
  • An icon set (6) request
  • My eternal love and friendship (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

that’s it! reblog away :D