mid life url-cisis

Been thinking about doing some blog spring cleaning. 

I’ve always hated the double dashes in my url and was thinking about changing it, but changing it would be a huge commitment. I’d have to go through and relink all my art links so they redirect correctly, which is a huge undertaking. I could also set up my art-only blog in the process, which I’ve wanted to do for a while. 

What would be a good url for me? Any suggestions? 

I’m thinking thehopelessgeek if i can’t think of anything better. or maybe hopeful instead of hopeless?? idk

How do you guys feel about hopeless–geek becoming thehopelessgeek?

reblog this before April 2nd and I'll put your URL somewhere around LA.

so I thought it would be cool to write people’s urls that reblog this down on pieces of paper and stick them around Santa Monica, LA, Hollywood, and SLO with little pieces of tape. 

I’ll take a picture of where I put your piece of paper and tag your url. :)