Russia has a serious HIV crisis, and the government is to blame
Leading AIDS expert says at least 2 million will be infected within the next five years.
By Amar Toor

Making HIV and its causal relations taboo subjects in the public forum does not solve the issue or make them go away. Acknowledgment, education, and reform to tackle the root causes can do a lot to curb the growing number of cases.


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hey buds! i’ve decided to start this again (for those who remember, i did this about 4 weeks ago but i didn’t get time to do them all (sorry!) but since school is FINALLY WINDING DOWN A BIT YAY i have decided to this now! And since i changed blogstyles i’m starting again. pbf me (moonybud) plz! N also i need more art/indie/nature blogs to follow so shoot me a message if ur a similar blog type ily <3 

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..ich will nicht nach Berlin...

…ohhh doch will ich und ich werde auch hin fahren juhuuu
Und zwar mit meinen beiden Süßen reizbarkeit und erinnerungsnebel und zwar genau eine Woche 🎉
Wir hatten die Idee euch einen Gefallen zu tun 😏
Wir wollen eure URL’s in der ganzen Stadt verteilen :)
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∆ uns drei coolen folgen
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Die Aktion geht bis zum 25.7.

Honestly, some of the usernames/URLs on here make conversations so bizarre.

“I’m sorry punkf890er69, but I’m gonna have to agree with dirk-striders-actual-ass on this matter.”

“Yeah, I’ve just been chatting with hannibalscreamsintothevoid, they’ve been having a tough time recently.”

“Did you hear about the drama going down between my-n1pples-areonfire and k4b54bo6no3bu34uo4h65?”