100 Days of Trump Day 61b: Vlogbrothers (Current Events)

Follow up for the last episode on how most Americans just don’t have the basic information of a lot of complicated problems but think they understand them which has them make a lot of mistakes, and this is even more true for international incidents, where most Americans have a vague notion of what is going on “over there” and so for those who are kind of confused about what to think about the situation check out these videos.  

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So what is going on in Egypt? 

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And finally, good things that happened in 2016,  I thought you guys would enjoy here

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Ivan sends invites out to the other nations,
-America doesn’t come because he sends it to the White House and they have a thing against him.
- The Baltics don’t come because they’re afraid of him
- Poland doesn’t show because he doesn’t like
- Urkraine and Belarus send presents but they don’t come for personal reasons.
- Everyone else doesn’t come because they’re afraid of Russia/it’s Christmas.


“Maybe someone will come next year…”


(well I’m going to hell for this one goodnight Ya’ll.)

One Call Away

It had been a long week: clients were complaining, the weather prevented you from running, and no Bucky. Your boyfriend Bucky was away on yet another mission for Steve. Off saving the Urkrain with help of Steve and Black Panther.

Walking towards your car a plan sprung in the recesses of your mind. Bucky was stuck in debriefings, medical exams, and psych evals all today. The only way to reach him was his phone every few hour.

8 a.m.

Hey Dream boat,

been thinking about you all week. Hope you missed me too.



Bucky smiled after receiving the text. He had felt badly leaving after only a week home. Things in the Ukraine had gone south quickly. Steve had begrudgingly called in the Avengers after they broke through their defenses. Getting called out in the middle of the night.

He had been worried you would be mad. You had made a deal early on that if he was gone for 20 days in a month that he would say no to the next mission. Short of the planet being destroyed or an alien invasion.

Jane had showed up bright an early informing you of the departure. The girlfriends of the Avengers tended to stick together. Jane, Cho, Pepper, and yourself were a well known foursome around New York. Cho and Sam had been dating since the day they met. Jane and Thor were at 4 years. No one was quite certain what Pepper and Tony counted. Although each woman received a similar note regardless of time together. Fucking HYDRA.

His note had only said “Sorry”.

9 a.m.

You were just in the bathroom taking a breather from a previously tantruming child. Smirking you took a photo of yourself biting your bold red lips. A mischievous smile gracing your eye’s. Olive skin glowing like morning dew. Thoroughly satisfied with your photo for once.


Bucky got the photo in the middle of his medical evaluation. Smiling down at the photo he enlarged it. Running his thumb over the lips he hadn’t kissed in a week.

“James, can we finish the exam?”

“Yes Ms. Cho.” Cho glimpsing the photo as he returned the phone to his pockets.

“The last time you kissed your girlfriend?” Smiling coyly at Barnes.

“A little more than a week. How-”

“We should get you back soon then. Hop in the regeneration cradle. Otherwise your girlfriend might give you a reason to hide in it.” Cho smiling as she turned to Bucky. She had met you initially at one of Tony’s parties finding you quite entertaining. A regular firecracker by most standards.

Bucky returning the smile while he hopped in.  It was mostly superficial but after so many mission’s in a row. No one was taking any chances.


10:30 a.m.

On your way to the next client. A school case with a higher functioning little girl. All you could think about was what to send next. You wouldn’t be able to send another photo until 12:30 p.m. he would be home around 4:30 p.m.. This one had to peek his interest.

Parking your car about a mile from the school ensuring no one would recognize you. Slowly unbuttoning your top until the lace bow that sat between your breast was visible. Lifting the camera high enough to see your cleavage but nothing else. Your seat leaned back below the window.

*click* *click* *click*

One hitting below the bust.

The other with them squeezed together.


Bucky was just about to enter the debriefing. He heard three distinct dings. The only people with his number were in the war room and Y/N.

Pulling out his phone he opened the photo’s expecting some cute shot of you on a swing. The little pigtailed girl in your lap again. The child was constantly asking when he was going to marry Y/N. Bucky’s smile dropping into an open mouthed gape.

He turned leaning against the wall. Ignoring the looks from his teammates. Sam simply smirking as he walked in glimpsing the lace. Knowing the nature of the photo’s he walked in ignoring Tony’s questions.

Bucky dry swallowed as he thumbing through the photo’s closing the door. Tony thumping into it on the other side.


His cursor flashing as he tried to think up what to say. Was it an accident of the camera. Were you in danger.

Then a fourth ding arrived, a text.

Heya handomse,

I miss you so much! Can’t wait to soothe my solder tonight.


Bucky running his hand down his jaw. Modern women, gotta love them.

Miss you too Doll. See you in a few hours.


Your eyebrow twitching as 12:30 p.m. hit. Finally able to check your phone finding the demure message.

He had been gone a week, home for a few days, and gone for two weeks straight previously. Making the executive decision you canceled your last session of the day. Your patience all but gone.

You loved Bucky more than words but sometimes you just wanted him to lose it. That unwavering calm that everyone prized in him.

Driving home quicker than you cared to admit. Grabbing some supplies along the way. Thankfully you had bought new lingerie over the weekend differing the need to shop extensively.


You were kicking off your work boots placing the wine in a decanter for you. Chilling the whiskey for Bucky.

Managing to limit your shower to 10 minutes putting on the lingerie with a lighter matte version of your makeup earlier. Wouldn’t want it to smudge later.

Opening your silk robe as you lit the candles your hair cascading around the pillow. Taking a video of you biting your well manicured nail as you winked at Bucky. Breast pushed together in the lace corset, panning down over the rest of your curves. Legs encased in strappy stilettos.

“See you soon baby.” Your voice becoming suggestive.  



2:00 p.m.

Bucky was released from the debriefing.  His thoughts cohesive enough for the psych eval. Well the one’s that weren’t occupied with lace and garter belts. He had heard the ding moments before the meeting ended. Nerves were at the forefront. Tony wouldn’t stop leaning over his shoulder trying to catch a glimpse.

“Tell me what the girlfriend sent you!” Bucky glaring at the playboy. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the guy it was just no one get’s to look at his girl but him.

“No.” Walking in the opposite direction of Tony. Having his own therapist at times had it’s perks. Pulling out his phone he finally dared to look. He knew there were no camera’s in the psych lobby. His privacy was safe.

Pressing play his mouth was dry. By the time it finished he was erect as a fucking flag pole. Dialing your number while he breathed deeply.

“Doll? Mind explaining?” You could hear him breathing through the phone.

“Well I miss my man. When are coming home?” Twirling your hair out of the way as you melted chocolate.

“Two hours, after that I’m coming home.” Bucky running his hand through his hair.

“Are we cumming together or should I help myself.” Bucky’s pupils dilating at the double speak you were so adept at.

“Together.” His voice gravelly as his muscles constricted.

“Promises, promises Barnes. Wait until you get home, there’s a surprise waiting for you soldier.” Humming into the phone while you said your good bye’s.

4 p.m.

Bucky was walking down to his car. A final ding on his phone. At first he couldn’t tell what the photo contained. Upon further inspection it was your wrist with a silk scarf around it.

4:15 p.m.

Bucky had broken multiple traffic laws including, speeding, stop sign’s, and what the hell is a stop light.

Parking the car in the garage he took the steps up two at a time. Plunging his key into the lock he practically forced it open. Slamming the door shut he walked into the bedroom.

The light’s were out, only the glow from the candles allowing him to take everything in. You were writhing on the bed a small hum the only sound. Eye’s covered by his dress tie as you writhed.

All he could do was watch as you squeezed your legs together. Sliding up and down on the bed as you began to gasp and moan his name. The spell finally broken as you orgasmed. Arching your back off the bed as sweat dripped down your neck.

Bucky disrobing as he walked closer. His thumbs hooking around the vibrating panties. Your body relaxing as the stimulation was removed.

“Bucky.” A barely lucid smile gracing your lips. His lips kissing your inner thigh. Rubbing your leg against his stubble as he moved up your body.

Lips placing firm kisses up the median of your body. Playing slightly with your belly button ring as he approached your sternum. Giggles meeting his ears until his teeth and tongue reached your right nipple. Sucking and nipping through the lace his metal fingers stroking you from mound to slit.

Arms pulling at the ties as he growled in satisfaction. Slipping a finger inside you adding another quickly. Keeping his stroke’s slow occasionally twisting a wrist to caress your bundle of nerves into life.

Earning a gasp each time, your hips arching into him at each stroke.

“More, Bucky please.” Reaching your hips as far down as the ties would allow.

“You teased me all day doll.” Then he went silent having spotted the melted chocolate the second he walked in the room.

The only alert to his presence the dipping of the bed. Then a slither a warmth dripping from navel to pubis. Your toes pointing straight onto the bed as your muscles contracted.

Bucky using his tongue to spell things out on your stomach.

As to what it said you had no clue. Simply happy Bucky had decided to get that tongue ring. Especially once his lips hit your mound his tongue sneaking out to lavish your clit with attention. The stimulation from the metal ball and warm chocolate almost to much; almost.

Working you up until you were just before the peak. Moving back just long enough to slide into you. The familiar fulfilling feeling returning. Everytime with Bucky made you happy to be with him. He took his time with you. Making sure you understood his intention. Whether it was angry sex after a fight or a bout with jealousy. Making love after an especially romantic date or sweet moment. Bucky showed you how he felt, never one for mincing words.

Right now he wanted you to know how much he had missed you. How much those messages and photo’s had affected him. Bucky covering your body with his. Fore arms around your head as his ab contracted with each thrust. His hair a curtain around your head the long strands tickling your face. Bucky’s lips dipping down to meet yours. Tongue sliding against your’s the metallic taste tinged by chocolate.

Bucky angling his hip bone to rub your clit. Increasing his speed as he held one hand behind your head. The other assisting in keeping pace with the super soldier.

Bucky thrusting in one last time before he spilled his seed. Pushing your foreheads together both his hands now on your hips. Your orgasm coming moments later the warmth seeping inside of you.

“Love you.”

“Love you more doll face.”

“Good, now get this blindfold off me. I want to see my handsome man.” Taking it of you practically glowed, eye’s taking him in.

Bucky’s metal hand resting near your hip. Your eye’s going to the chocolate on your stomach. Your brain slowly unraveling the message.

Screaming and pulling at bindings. Bucky cracking up at your reaction

“LEt me out you jerk!” Bucky making short work of the knots. Flinging yourself onto his broad chest tears running down your face.

“Yes!” You screamed as you pulled back. Kissing him clumsily and hard. Climbing on top of him reigning kisses upon his face and neck.

Until the kisses slowed turning sensual. Lips sliding down his body stroking him with your hands. Grasping him in a firm stroke until your lips could join them.

Blowing him until he came. Slowly crawling up his body while he panted recollecting himself. Best perk of being a super soldier getting it back up in a short amount of time.

“Yes, Buchanan Barnes, I will marry you.” Bucky sliding the ring onto your ring finger. Sweet kisses and hours of cuddling ahead of the pair.