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one time this guy was fucking me and i told him to stop bc i had to pee right and he was like "no its ok youll squirt" and i was kinda hesitant but i let him keep going bc it felt good but short story short i didn't squirt i peed all over his bed and he thought i just had a really powerful orgasm and he looked so proud of himself the rest of the night and i told my friend and she goes "wow sounds like urine trouble"

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  • Ruby: Oh man, I really shouldn't have had all those drinks. Where are the toilets in this mall?
  • Blake: There's some over there and another lot on the other side of the building.
  • Weiss: Looks like those ones there have a queue, I'd wizz to the ones across the way if I were you.
  • Ruby: Urghh, don't say wizz.
  • Yang: Hey Ruby, what does this remind you of?
  • *proceeds to pour a glass of water into an empty glass over and over.*
  • Ruby: Argh stop it!
  • *zooms off leaving a trail of rose petals but returns seconds later with another trail of roses following her*
  • Ruby: That has queues too!
  • Yang: Hehehe, urine trouble.
  • Ruby: Please don't.

ughhhh everett peed in my house yesterday and I thought i fixed it when i treated the rug in the area he supposedly peed in and i let it air out a lot today while we were on our walk and it still smells like really strong pee

what do you guys do when youre not sure if youve found the entire source of urine smell? I cant figure out where it’s at at all, and I’ve sprayed the entire house with this pet odor killer & urine stain remover and I have hardwood floors so this is really difficult for me

I cant bear to have my house smell like urine. normal dog smell i can do. urine I can not.

help? :(