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Weird MSI Facts

-MSI’s first bassist was a girl named Vanessa YT. Nobody knows her real name, and even MSI themselves don’t know where she’s at or what she’s doing now.

-MSI got Jhonen Vasquez to direct some of their videos and do art for some singles and the deluxe version of If because they noticed kids wearing Invader Zim shirts to their shows

-When MSI reached out to Jamie Hewlett to do art for their album, Jamie drew some Frankestein girls and wrote “The Frankenstein girls will seem strangely sexy”, which then became the name of the album. Jimmy had asked if it was okay to use that line as a title, and Jamie said “Go ahead, you guys are nuts.” The guy who created Tank Girl and Gorillaz even thinks MSI is nuts.

-LynZ got her role as Vanessa YT’s replacement by lying about playing bass to a bouncer at a club, and was later approached at one of her art shows with an offer to audition for MSI. She knew she wouldn’t make it playing bass alone, so during a part in her audition where the bass drops out, she pulled a film canister of Bacardi out of her bra, and matchsticks out of her pigtails, and spat fire. She almost caught Jimmy on fire, and secured her role in the band.

-Jimmy was 29 when MSI’s (technical) first record, Tight, came out. So if you ever think it’s ~too late~ to be doing what you want to do, look to him.

-Jimmy’s last name may be ‘Urine’ as a pun on his real last name, but the dude has actually drank his own urine several times on stage. Nobody really knows what drives him to do this, but it’s probably what gives him his powers.

-MSI used to have a taxidermied dog named Chauncey that they would bring on stage and dress up in clothes that the fans threw on stage. Some people say it was actually Jimmy’s dog that he had stuffed. 

-Steve, Righ? is actually named Steve, but got his stage name after someone came up to him super drunk at a show, slurring, and said “You’re Steve, righ?”

-Kitty and Jimmy are cousins. 

-Kitty only joined MSI as a temporary member because Jimmy booked a live show without a real band, but did so well he kept her on. This was after not having had played drums for years, because someone accidentally sold off her drum kit when she was in school.

-The guy in the Shut Me Up music video is the same guy that plays The Patient in MCR’s Welcome To The Black Parade video

-Jimmy keeps a hoard of old Atari STacy’s so that his sound can stay somewhat consistent through whatever he makes, but he brings in new production equipment/techniques to help evolve it. That’s why no two MSI records sound the same, but all undeniably sound like MSI.

-Steve has had two hip surgeries.

-Kitty has a daughter but nobody knows when she was born, what her name is, or who her father is

-Kitty’s real name is Jennifer Dunn, and nowhere on the internet can you find her birthday or how old she actually is. Google wrongly says she was born in 1993, which would mean she was 4 when she joined MSI which is… Wrong

-Jimmy used to do a web series called the Little Jimmy Urine Show that was him talking/voice acting over still frames made in Microsoft Paint with tons of sound effects? They were really weird but also really funny idk

-Basically nobody knows jack shit about this band, especially the period of about 1997-2008, and they’re really weird

Keras kat gym

Dua hari sebelum tu abang gi gym macam biasa. Abang dah siap salin baju nak keluar dah, sekali masuk sorang mamat Indian ni. Pergh, sadooo. Abang pun saja stay dulu.

Dia pakai towel dan bersiap-siap nak salin baju. Abang usha ja sebab dia membelakangkan abang. Dia tanggal towel untuk pakai underwear. Sekali ternampak la punggung dia yang montok tu. Sedap tu kalau dapat fuck. Badan memang bidang, semua cukup.

Sekali dia pusing ke arah abang dan terkantoi la abang dok usha dia. Dia senyum, abang pun senyum gak lah.

Dia tengah pakai underwear. Dah siap pakai pun, tapi saja je dia betulkan  batang dia. Tak nampak pun, tapi saja tease abang ler tu..

Lepas tu dia pergi area toilet.

Abang ikut juga. Dia tengah basuh tangan. Abang pun terus ke urine bowl, buka zip dan keluarkan batang abang. Abang membelakangkan di tapi abang nampak dia pun ke urine bowl jugak.

Tapi tiba-tiba ramai pulak orang lain masuk keluar. Dia tarik seluar dan terus bla…..

Ahh!! Rugi!!!


Lepas tu abang pergi lagi gym macam biasa. Abang sampai, abang pun salin baju gym. Kali ni abang tak pakai underwear sebab abang lupa bawa extra underwear, nanti lembap peluh lagi tak best.

So, abang pakai seluar sukan saja dengan singlet. Tiba-tiba abis tukar baju, datang seorang Chinese ni, pakai underwear brief saja. Dia dari toilet agaknya.

Abang senyum dan dia pun senyum. Dia duduk dekat kerusi depan abang dan tegur abang.

Abang balas.

‘Fit badan you.’

‘You pun’ abang balas.

‘Tapi badan I tak nice macam you’.  Badan dia nice jer. Jenis bulky sikit tapi sedap mata memandang. 

Sekali dia tepuk-tepuk perut abang. 

Abang apa lagi…. terus teransang. Batang abang mencanaklah waktu tu.

Dia tetiba sengih, sebab rupanya, nampak bonjol kat seluar abang sebab tak pakai underwear.

Tangan dia yang tadi kat perut, terus gerak kat batang abang.

‘Ni pun nice’  kata dia.

Dia bangun, dan kata ‘jom kat toilet’

Abang pun…. tak kata apa dah, terus ikut jer. Nasib takde orang kat changing room waktu tu sebab batang memang dah keras.

Dia masuk toilet dan abang ikut.

Dia duduk, dan abang terus londeh seluar sambil adik abang berayun-ayun depan muka dia.

Dia tak buang masa, tanggal seluar dia dan dia isap abang.

Sempat abang raba-raba batang dia, main-main sikit.

Yang penting batang abang kena servis baik punya!

Makin laju dia isap sampai last-last abang pegang kepala dia sebab abang nak pancut.

Abang pun pancut dalam mulut dia sambil badan terketar-ketar tahan sedap.

Dia tersengih jer.

Lepas tu abang pun pakai balik seluar, senyum, dan keluar dari toilet tu…

Abang gi work out, adalah basah sikit kat area seluar sebab ada baki-baki sikit, tapi takde sapa perasan… kalau perasan pun, gay jer tu…


Okay you know what really pisses me off (pun intended)? Our school has this two bathroom pass per nine weeks per class policy, and although I rarely use even one, it still infuriates me. Go ahead and tell me when I can and can’t urinate. I don’t care. I will pee when I want. I’ll pee in my chair. I’ll pee on the desk. I’ll pee on the intercom. I’ll pee on the biology teacher’s plants. I’ll even pee on the biology teacher. You can’t tell me what to do. PEE-VA LA REVOLUTION, MOTHERFUCKERS