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Hello, I'm transgender(mtf) and I'm not out to my parents but I am out to my friends. But I would like to know if there's anyway to deal with dysphoria while still in the closet?

Hello Anon and thanks for writing in!

Easing dysphoria can be difficult, regardless of our “out” status. We feel your pain.

What helped me when I was in transition was to do small things for myself:

Shaving. Shaving off my body hair was something that helped me tremendously. It lead to some uncomfortable discussions with people who I wasn’t out to when I wore shorts, but I just said “it’s cleaner” and they seemed to accept it. I did, however, cut my nipple the first time I shaved my chest. I don’t recommend that part.

Toenails/pedicures. We wear shoes/socks most days of our lives, so this is a covert option for just about anyone. You’ll be able to view it privately and also know it’s there every moment of the day. Nail polish is relatively inexpensive and numerous cis men receive pedicures every day, so no one will think it odd that you’re getting one, regardless of presentation. Also, more and more men in sports are showing off painted toes.

Underwear. I’ll admit, this sounds kind of fetish-y, but wearing the right underwear can have a relieving effect. We generally urinate 6-10 times a day (depending on hydration) and it will give you a reminder that you are doing what is safe for you to experience to live a fulfilling life. If there is a grave concern that someone may see (changing, pants slipping) there is the option to wear more stereotypically “male” underwear over.

If our followers have any other suggestions, please help a sister out!

Thanks again for writing us, Anon. Best of luck to you!


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Do you have any information on accurately portraying a modern-day psychiatric hospital environment? Are nurses able to adjust a patient's medication as needed, or is that something only a doctor can do? Also, what would actually happen if a patient had an outburst in a hospital setting? (I'd like to think that hospital staff would just pull the patient to the side so that they can talk through it and calm down instead of the drugs and restraints you see so much on tv/movies) Thanks in advance!

Tumblbud, you have come to the right place. I went to a psychiatric hospital in the summer of 2010.

[Content warning: This extremely long post is basically a breakdown of what I went through as a patient in an adult psychiatric institution. It is therefore limited to what I experienced firsthand and is further limited by my memory. I am going to be discussing depression, suicide, self-harm, medication, and the hospital environments in the medical hospital and in the psychiatric hospital I went to (interspersed with cute pictures of my dog to lighten the mood). This is rough stuff, if any of this may be triggering to you, please do not click. -Headless]

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