Yay! I finally received this in the mail! Thank you to Eunnie (urihyesung.tumblr.com) for the gift!!!! The giveaway was so cute and I wasn’t expecting the beautiful Hyesung pictures. Even the card I got was super adorable (not included in pictures). ^^ SHCJ are the best and most lovely fandom. :) 

I missed the mail yesterday when the mailman delivered it and had to reschedule delivery for this morning since it needed a signature. =.=

Even though I probably won’t ever hit the level of sewing/knitting Sungie wants for a wife, I can at least sewing some of my torn clothes back together. lol Thank you, thank you for the gift!!! 


was away for a week on business trip and this greeted me at home!

and what do you mean you “hope (I) will like the dustcap”? of course I love it~~ and the fact that you have the same dustcap is just awesome (couple dustcap? XD )

I can’t thank you enough! >.< I will make a good use of it I swear I will cherish it => 

p.s./ that MX10 sticker at the back is just truly awesome :D

It’s nice seeing lots of my old posts posted from this personal blog, urihyesung and erowannie are still floating around somewhere on tumblr now. Heehee. I know i haven’t been actively posting for a long time. But just wanna say, hope you shcjs whom i used to chat a lot or reblog a lot on tumblr are doing awesome!!! Miss and love ya all. *waves* -Eunnie

Awww i missed my 1000 followers moment~~ but i just wanna say THANK YOUUU all my followers especially those who has always been along with me giving me so much love by pressing the like and reblog button (I LOVE YOU ALLLLL)~~ it’s gonna be Urihyesung’s 1 year anniversary next month~~ i’m really really happy to know so many shcjs through tumblr!!!! I LOVE THE ORANGE LOVEEEEEEEE~~~

Eunnie ^_^*