Ok and the Nex Sacramentum piece is done!
This shit is SO unpolished it hurts,but whatever I didnt mean to make it look like something Id put on a protfolio anyway
Today I finished Darksiders one and Im super excited to restart the second one(my favorite) after 2 years XD
The Nex Sacramentum scene is one of my favorites of the first one so I had to draw it!I am planning on doing a Dark Abbadon vs War these days and I will probably do a death one tommorow since Im starting that playtrough ^^


Make some noise for Mr Uriel Ventris, Company Captain of the 4th!

I know, one should not boast, but — Dude! I’m pretty pretty proud!!

And - on a side note - this Zone Mortalis Board makes for some damn good lighting!!

Fun Fact: The Archangels + Satan

Uriel: Loves puns

Michael: Is very ticklish on the bottom of his feet

Raphael: Can fold his tongue into a clover shape

Jophiel: Has some friends on Earth that think he’s human. He visits them when he’s slacking off

Gabriel: Is scared of loud noises, like balloons popping or party poppers etc

Lucifer: Can’t spell to save his life

Chamuel: Doesn’t like kissing/pda

Zadkiel: Can’t curl her hair. The curls fall out within the hour every time