uriel marin


Make some noise for Mr Uriel Ventris, Company Captain of the 4th!

I know, one should not boast, but — Dude! I’m pretty pretty proud!!

And - on a side note - this Zone Mortalis Board makes for some damn good lighting!!


All but the base done:
Brother Sergeant Pasanius Lysane of the 4th Company, Sword of Calth, XIII'th Legion Ultramarines!

I’ll regret the little sleep I will get now but I had to proof myself that I’m able to paint a ‘Above Tabletop Standard’- Model in one day!
Nailed it! 🤘🏻


Chapter Ultramarines, 4th Company
Banner Bearer Ancient Peleus!

I know I said I won’t post him ‘unfinished’ but I’m so proud how that old Grunt came out and don’t want the banner to obscure anything!
The banner will be finished tonight, tho!