uriel correa


The Company of Others: Uriel Correa:

Uriel Correa is a Chicago-based artist who works primarily (at this moment in time*) with acrylic and paint pen. Correa’s work is a conglamorate of blurred brushstrokes, frenzied line work, and eye popping color contrast that at first glance may seem aggressive and completely off the cuff. With closer inspection, one can see concentrated areas of detail that have a very romantic, nostalgic quality to them.

Much like trying to recall an instance seen out of the window of a speeding car or train, your memory fills in the gaps- and often exaggerates those gaps. You are aware of what you saw but you cannot recall the exact details. Faces and bodies conjoin and melt into the environment with bits of decor, movement, and light standing out amidst the chaos. All of these elements are etched into your mind to form a flitting momento. 

View more of Uriel Correa’s work from ‘The Company of Others’ here.

*I say this because Uriel is constantly creating and pushing himself- there’s no telling what he’ll be doing this time next year, but I’m excited to see.