urie smith

(Taps microphone)
🎶 Nine in the afternoon 🎶
Happy 9th birthday to an album that pretty much made me fall in love with it later on as I got older. Times changed and I grew to love it. So I think it’s up there in the list of favorites. I love how each song gives a different vibe and it still has a story behind it. (Leaves the room quietly singing) 🎶Hey moon……🎶

today 9 years ago this amazing album was released. thank you Ryan Ross for existing.

  • Ryan: *calls Brendon*
  • Brendon: Hello?
  • Ryan: Brendon, can you believe our baby is 9-year-old today?
  • Brendon: WHAT!?
  • Ryan: It's March 25 today, Pretty. Odd. is 9 now.
  • Brendon: ...
  • Ryan: *sniffles* They just grow up so fast.
  • Brendon: ... Never call this number again. *hangs up*
  • Ryan: ...
  • Ryan: *calls Spencer*